A Little Lime
Helen Williams – “Creative space where I share my (Zentangle) drawings, patterns, videos and ebooks.”
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Ellen Wolters
YouTube Zentangle Instructional Videos

Tangle Patterns
Linda Farmer – P.O. Box 31146, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420
An index & graphic guide to the best Zentangle patterns & how to draw them.
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Timeless Productions
What Fractal Art Is/Beautiful Math Art – 6.20.14, 10:56
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David Blonski- artist, musician – 5050 Traverse Creek Rd, Garden Valley, CA 95633, 800.729.1325
“Fractal geometry is the geometry of nature; nature organizes itself in fractal patterns.”
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Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas – 27 Prospect Street, Whitinsville, MA 01588, 508.234.6843
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