Imbalances Between Men and Women

From an *article highlighting (in part) Barbara Hand Clow’s third volume in “The Mind Chronicles: A Visionary Guide into Past Lives”

According to many leading experts, sex has gotten a bad name ever since the trauma of the Anunnaki who came to this planet and raped the women of Earth. In The Pleiadian Agenda, Barbara Hand Clow writes that “the Anunnaki selected women to have sex with them so they could actually birth themselves into the incarnational cycles of Earth, and that was something that had never occurred before.”

Prior to this time, she contends that “all sex was very natural. You easily merged electromagnetic fields and your physical bodies, and the vibrations of the Moon, Sun and planets flowed through your kundalini channels. You were drawn to each other by planetary affinities in your birth charts and merging was always easy and pleasurable. Sex with the Anunnaki was forced and unnatural in so many ways because there were few energy affinities. You became confused while the gods felt kundalini energy for the first time. They loved it. Male gods even had a lot of sex with each other and with the few female goddesses once they found out what sex felt like on Earth…”

“All imbalances between men and women today come from energetic imprints of incompatible energy fusion from these ancient times,” writes Clow. “Your loathing for reptiles also comes from this phase of your evolution because the most embodied Anunnaki were very reptilian, and those Anunnaki were the ones who could mate with human females.”

*A Quote from “A Message to Eagle” “Secrets Of The Watchers, Anunnaki And The New (Reptilian) World Order” Section: “The Rape of the Anunnaki” 
Based on Quotes from Barbara Hand Clow (Author/Channel/Teacher)