Spiritual Classes

Beyond The Ordinary Showhttp://www.beyondtheordinaryshow.com
John Burgos – P.O. Box 90360, Santa Barbara, CA 93190, 603.727.9072
“Free soul elevating discussions, tools and meditations with today’s thought leaders.” – Webinars, events, library.

The Shift Networkhttp://www.theshiftnetwork.com
Stephen Dinan – 101 San Antonio Rd, Petaluma, CA 94952
“Awaken to your full potential so that together, we can create a beautiful world that works for all.”
Transformative programs, media, events, courses, blog.

Walk the Earth As A Living Master http://www.WalktheEarthAsALivingMaster.com
Diamond Light Foundation – Maui, Hawaii
“Live as your unlimited self, achieve self-mastery, embody your diving presence, co-create a new Golden Age.” – Online courses, newsletter, teleconferences.