The Beauty of Disappointment

” on being disappointed………” A theme of the Holidays, 2015

From my Keter Christ Kabbalah Self.

Oh, Miri, my beloved inner child. How fortunate I-AM to know you understand and live unity consciousness! You can be disappointed and extremely conscious at the same moment.

Emotional honesty about your feelings is a point of honor and integrity for you! No chance of stuffed emotions being shoved down and suffocated by you! They won’t erupt like a volcano at a later date, for you honor yourself moment to moment.

What an incredible leader you are for all of our aspects. You – the one who had the courage to incarnate in the first place. Many hate and are ashamed of their so called ” negative” emotions. But to you, being divinely human includes the whole gamut of your feelings.

Because of your integrity, you are the lynchpin of my completed self, from Christ Consciousness to Wounded Child. You are my perfect container to walk this earth. Flexible, loving of yourself, and all aspects of your unified field.

How appreciative I AM of you! Blessings, blessings, and more blessings from on high! I embrace you forever! Miriam

Written from dreams: 2015 Holiday Season 12/24,25,26/2015
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