This second section of the TAO Humor Center website was started on May 1, 2016. Originally this section was going to be about how to build on our mission here on Earth as embodied divine children.

This would mean that we would write and learn how to live in a way as though we were still in Paradise in the Garden of Eden and the “Fall of Man” never happened. I discovered that because of the depth of the “Fall of Man”, this was too much for our creative imaginations. As a result, this section is intended to help us learn to live from Paradise. Probably either our Inner Child or our Inner Adult, one or the other or both, are not healed enough yet or they have not merged together. Remember our mission here is focused on experiencing what Jesus meant when He said: “We must become as little children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

In this second section, The Sister Site, we will go into the spiritual understandings that we need about the Kaballah and Sophian Gnostic Christianity. This is the start of introducing the merging together of Sacred Time, Tzolkin, as the Path that spirals upwards into the heavens. My webmaster and I recreated many of my maps and drawings from my archives of 20 or 30 years ago. We hope they will be easy to understand. You may enlarge them by simply tapping on them and print them out if you would like for your studies.

Unfortunately, in order to understand the depth and the importance of this work from ancient times we’ve also have had to include Aspects of the Dark Forces that caused this “Fall of Man”.