Miri and her Spotted Eagle


2-19-93 Eagle

Many years ago, when I first read “Black Elk Speaks”, I was enchanted by the part that speaks about the spotted eagle. The spotted eagle is mentioned all through out chapter three, named ” The Great Vision” that Black Elk had when he was 9 years old. I was speaking about this mystical vision of Black Elk and the spotted eagle the plays a large role in his vision to our Pink Flamingo Clown Troop. We had been active as a Clown Troop for a few years, and we were well into the mystical aspects of clowning, I thought.

To my surprise, one of the ladies, said there is no species of a spotted eagle. Her husband and herself were quite the birders, and I just listened. The next week. She came back, and told us about how she and her husband had done an exhaustive search of all known species of Eagles on the planet, and there absolutely is no spotted eagle species.

Miri, already a mystic, just let it go. I had learned by then that the rational, reasonable, linear thinking mind just cannot go into the magical, mystical world. The heart, soul, and spirit MUST Lead!

Even in spiritual clowning!

The next week, she and I were taking a walk in a beautiful Northern Virginia Park by my house. This park was a very special park by the Potomac River, and the ranger who lived there, had done much research into the ancient Native American sites that had been on that land, long, long ago. He had put up little permanent water proof signs about what he had discovered all over the large park.

Well, on this day, my friend and I were walking by the clubhouse, and we noticed a new sign had been posted. We walked up to it and she started reading out loud.

It said, “FROM THE LAND OF SPOTTED EAGLE!” I kid you not!!! My friend and I looked at that sign and laughed! Nothing was ever said. Just laughter! And more laughter!! And more laughter!!!

To this day, I have no recollection of what the sign said, tho I went back and read it many times! That was the day I learned thru Miri that BELIEVING IS SEEING!!!


Well, Miri went home and drew this left handed picture on 2/19/93. It is my favorite picture of all that she drew. She compared it to the famous letter that Virginia got from Santa. Yes, if you believe in beauty, magic, love, the mystical, and a world that exists way beyond this one, but includes this physical one, too, Santa Claus does exist. And so does the spotted eagle. If you look very closely, you can still see Miri flying on her Spotted Eagle!

Written, June 1st, 2016

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