This is some of my personal history about my becoming a light worker.
I know mainly the Judeo-Christian story. I know very little about other religions. However I do know that at the core, center of all of them is the golden rule. “Do unto others, as they would do unto you.”
Obviously, the original truth of them has been horrifically changed by the dark forces to keep us split and divided.
Look at the Christian Crusades. The Muslim anti-movement of today.
So far opposite of the true teachings. Sufism I know a little about. It is beautifully described in Rumi’s writings.
My older sister went to India’s Rabindranath Tagore’s school to study. Rabindranath Tagore biographical.

I have friends who are different kinds of Buddhists, and Hindu.
In my experience, all these world religions point to divine structure, called Christhood. One must leave the man made structured religions,
And move into true Christed Spirituality, which is divine truth at its highest possible level, called KETER on the Kabbalah.


Kabbalah with Paths

img of Seferoth

Seferoth (spheres) without paths

Kabbalah Divine Restoration

Kabbalah Divine Restoration