I share now, an excerpt from A Message from Matthew, July 27, 2017, found on the Golden Age of Gaia website:

[This chapter in Revelations for a New Era was transmitted October 17, 1995, when messengers in Nirvana were being reinforced by the energy of 100 or more souls to prevent dark entities from corrupting the messages. Matthew called the souls who were supporting him, Group Mind.]

Mother, we greet you this morning with MOMENTOUS news! Creator has decreed that no longer may the peak of the dark forces use its free will to hold captive the free will of any other soul! We wish you could know the rejoicing of all spiritually evolved beings throughout this universe when this news was related by Creator’s messengers!

We shall explain why this decree is a glorious victory of unprecedented scope for the light forces. By Creator’s rule, the free will choices of every light being always have been and always shall be honored. However, the peak of darkness has ignored this rule and used its free will to capture the free will of every soul who developed “evil” tendencies. That kept strengthening the energy of the dark forces and making its combined free will power far greater than the free will of each individual light being. And that is why for eons the darkness was able to create negativity throughout this universe and the free will of individual light beings was unable to stop it.

In accordance with Creator’s decree, God has withdrawn that abuse of free will from the dark forces in this universe and released all of its captive souls. Now that the free will of ALL souls can be honored, the former lopsided battle between the light and the dark is over!

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Here are some ponderings generated by Miriam on the subject of our progress in removing darkness

In Genesis 18:16-33, Abraham does a famous bargaining for the city of Sodom. He starts at 50. If he can find 50 people, will God save the city? Abraham stops bargaining when he asks if he can find 10 righteous people, will God save the City? The point here for me is the Intimacy Abraham has with God. It is quite beautiful.

One of the foundations of Sophian Gnosticism is Divine Pride. To approach the Holy Ones, we are required to know who we are, and come to God knowing we are one of HIS/HER Children! Divine Humility is the balancing quality of Divine Pride. Before we can speak with authority and have the Spiritual Authority to do the things Christ Jesus did, we must know WHO WE ARE.

Before we act with fierceness for God, it is imperative to know ourselves. We must know Who We Are in order to  know we have the authority to Act on Gods behalf to advance the Kingdom/Queendom Of God. Before one enters the temple to turn the money changer’s tables over, we, like Christ, must know we have the authority from on high. That is because the Power comes through us. It is not of us. We are the conduit, so our intimate communion with the Divine, must be flowing at every moment.

I am reproducing the information from Matthew on July 27, 2017. This Message is 10 Months Old now. But the Original Recording of the Decree made by Creator was on October 17, 1995. (*Message from Mathew see below.) By now this is 25 years old. I have to wonder if this decree was only at the Galactic Level. In my cosmology, the Mirror between Da’at and Tiferet was only busted on January 6, 2012. This allowed for Universal and Cosmic Powers Of Light, Love, and Life, to begin to pour down. Nothing can stop it now.

I have always heard that Planet Earth was barred from entering the Galactic Federation because it is so dark here. I know that we have been controlled in the past by Galactic Evil, so I can understand that we were barred from membership, back then, at the Galactic Level.

I’m wondering now with the breakthroughs of light from Keter and Da’at why we can‘t seem to get some physical manifestations that proves to us our Divine Inheritance is actually breaking through. There are 4 things that could manifest in the physical world that would ensure “We the People” that progress is made with Divine Government. Divine Justice. Divine Law. World Peace. These could be brought in as listed, or even higher manifestation than we are envisioning!!!

  • The New Republic Of the U.S.A. manifests. The current U.S.A. INC. COMPLETELY DISSOLVED.
  • NESARA, New Economic Security and Reformation Act is enacted and enforced.
  • GOLD BACKED CURRENCY EQUALITY for all the nations of the world.
  • Complete disclosure and Truth of the Divinely Sourced SPACECRAFT

Some questions I’m pondering:

  • Have we only been able to call on the Patriarchal God of the Old Testament?
  • Has the Patriarchal God of the Old Testament drifted over to the New Testament?
  • Do we understand the true reality of the Mother Father God?
  • Can the Divine Feminine Mother Of God hear us and respond?
  • Do we need to seek the truth about our Divine Origins?

Jesus said we would “Know the Truth and the Truth will set us Free!” However, it seems, the Dark Controlling Forces still have the power from somewhere to keep us swimming in lies and deceit. WHY? 2,000 years since the coming of Yeshua and Kallah Messiah, the truth of knowing Who We Are still is not commonly available. We are the incarnate Children of God who want to know the truth of our History.

Written by Miriam Wilson June 1, 2018


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Excerpt continued from A Message from Matthew, July 27, 2017, from the Golden Age of Gaia website:

The most profound effect on Earth is this: The cleansing to rid your planet of the mass of accumulated negativity can be far less in scope and intensity than would have been necessary prior to the decree. When the cleansing activity began about half a century ago, intense negativity still was building and the very existence of your planet was in dire jeopardy. The light that was needed to save Earth’s body also was needed to restructure her human residents’ cellular make-up, a DNA “upgrading” that is essential for both spiritual clarity and physical survival in the higher densities where Earth is heading.

The restructuring could have been completed within a twinkling of your eye, but it still is in process because the battle between light and dark not only prevented that swiftness, but the darkness kept adding to negativity’s tremendous pressures that keep at low level the consciousness of Earth’s peoples. Throughout the past five decades, the light being beamed from powerful off-planet sources has been relieving the negativity. Without that immensity of incoming light, the dark forces could have been successful in their intention to capture all souls on Earth, but thanks to the light forces, now that isn’t even a possibility.

However, even though the darkness no longer has the power of the combined free will of its captive souls, its influence during their long confinement cannot be abruptly shaken. By their thoughts, feelings and actions—along with the same from all other individuals who have dark tendencies—they still are generating negativity. That will gradually fade until Earth’s population will be only souls living within the light.
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June 1, 2018