The Laggards

The Coming of the Laggards
This section of The Coming of the Laggards is in Part Two, Chapter 11, The Gnosis and the Law, by: Tellis S. Papastavro

I include these excerpts, to give one account of how this planet got into such dark and evil ways. Sanat Kumara thought that His plan would take only a hundred years or so. However, it has now been 4 million, 500 thousand years, and the freedom of planet Earth has not yet been completed!

I tend to think that the Mayan Calendar date of December 21, 2012 is the day that the Divine Source of All, Mother/Father God, and the Holy Creator picked for the attempt of the Company of Heaven; the Spiritual Heirarchy to finish their Plan. (Notice, the plan even split the Priesthood of that time.) Obviously, the plan did NOT succeed, at the deadline. Here we are, “The Beloveds of God” in great pain and suffering, finishing up the Freedom and Liberty of Planet Earth, her Beautiful Humanity, and all of Creation here.

This book was printed in 1972. I had it before it went out of print, so I’ve had the book a long time. The book can be purchased now at

From the beginning this story horrified me. It still haunts me today. If that’s all the intelligence that was on planet Earth at that time, I sure feel we should have chosen God’s Plan. What is known as the “Second Death”, surely in hindsight would have been the choice. (At least I think it would have been for me!)

I present this excerpt. For the full story, you may purchase the book.
The Gnosis and The Law by: Tellis S. Papastavro
The Gnosis and the Law-Chapters 11-12

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