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This Index and Verse Highlights are based on the full content of “The Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas” by, Tau Malachi – Organized and Submitted by,
Tim Culwell (Guest Author)

This Index has been compiled out of the deep appreciation of the author and the book. We hope it will serve all to search and find portions while in study of this wonderful book.

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Verse Highlights, based on “The Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas
by, Tau Malachi – selected and organized by Tim Culwell (Guest Author)


V1, p1:

Living Yeshua speaking in secret; kingdom of heaven here and now; Logos (Word); Sophia (Wisdom); all found within; Messianic consciousness; death.

V2, p4:

The Holy Grail; Christ-self; secret center; seeking, finding, troubled; Holy One of Being; The Without-End (Ain Sof); Left Pillar / Right Pillar; Asking-receiving; seeking-finding; knocking,

opening; The Light and Darkness must be joined; everything is impermanent; dark night of the soul; why soul enters into this life; purpose.

V3, p8:

Malkut, the kingdom of heaven, is within and all around you; reality of experience is the magical display…; you alone are not the creator of the reality you experience; all co-creator with God;

Interconnected and interdependent; transform self, world; Heaven, hell; exists in consciousness; the awakened ones; Supernal Light; no one free until all free; one Divine mind, two paths; the Second Coming; when you are at last transparent, there will only be Light and Life; the child of Light; Union with God is a present reality and truth.

V4, p11:

An infant; “the man old in days; a babe, not in bondage to hame, form, and limited self-identity; uncorrupted by the mind of the world; a gnosis in the inmost part of the soul; holy child, baby Messiah is within you; Spiritual Sun; Seven days of Creation; Lord of the Sabbath; entering into repose and seeking the Wisdom of the Divine; holy Sabbath every day; all that has happened, is happening, or ever will happen; Adam Kadmon.

V5, p14:

What is hidden is revealed; the Spirit of the Messiah; Light-Transmission occurs; Lord appears as any man; Lady Mary as any woman; recognize what is in your sight; gift of the Holy Spirit;

become a true and faithful disciple; what does it mean; disciple; what the master is to the disciple; discipleship; Namaste’; mundane and sacred realty; same; mystery revealed in plain

sight; Jacob – Truth – Master’s saying; Jacob – Ladder of Lights; Dual perception; inner child; Divine 3rd D; Divine Top, Down; Future to Present; Earth 3D.

V6, p18:

“Do not tell lies, and do not do what you hate”; religious doctrine and observance is human invention; spiritual practice devoid of spiritual living; no change; foundation of a true spirituality; receiving oral transmission of teaching; ability to integrate the Truth and Light; the practice speaking truth; secret: health-happiness / interconnected; clearing klippots? Sacred Unity; Gnostic Christianity; reincarnation; maybe you’re a trail-sweep.

V7, p21:

‘A prophesy for everyone’; Armageddon – internal conflict; root of duality; Nefesh Elokit; Nefesh Behamit; consumed with negative thoughts, emotions, behavior; duality, tired, conflict;

inclination for survival, self-preservation; Rauch; Neshama; Spirit of prophets, Spirit of the Messiah; metanoia; Messianic Consciousness; inmost sanctuary of the soul; godhead-God dwell.

V8, p25:

Big Fish Neshama; Secret: Hebrew Letter Nun; Nefesh vs Neshamah; occult or hidden forces (magical development); fundamental ignorance; sorrow and suffering; Yeshua Messiah, faith, fundamentalist; Unity; Divine potential; many lives; Divine potential fulfilled; labor in Spirit.

V9, p28:

Seed sower; The seed of Light; the Living Word and Wisdom / John 1; Receptivity; dark, hostile forces; person has links to; “Play” is over; seek mystical attainment; UMW – CMW; disbelief; unreceptive; unworthiness; incapable; dull state; most common state of the ordinary person in the world; lack of development; no capacity to receive; diligence and self-discipline; stay on path; the person who is receptive.

V10, p32:

Master, holy fire; disciple too; Yeshua Messiah incarnation of the great World Teacher; Supernal Light-force; illuminates and transforms; spiritual nuclear fire; Holy Spirit, Lord initiated; ordained apostles; great transformation; 2nd coming; must embody Spirit of The Messiah; secret teaching soul of the Messiah; Adam Kadmon; burn away husks.

V11, p35:

What does not change / change itself; or transformation; eternity / timeless eternity; new heaven and earth come into being; death, shift of consciousness; born-less is Christ-self within; dwell in the Light; yourself will no longer do anything; secret: stop doing altogether.

V12, p38:

Master; Lord chooses St. James and St. Peter; outer teachings, inner teachings, secret wisdom; St. Mary Magdalene; scared trust of inner most wisdom; apostle of the apostles; incarnation of Sophia; consort of Logos; Tau mystery school; Faith; Rays, Light-transmission in the master; 3-fold order of Melchizidek; Sefirot, spans 5 universes, 5 trees; hell, separation, Genesis.

V13, p41:

Jesus said, “Compare me to someone and tell me whom I am like”; it is one who is receiving who determines the nature of the blessing received; receiving only to the capacity; or injured spiritually; student and companion before disciple; one lives for the sake of heaven, the Lord; secrets kept until integrated, and protected; fire coming from within stones.

V14, p44:

“Harm will come to you if you fast, pray or give charity”; harmful to your spirit; matters not how you appear to others, but how you do to the Lord; centered inwardly in Christ; centered in Christ-Spirit; Neshamah, Christ-self knows how to study and contemplate the secret wisdom; if far from God, remain in exile; inward state brings closer to God; holy Sefirah Tiferet; giving, receiving.

V15, p47:

Jesus said, “When you see one who was not born of woman”; parent of you rebirth; Holy Spirit; teacher: holy father, mother of your soul; rebirth from womb of Mother Wisdom; Lord called the Lord God “Abba”; spirit of the prophets; living Spirit of God embodied in the holy tzaddik; Way of the One, Anointed in the Supernal Light; meeting holy tzaddik; holy sparks exchanged.

V16, p50:

World of anarchy; God’s Will; one Divine mind, consciousness-force; “one cannot serve two masters”; gnosis of Spirit and matter united within; children of darkness-rebel; elect to become righteous warriors; Truth, Spirit and Truth; nothing exists apart from God; release of Light; secretly exists within (evil); there is an inner level of wisdom in this verse; soul many lives; sin; Christ-center in afterlife; become masters of our own destiny; “five in a house”.

V17, p55:

“Nothing new under the sun”; or beyond the sun; it is both hidden here”; Supernal Light-force; spiritual nuclear force; the supernal consciousness-force is supramental; “Perfect Thunder Mind”; Gnosis mind, no need for thought, pure awareness; silent will; perfect unity, transcendental; become Christ-like, God-like; the perfect Master; Divine vision, seeded in your creative imagination; become Christ, the only-begotten Spiritual Sun of God; Mother Mary, Magdalene, Shekinah; upper, lower; Secret: He has a secret so you would seek it.

V18, p58.

Disciples: “tell us how our end will be”; what is the beginning; Will of God in Creation; image of God-self in the form of Adam Kadmon; Adam Ha-Rishon (first human being); involution for the sake of evolution; fall from Grace; Divine potential being exhaustless, limitless; secret entrance into the holy order of Melchizedek / inmost secret of the mysteries; sanctuary of the Rose Cross; Living Word; gnostic masters; beginning; clear light; let there be Light transparent.

V19, p61:

“five trees for you in paradise”; righteous ones, God’s Will; teachers, guides, righteous ones, previously awakened; to listen means to open and surrender oneself; hosts of angels minister to holy ones, Divine powers; holy things not taught openly; secret; angels sent to help, also to learn secret wisdom from the tzaddikim; Secret: Five Trees in Paradise; Jacob’s Ladder, Palace of Lights; spiritual flows of the Divine powers; Adam Kadmon, Atzilut, Beriyah, Yetzirah, and Asiyah; master teaching disciples of Merkavah; ascent into Atzilut; Keter; this is a verse of crazy wisdom.

V20, p65:

“Tell us what the kingdom of heaving is like; like a mustard seed.”; like a quantum leap; smallest thing that produces the largest transformation; planting a seed, from which the Tree of Life grows; initiation; how to bind holy Sefirot to oneself; manifest kingdom of heaven at any time; shift in consciousness; vast matrix interconnected; first heaven; what it means to enter into Malkut, kingdom of the Tree of Life.

V21, p68:

Mary to Jesus, “whom are your disciples like”; disciple, child of Light in whom the Light is awakening; attainment; holy meditation; Spirit of the Messiah; mystical union with the Lord; how to practice; be revived by an apostle of God; Holy Ghost, open to anyone desiring to enter; practice, realize this truth, you will not experience death; secret attainment; the thief is ignorance; labor to extend Light to others; all connected and interconnected.

V22, p72:

Children, enter the kingdom; to be as a little child; you are the Beloved and the Beloved is you; make the inside like the outside/above like the below; meaning of righteousness; make female and male one and the same; secret: female in Asiyah is male in Yetzirah, etc; hand in place of a hand.

V23, p75:

Master chooses disciple; mature soul; mystery school/order; enter into the 4th level; secret invisible order of the Holy Spirit; teach those ripe, mature on Tree of Life; the secret Sun within the Sun of Life; Holy Scriptures, five manifestations of the holy covenant continuum; 3 holy covenants; 3 branches of the seed of Abraham; evolution of the soul.

V24, p78:

‘There is light within a man of light, if he does not shine he is darkness”; why do you seek the Lord outside of you; education: drawing out what is within; liberation.

V25, p80.

“Love your brother like your soul”; spiritual love; striving towards an enlightened society; evolution of soul-being; fourth level / heart center; Yeshua speaks of spontaneous compassion and love; master addresses spiritual community, fellowship; teachings, initiations, holy sanctuary for the soul; secret: assembly of companions determines degree of the Divine revealed; faith, intuition of an experience not yet had; Mount Sinai; God reveals secret wisdom; soul of Messiah, Messianic consciousness would have entered into the world; Holy Torah; two commandments; sons and daughters of the Living God; unloving person incapable of receiving love.

V26, p84:

“You see the mote in your brother’s eye”; self-purification; analogy of the prophet Moses; self-love, forgiveness; mystical path; change world-change self; secret wisdom: Lord calling a nation be a “holy people”; first 3 initiations of mystical Christianity; rite of baptism; Holy Eucharist completes cycle; garden of Gethsemane.

V27, p87:

Fasting; observe Sabbath; not see the father; Spirit-connection; withdraw from mundane to entertain the supramundane dimensions of life; holy Shabbat; day of repose and joy; of celebration and worship; fasting from hyperactivity of world; “Day of Divine Revelation”; fruit of Creation; St. Paul 3rd heaven; secrets of angelic world revealed; St. John-Book of Revelation.

V28, p89:

Repose and joy of the Holy Spirit; beholding the reality-truth-continuum; “delighted and on fire with the Holy Spirit”; Word and Wisdom; Light-transmission; drunken-intoxicated w/self-cherishing; repent.

V29, p92:

Creation; secret operation of the Holy Spirit; Logos (the Word), Sophia (the Wisdom) of God; allow holy awe and wonder; Life and Nature, gate into the Divine; faith, more than believing; faith and hope, Divine potential; potential in us of Divine human, the Messiah.

V30, p95:

The holy Shekinah, constant companion; Two form the Pillars of initiation, etc.; ideal # is 10; 13 forms Matrix of the Holy Tzaddik; certain # of righteous persons acting together; Spirit of Messiah established in name of Holy One; secret continuum of the Light-transmission; fewer than 10 righteous ones; secret Lamed-Vau Tzaddikim; 36 holy ones.

V31, p98:

“no prophet is accepted in his own village”; family and mundane community who knew person before the Spirit; the inside and outside are intimately connected; what it means to be in the world, but not of it; inner self, child of the Light; cannot deny divinity of master nor humanness.

V32, p100:

Jesus, “A city being built on a high mountain and fortified cannot fail, nor can it be hidden”; holy city; temple of Light; Divine consciousness; Enlightenment, not a fixed state; The Way is enlightenment; shape yourself in the image of the Lord; living Way, Truth and Light; drawing out allusion (V33); many inner and secret teaching levels in this verse; binding one’s soul, Sefirot; Malkut; Keter; Melchizedek initiations.

V33, p102:

Receiving-called to impart; finding-called to share; everyone responsible of ministry of Light; preach from housetop, not door to door; not going out of way; natural; initiate in a mystical order or Wisdom Tradition; some talents, some duties; mystical fellowship found by word of mouth; circle of Yeshua; esoteric truth; aspirant, master, indirect links initially necessary.

V34, p105:

“If a blind man leads a blind man; both fall into pit”; faith and gnosis; seek direct spiritual experience of the Spirit of the Messiah; Way is enlightenment experience; Messianic consciousness; flow of Divine Grace; Saint John quote: “We declare to you what was from the beginning”; Gnostic Christianity meaning; gnosis found through metanoia; initiation, one devoid of it unfit to guide others; first disciple before apostle; Holy Spirit ultimately will teach and initiate the aspirant.

V35, p108:

Restrain evil inclination completely; self-discipline, control; lack of = lack of freedom; exercising free will; belief not enough for salvation; words dealing with left side of the Tree of Life; Pillar of Boaz; Temple of King Solomon; righteous judgment; secret, rite of ransom; holy covenant of gnostic rite.

V36, p111:

Faith in God, Divine potential in self; Abraham said to Isaac at time of sacrifice; meet all circumstances with equanimity; soul benefiting from hardships / mature faith; secret center, Lord Yeshua, Christ-center behind the heart; new faith, gnosis; live according to righteousness and truth; Truth & Light; way of the Holy Spirit vs what others think of us; false idols.

V37, p113:

Physical body matrix and garment of the soul; subtle, astral body, Body of Light; advanced stages of meditation; out of body experience; afterlife, using meditation to project soul; resurrection of Lazarus; tzaddik guide souls at transition; soul of Messiah, embodiment of a holy spark of the soul of souls; Yechidah (Divine spark); Communion of the Saints; accelerate development and evolution of soul; empower initiate; state of nakedness and not being ashamed, like a little child; self-transcendence; letting go of rigid self-identity, self-consciousness, letting go.

V38, p117:

Lord Yeshua embodied holy sparks of the Messiah; the perfect Master; time is precious; disciple has precious jewel in the holy tzaddik; soul-root, karmic connection; encountering the soul’s true spiritual guide; soul connections, many lives.

V39, p120:

How Jesus would speak today of the exoteric and dogmatic Christian churches; blind leading blind; keys of holy mystery; gnosis; cosmic forces of ignorance; spiritual revolution; serpents and doves; Shekinah above, below; kundalini energy; mystical prayer; prophetic meditation.

V40, p122:

Lord Yeshua speaks of himself as a true vine; vine of transmission; dogmatic religions-only right interpreters/bearers; Holy Spirit will not allow to be silenced!

V41, p124:

Baptism of water, fire and Spirit; mystical body of the Messiah; soul within, priceless pearl, in womb of Creator; delusion of beggar or a noble daughter/son? Spirit of the Divine Parent; be an insider, child of Light vs coming before as beggar; Palace of Lights, won’t let beggar in; created in image of the Lord; alter of the Lord; receive to impart; redemption of all living souls; secret: remembering and practicing righteousness of godly soul; secret: rider of the Merkavah.

V42, p128:

Jesus said, “Become passers-by”; knowing oneself as a traveler; knowledge is true being; soul of Light; Christ-self; in, but not of this world; verse: meaning of spiritual detachment; thronechariot (Merkavah); ascending, descending Palace of Lights; secret in teachings of Ma’aseh Merkavah; child of Light, bringing down the Holy Light; aim of initiate in Kabbalah.

V43, p130:

Discovering the struggle of discipleship; force of will, desire; self-negativity; spiritual and psychic harm; realizing need for spiritual practice; meaning of: “love the tree, hate fruit or love the fruit, hate tree”.

V44, p133:

If you strike the Mother, you endanger the Holy Child, blasphemy: act of suicide; karma from; afterlife; heaven, hell; connectedness, disconnectedness; speaking against the Spirit of God; betrayal of Truth and Light / gnosis; ego claims vs giving glory; “unforgivable”.

V45, p 136:

Jesus, “Grapes are not harvested from thorns, nor are figs gathered from thistles”; heart true vs false; master desire energy; what allowing heart and mind to dwell on; what you most love or desire; every state of consciousness is transitory; allowing negativity is self-destructive; Savior cannot save the unwilling; Torah; Jacob, Esau; his twin, Nefesh Behamit / bestial soul; Israel, name give Jacob after victory by Esau; blessing of harmony and peace; Spiritual Sun; wrestle in faith with One-Who-Delivers; how to change negative thoughts and emotions; metanoia; Divine Illumination.

V46, p139:

Jesus said, “Among those born of women, from Adam until John the Baptist”; holy sparks of soul incarnated as John the Baptist; ascend to higher soul of Moshenu; dawn of new covenant; Elisah 2x power of holy Shekinah; Yeshua, bring down holy sparks of the Messiah; “disciple of Anointed One becomes greater than John”; divine pride, spiritual humility.

V47, p141:

“impossible for man to mount two horses or to stretch two bows”; When God is your God you seek no other; surrender; the Way of Christ; rite of baptism / holy chrism; crucified with Yeshua Messiah; resurrected with Him to Divine Life; baptism passage through tomb; womb of Mother Wisdom; being ransomed; seeking Beloved; desires of ‘others’ carry away from Beloved; upper, lower worlds separated; holy gate of initiation; future self; religious persons remain of world, wheel of life, death and rebirth.

V48, p144:

Jesus, “If two make peace with each other in this one house, they will say to the mountain”; ‘house’ references body and life; heart and mind – Nefesh Behamit and Nefesh Elokit; peace between; St. James quote; faith brings forth gnosis; enter bridal chamber; gate to salvation; fruition of salvation in the Spirit of the Messiah; faith-potent spiritual power, gnosis and gifts; open secret: solitary; become elect; authentic; find within a secret center of perfect peace, joy.

V49, p147:

Becoming solitary; chosen; living souls not from kingdom of God? Both? Yes; not until unified and redeemed (Nefesh); Ruach and influence Neshama; receive Neshama know self as child of Light; divine potential must be awakened; else child of darkness; spirit of redemption, no child is lost forever.

V50, p149:

“if they say to you, ‘where did you come from’? say to them, ‘We came from the light”; Holy Lamb of God; baptized into mystical death and resurrection; ascension; rite of passage; Supernal Light; repose in Spirit of the Messiah; transmigration of soul in lower realms / worlds; false self-identification; cords; all exist at same time, same space-time-consciousness; within and all around; eighth heaven; instruction in Merkavah; key of faith, gnosis; celestial gate; secret: master teaches from the holy books of Enoch.

V51, p152:

The dead wander aimlessly; live in ignorance of the Sacred Unity; seeking to illuminate Neshamah, spiritual nature; rebirth; resurrection is now; Day of Reckoning; Divine Grace via Lord Yeshua; this life / afterlife too; St. Thomas built heavenly places, kings of India; assembly of the elect gathered about a holy tzaddik.

V52, p156:

His disciples said to him, “Twenty-four prophets spoke in Israel, and all of them spoke in you”; Baal Shem / John the Baptist; 25th of great prophets; Lord 26th; #26, Tetragrammaton; initiation of new covenant and apostolic succession; Yeshua last prophet in Israel / 1st anointed in the Supernal Light; about the Holy Spirit not the prophet or apostle; worship Spirit of God, not adept or apostle; ‘Christians’ look back vs living Messiah.

V53, p158:

Disciples: “Is circumcision beneficial or not?”; outward sign vs. inward manifest; holiness and righteousness; cut of self-cherishing so Christ-Spirit might indwell; circumcise heart, mind and life of ‘roots of evil’; power of the imagination; creative power, conscious evolution; creative power turned inward and Godward, Merkavah in ascent; old vs new covenant on circumcision (meaning) men and women; transcendence of gender “become like unto the angels of the Lord”; mystery of Yesod; aurora determined by emotions; astral body attracts.

V54, p161:

Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor, for yours is the kingdom of heaven”; fundamental truth-natural faith-those living in poverty; wealthy and poor use for sake of heaven; money-power a service to something greater; money, business person’s gift; spirit-filled vs full of self; ‘possessions’ belong to Lord; wealthy, poor in spirit; secret: ’when you become nothing, you become everything’, give everything, receive everything.

V55, p164:

“Whoever does not hate his father / mother cannot become a disciple”; anger, hatred, should mean ‘put aside’; seek God for God only; desire only for Lord God, Beloved; ‘star in your brow’, center of Divine energy in head; “Let the dead bury the dead!”; Cleaving unto Lord and Savior; put world aside to uplift it; letting go and letting be, ascend with Lord; Holy One, Ladder of Lights; vertical, horizontal axis of the cross; Pistis Sophia 135; giving self unto the Lord; Gnosis, Divine Grace via faith; worthy: through faith, hope, and love; soul of Light; hornless Spirit.

V56, p168:

“Whoever has come to understand the world has found (only) a corpse”; world, universe, body animated by Spirit of God; soul of world is Word and Wisdom of God; material, worldly; gaining worldly but lose immortal soul.

V57, p170:

day of reckoning; if your life story was a book up to moment of death, afterlife; soul stands in judgment before the Lord; Day of Reckoning for whole of humanity and world; wrath; holy fire; children of Darkness, another world until ripe; why Lord allows darkness to remain until Day of Reckoning, righteous warriors; forces of resistance; free will, knowledge of good and evil; divine revelation; radical transformation, transition in consciousness; advent of supernal (messianic) consciousness.

V58, p174:

“Blessed is the man who has suffered and found Life”; sorrow and suffering with purpose and meaning; St. James; use suffering w/open heart with love and compassion for all, into Christ-self; suffering increased with closed heart; covenant-continuum; holy sparks, klippot; Body of Light of Adam Kadmon; faith of initiate; labor pains in birth of Holy Child.

V59, p176:

“take heed of the living one while you are alive”; Christ-Spirit incarnate; prophets and apostles living among us; purpose of this life-awakening and liberation in the Lord; afterlife = life we have lived; disciples of the Holy One; World Teacher; come at time of radical shift in human consciousness; seek Yeshua Messiah, dream or vision will appear; imagination comes to fruition; Living One, Holy Neshamah, be my Holy Neshamah.

V60, p179:

Nature herself is purse and selfless”; outpouring of Holy Spirit of God in act of Creation; evil – ignorance and unconsciousness; Nature: manifestation of Grace and Glory of God; garden of Eden, paradise, state of Nature; illusion of division/separation; cosmic ignorance, secret operation of Holy Spirit; St. James: “you want something and cannot obtain it”; asking wrongly for pleasures; false preachers; death of Lord and Savior; meaning: becoming friend of the world; acknowledging Lord Yeshua is Son of God, ‘but I am only human’; coming of the Messiah, reason; Christ-like, Christian; seek place within peace, Christ center.

V61, p183:

Jesus, “Two will rest on a bed, the one will die, and the other will live”; death, life, bornless spirit; initiating the rite of the Holy Eucharist; faith in Yeshua Messiah; Second Coming, Day of Reckoning; Uzzah, ark of covenant, wrath; the day when presence of the Lord is everywhere on earth; Lord is same, we are different; path of ascension? surrender.

V61, p186:

Salome, “Who are you, man, that you, a mortal being, have come upon my couch and eaten from my table?”; ministry of the Lord; disciples, cosmic forces, spirits; souls, spirits bound in Hades; In Chris-Spirit given authority over rulers of spiritual forces of cosmic ignorance; we are set over angels of the Lord – minister to them, as they to us; and to spirits of the living and dead; test of faith, discernment; Nature, humanity redeemed through Spirit of the Messiah; ascension teachings; faith, gnosis of inmost essence, Christ-Spirit; deep mystical, magical teachings, secret wisdom.

V62, p189:

“do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing”; seek keys of mysteries; faith: become openness, sensitivity; aspiring with heart, should, mind, and life to true Gnosis; become empty to be filled with the Holy Spirit; promise via Isaiah; promise of Lord in prophet Isaiah 45:3; Word of the Lord; receiving; lack of faith, Light transmission hindered, obstructed; Pistis Sophia 133; shift into higher consciousness, sound, vibrations; levels, dimensions; physical senses, universe, human potential; range cannot be extended; reality-truth-continuum; what are the keys of the mysteries? prophetic meditation; meaning: to be worthy-faith-Messianic Consciousness.

V63, p193:

“there was a rich man who had much money”; death, what sown, reaped, taken with; physical, material plane of existence, great possibility for refinement of the soul; experiences accomplished in subtle dimensions, embodied in physical, material plane for fruition; afterlife possibilities, vital recoil; opportunity of this life, here and now; importance via tzaddik for path of ascension; spiritual wealth; NOW! Body of Light; Ruach, Neshamah.

V64, p196:

“A man had received visitors. And when he had prepared dinner, he sent his servant to invite the guests”; through apostles you come among us, to live and walk with us; Word and Wisdom, Spirit and Truth; Holy Lamb of Passover; bridal chamber; promise of holy covenant; praise and gratitude prayer, parable of Master, for souls to receive it; servants of the Lord; re: souls sent to holy tzaddik, righteous, un-righteous; harlot Rahab; St. Paul, messenger of Divine Grace; redemption; Lord works in strange and mysterious ways; hardening of heart of Pharaoh; secret operation of the Holy Spirt; noble faith with understanding.

V65, p201:

“There was a good man who owned a vineyard, Let him who has ears to hear”; plight of prophets in Israel, world; rejection of the Great Prophet of God; teaching purpose of humanity in the material world, Nature; Caretakers, co-creators, of Creation, world, each other; evolution of soul, struggle of Light and Darkness; why we are here; cosmic forces, bondage, cosmic forces of ignorance; materialism; secretion operation of Holy Spirit of God; Exodus (hardens the heart of Pharaoh); God’s plan on earth; messengers; establish continuums to link humanity to ‘plan’; free will, Will of God; covenant; separation; soul consequences; Letter to Hebrews (5:14); discernment.

V66, p206:

“Show me the stone which the builders have rejected. That one is the cornerstone”; inward quality; expectations, karmic vision; preconceptions of dogmatic doctrine; Anointed One of God, did not conform to Jewish expectations; comparison of Yeshua to pharisees and scribes to clergy and theologians; rejection of indwelling Christ-self; everyone is a Child of God; cornerstone to preaching, evolution of soul to Christhood; Second Coming; doctrine of Logos vs true doctrine of Sophia; Christ as our own inner and Divine self; Light-transmission of apostolic succession, faith and gnosis; holy fire.

V67, p209:

“If one who knows the all still feels a personal deficiency, that person, he is completely deficient”; knowing connection to Sacred Unity, no lack; faith in death, resurrection of Yeshua Messiah; genuine faith; master’s promise, no death; resurrection now; advent of Messianic conscious near; integration of mystical experiences of Truth and Light for transformation; prayer, meditation, worship necessary; egoistic condition = everything is personal; self-transcendence = nothing is personal; Christ-Spirit within prays, meditates, lives and labors to accomplish God’s plan; Holy Spirit = doer; initiate is conscious witness, vehicle of Divine Grace.

V68, p212:

“Blessed are you when you are hated and persecuted”; one conscious-force, two soul paths; enlightened, unenlightened; Divine illumination or lack of; Way of Spirit; persecution, cult, follower; disciples and apostles of Light-transmission encounter; faith, regarding encountering opposition = growing stronger; resistance, opposition necessary for process of development and evolution.

V69, p215:

“Blessed are they who have been persecuted within themselves”; evolution: only occurs from inner pulse; righteousness; internal persecution = inward conscious struggle for growth, refinement; evolution of psychic and spiritual dimensions of oneself; persecution, dark nights of the soul; St. John of the Cross; desire to receive and to share!

V70, p217:

“That which you have will ave you if you bring it forth from yourselves. That which you do not have within you will [kill] you if you do not have it within you”; Spirit of the Lord, presence of God indwells; holy blood of lamb that redeems us; holy body of Christ; holy presence ascends right hand of the Father; repose in abode of Supernal Light; partake in Holy Eucharist, not really from outside; rite of Eucharist, manifestation of Christ-self; faith and trust in Word of Lord already liberated; 3 levels, aspects of the soul: Neshamah, Ruach, Nefesh; living ways of ignorance/wickedness = cut off from Neshamah; another spirit takes possession of soul; risen Messiah, breath of initiation, Holy Spirit, full Neshamah; baptism of Pentecost, holy fire; descent of Shekinah, Christ-consciousness, holy rite of bridal chamber, Light-transmission, of apostolic succession.

V71, p220:

“I shall [destroy this] house, and no one will be able to build it: […]”; earthly temple in Jerusalem destroyed, not to be rebuilt; old covenant shattered; worship in Spirit and Truth no earthly temple; transfiguration; Supernal Light; first tabernacle of wilderness, built upon image of heavenly sanctuary; affirmation of prophecy Mohammed; solar, deathless, bornless, body of Light; faith, hope in Christ, future, Body of Light, transform, manifesting; holy temple, made not by human hands, but by Word and Wisdom; abide in faith, hope, love, surrender.

V72, p223:

“[A man said] to him, “Tell my brothers to divide my father’s possessions with me”; divine intervention, magic-power, magician, miracle worker; to facilitate Divine Will; 2 reasons initiates study magical arts; Yeshua’s knowledge of mystical, magical, practical Kabbalah; rite of ransom; initiate: spiritual warrior; prophetic prayer.

V73, p227:

“The harvest is great but the laborers are few”; holy angels of the Lord present and willing to help you; Spirit of the Messiah: with and within you; need to ask, invoke, be open; holy ones, angels appearing, conscious or unconscious; tzaddikm, maggidim, incarnate to have more direct influence; prayer: become channels, vehicles for the Divine presence, power; must continually ask for help; Divine providence; we determine the balance of; banish the holy Shekinah from world, when humans do not seek the Lord; invoke and bear forth Divine powers; call forth help with the harvest of souls.

V74, p231:

He said, “O Lord, there are many around the dining trough, but there is nothing in the cistern”; dogmatic exoteric religion – external structure; belief in dogmatic religion = no obligation, responsibility; fundamentalist doctrines; we are, and always have been part of the Sacred Unity God is; receive Holy Spirit through prayer for Divine Grace.

V75, p233:

“Many are standing at the door, but it is the solitary and elect who will enter the bridal chamber; rainbow Body of Light; Light upon Light illuminates and transforms the world; draw out and directly experience what your truly are, an Anointed One of God; experience of Christ-Spirit is here now within present experience; you lack nothing; enter embrace of the Beloved.

V76, p235:

“The kingdom of the Father is like a merchant who had a consignment of merchandise and discovered a pearl”; holy Neshamah, Nothing, One-Without-End (pearl essence); Ascend, Descend, Son of Adam; faith in Anointed One of God, Eternal Life, Gospel of St. John 3:13 – 15; holy Neshamah descends, ascends; taking Ruach and Nefesh; holy baptism and chrism; redeemed in holy blood of the Lamb of God; redeemed by body and blood of the Messiah; saved by Grace of the Lord; mystery of Neshamah, soul of Messiah as Logos and Sophia; next incarnation of the soul of Messiah to be in woman’s form for completion of the holy mystery of the Spirit of the Messiah.

V77, p238:

Jesus: “It is I who am the Light with is above them all. It is I who am the all”; Yeshua Messiah, liberating us from bondage to sin and karmic web; holy sacrifice, restore soul to Life and Liberty; forgiveness of sin; liberation; perfect Lamb of God; salvation; mystery of crucifix; surrender to Light to receive Supernal Light; secret: Keter is in Malkut, and Malkut is in Keter; spiritual nuclear force; Divine sparks; St. John, Gospel of Christ; promise to be united with Lord as Enoch was; ascension of Grace.

V78, p242:

“Why have you gone out into the desert? To see a reed shaken by the wind?” seek, find; ask, receive answer; God of Israel, wilderness; many are called, but few are so chosen; interior church; companion of mystical order; mission from God; reed is hollow, an open channel; prophets and apostles of God empty of selves before presence of Lord; as it is spoken, so it is done Vehayah; New Jerusalem; fruit of faith; presence of awareness.

V79, p245:

“Blessed are the womb which bore you and the breast which nourished you”; birth of Messiah is an ever-present reality; we are holy virgins unto the Lord; body and life matrix of Divine presence and power; what is holy state of virginity; she is completely transparent to her Beloved; heavenly Father is hidden cause of Creation; who is Holy Mother? What does it mean to hear the Word of the Lord?

V80, p248:

Jesus said, “He who has recognized the world has found the body, is superior to the world”; profane vs natural world; manifestation of Divine presence; Master teaches profound meditation; you and world are stardust-solidified Light; Achad + Ahavah = 13, awareness of Sacred Unity; Everyone awakened and liberated brings whole world in ascent; secret level of teaching here from holy Kabbalah; join in consciousness of the Holy One discovers world and universe as body of Adam Kadmon in Asiah; anything can be focus of meditation and inspire conversation with God.

V81, p251:

“Let him who has grown rich be king, and let him who possesses power renounce it”; jeweled crown on heads of holy ones, Supernal Light; esoteric wisdom given to holy ones, by Lord our God; ordained as priestess-queens or priest-kings; treasury of secret wisdom, surrender to experience of enlightenment; path of Kabbalah, initiate enters and departs from enlightenment; fall from grace: initiate’s experience; grasping at any attainment or spiritual gift; wealthy, spiritual wealth by Grace of God, Divine providence; Master speaks of all among faithful and elect to act, as apostles of God, take up service to holy tzaddik; Divine power belongs solely to God; soul purpose; future self is present self in Christ.

V82, p254:

“He who is near me is near the fire, and he who is far from me is far from the kingdom”; there is only one holy fire of the Lord; threefold fire of Divine presence, Divine power; manifests in 3 distinct modes, levels; Lord teaches of baptism by fire; threefold baptism; promise to us in Yeshua Messiah; we are also the Light; 3 forms of fire; spiritual nuclear fire; YHVH Tetragrammaton; meditation on threefold fire of Melchizidek.

V83, p258:

“The images are manifest to man, but the light in them remains concealed in the image of the father”; Ain Sof, the One-Without-End; holy Sefirot spans four universes; are manifestations of God revealing; Ma’aseh Merkavah; Palace of Lights and prophetic states of consciousness; images are not God itself; they are Light and glory of the Lord God – garments of Ain Sof; “Lord our God” (meaning of) reflects holy mystery; images in prophetic states of consciousness; soul of Messiah is beyond the person of the perfect Master; Master gives instructions; ascent of Merkavah.

V84, p262:

“When you see your likeness, you rejoice. But when you see your images which came into being before you, and which neither die nor become manifest”; experience of subtle / astral body; death is not the end; experience of astral body only the beginning to development of consciousness beyond the body; realization of resurrection and eternal life; Christ-self abides in ever perfect unity with the Lord God above; threefold body of Melchizidek, Ain Sof Aur; emanation, glorified body; experience of transfiguration; body of ascension, resurrection.

V85, p266:

“Adam came into being from a great power and a great wealth, but he did not become worthy of you”; Mother Nature; Divine revelation: is an awakening and call for humanity to exercise God-given power; new and Divine humanity; bring down Divine presence; old, new covenant: ascending level of spiritual teachings; inward; no longer outward V85, p267; Divine self and soul came from above from Lord our God.

V86, p269:

Jesus said, “[The foxes have their holes] and the birds have their nests, but the son of man hanse place to lay his head and rest”; animal kingdom vs human kingdom; impulse to consciousness evolution; conscious unity with God; Divine potential within humanity; human spirit, Adam; Logos and Sophia of God; consciousness-force within us; evolve to.

V87, p271:

“wretched is the body that is dependent upon a body, and wrecked is the soul that is dependent upon these two”; you are more than the physical body; Nefesh, Ruach, Neshamah; supernal heavenly soul; Ruach is where you will discover your true self and fulfillment; Divine potential: Truth of every living soul, exists within it; “you must draw out what is within you”; ‘right order of our consciousness’; true health and happiness via being the individual I am in Spirit and Truth; birth of love and compassion within ourselves.

V88, p274:

“The angels and the prophets will come to you and give you those things you (already) have”; nature of holy Kabbalah and Gnostic spiritual practice; methods of mystical prayer and prophetic meditation taught; bring Way of the Lord to initiate; Way of Holy Spirit; In Christ you are lacking nothing; angels and spirits of the prophets educate you on esoteric wisdom; Master makes clear reception is not a one-way street; ministering angels and saints come to receive from you too; luminous assembly manifests as an exchange of holy sparks; you carry holy sparks for others; others for you; exchanged when you encounter another in this world; visible incarnate beings or souls as well as invisible; giving of ourselves to each other; infinite matrix of complete interdependence and interconnectedness; Holy Communion of the Saints; experience of salvation; interwoven with redemption of others and resurrection of the world; most important element of faith; Gnostic Christian faith; sacred awareness; higher mystical experiences; magical experiences; manifestation of Divine Grace.

V89, p276:

Jesus said, “Why do you wash the outside of the cup? Do you not realize that he who made the inside is the same one who made the outside?” ‘inside’ must match ‘outside’; so outward is authentic; actual change must occur in one’s consciousness embody higher consciousness; Christ-consciousness: transcendence of the mental and vital being; one must be reborn and transfigured by supernal force; spiritual, mystical experiences must be integrated; initiation means ‘a beginning’; Faith “is an intuition of an experience not yet had”; “is living according to Truth and Light revealed our experience”; outside and inside appearances that differ there is typically an imperfection in one’s faith and certainly an impurity in one’s gnosis.

V90, p279:

Jesus said, “Come unto me, for my yoke is easy and my lordship is mild, and you fill find repose for yourselves”; faith, yearning for truth, for union with God is operation of Divine Grace; advancement of our soul from one holy rung of the Ladder of Lights to the next; Yoga of Christ, Divine Grace; holy spark; virgin birth; sacred awareness is inspiration of the Holy Spirit; ascent; Rachel Ve-Hanun! V90, p280; mediation needed between God and humanity; heaven and earth; devekut; Spirit of Messiah; Spiritual humility of authentic adept or master; it is the Holy Spirit that will answer your questions if you are willing to look, see, listen and hear; surrender to spiritual and moral guidance; tzaddik is a disciple; companion of the Holy Spirit; in the mystical Body of Christ, the interior church; Divine self; Christ-self; draw out something of that Light and Life.

V91, p283:

“Tell us who you are so that we may believe in you”; natural ebbs and flows to our own experience and struggles; through grace disciples elevated to higher rung of the Ladder of Lights (higher levels of consciousness); recognition of divine presence and power must come from within; does no good if adept or master announces themselves to us and tell us; cannot lead to self-realization in Christ; process of discipleship is elevation of soul; self-realization, holy recognition; false doctrine; exclusionary status of Yeshua Messiah as only manifestation of the soul of the Messiah; nature of spiritual recognition, transmission; look and see with your soul; holy Neshamah; discernment of good, evil.

V92, p286:

“Seek and you will find. Yet, what you asked me about in former times and which I did not tell you then, now I do desire to tell, but you do not inquire after it”; mystical journey, sacred life, no answer; rather a continuum self-expression of experience; God is Ain Sof, One-Without-End; true discipleship; not casual brief affair; assembly of the elect, continuum of discipleship, community of disciples; assembly of the prophets of ancient Israel; lineage: Yeshua Messiah, predawn of human history; first contact and communion of a human being with the Creator; as disciple matures in spiritual practice, more able to perceive; spiritual adepts (masters) not separate from disciples; interconnected, interdependent; Discipleship in Christ is the cornerstone of ongoing divine revelation and the great work toward the Second Coming; God needs a divine humanity for fulfillment and completion.

V93, p289:

“Do not give what is holy to dogs, lest they know them on the dung heap. Do not throw the pearls [to] swine, lest they …it […]”; disciple and apostle of Anointed One bears threefold ordination; share and give of ourselves, that the Light might be in extension; joined to the mystical body of Christ; seek guidance from Holy Spirit regarding God’s Will; some have no desire to receive; no capacity of reception; only act with Divine permission and authority; Master: esoteric wisdom, inner and secret teachings, not for everyone; only ripe souls for redemption can be won over; Upper World; accomplish a balance, harmony and unification.

V94, p292:

“He who seeks will find, and [he who knocks] will be let in”; we have the promise of our Lord and Savior; our very own Christ-self; penetrate holy mysteries of God and Creation; spiritual hope and faith; teaching by the #’s: 3, 10, 22, 32 & 50; 3 gates; great ascension; aspiration; receptivity, active and dynamic; surrender to Holy Spirit; active questioning; openness and sensitivity / active exploration; active receptivity; purify and perfect self as channel of Divine Presence and power.

V95, p294:

Jesus said, “If you have money, do not lend it at interest, but give [it] to one from whom you will not get it back”; selfishness and greed obstruct flow of Divine Grace and self-realization; giving freely has healing effect upon who gives; remedy to poverty consciousness; all resources given by God, mission to redeem and restore to God’s Will; offering to the Lord; issues with tithing; Cosmic, universal consciousness is threshold of supernal or messianic consciousness; we are Spiritual beings having a material experience; practical and material support may be most important in the great work.

V96, p298:

“The kingdom of the Father is like [a certain] woman. She took a little leaven [concealed] it in some dough, and made it into large loaves. Let him who has ears to ear”; holy woman is your Neshamah; because of her your Nefesh grows, evolves, and Ruach comes to perfection; kingdom of the Father is within you and all around you; Nature if manifestation of God’s Spirit; Holy Spirit within seeking to reunite herself with her Beloved; she is the virgin mother of the soul of the Messiah; Second Coming, manifestation of the kingdom of God; midwife of the earthly mother, in exile, birthing Messianic consciousness, until the ‘day of be-with-us’.

V97, p300:

“The kingdom of the [father] is like a certain woman who was carrying a [jar] of meal.”; woman who is Nefesh, without Ruach and Neshama, becomes distracted in the world, departs empty; allusion; one who acquires true faith and gnosis; distracted; unmindful loses what gained; to keep what gained, must keep holy vigil with Spirit of the Lord; fundamental truth of how life works; we must actively live the Divine life, so we might depart with the Divine fullness.

V98, p302:

“The kingdom of the father is like a certain man who wanted to kill a powerful man”; in the Talmud, one must first purify oneself; same for tzaddik as teacher, prophet; purify him/her-self of the klippot; disciple as Spiritual warrior; sitra ahara (cutting off; the inclination to evil); discernment good from evil; any power or dominion beings-forces have over you based upon inner affinity in vibration within own thoughts and emotions; purify self of dark and negative thoughts and emotions; selfishness; self-grasping; no dark or hostile force can have power over you; action that breaks down faith in goodness, God is work of evil; gossip, injury to all involved; God calls for compassion and kindness.

V99, p305:

The disciples said to him, “Your brothers and your mother are standing outside”; soul family shares a bond forever; a bond and connection of the soul in Spirit, spanning many lifetimes; letting go of self-identity, generate new with our soul and Christ-self; masters of Kabbalah, living souls, come from different roots; organs of body; souls come from different parts of the body of primordial human being; closest bonds from same soul-root; spiritual community important to personal spiritual practice, for greater fulfillment; we are all brothers and sisters; all living creatures are part of our family; God is our Father-Mother.

V100, p308:

They showed Jesus a gold coin and said to him, “Caesar’s men demand taxes from us”; as mental beings we are prone to extremes; worldly and spiritual; without contact with Neshama, Divine nature, live apart from God; abandoning God for worldly things; escaping world by hiding behind my spirituality and faith in heaven; separation; heaven, earth; human soul, God; divide spiritual, material; only in the mind; duty to life, light, love and liberty; God abides in heaven above, and above the heavens; vehicles of Holy Spirit; duty, responsibility of soul to God; whole of my life is a vehicle for the Truth and Light; not only through my words but through my behavior and actions.

V101, p311:

Jesus said, “Whoever does not hate is [father] and his mother as I do cannot become (disciple) to me”; hate may be translated as “detachment” or “to put aside”; Lord speaks not about hatred but self-cherishing and liberation from such ignorance; material mother-father represent foundation for self-identity, name/form; root of self-cherishing; loosening grip on physical family in egoistic way to cleave to heavenly soul, and unto Lord; nature of the love of the Messiah; Apostles of God do not love father (physical/material) more that their enemy; love every living soul equally, the love that comes through the Grace of the Holy Spirit; Lord Yeshua, Anointed One made holy sacrifice for all.

V102, p313:

“Jesus said, “Woe to the Pharisees, for they are like a dog sleeping in the manger of oxen, for neither does he eat nor does he [let] the oxen eat”; Lord Yeshua was a spiritual revolutionary as is everyone reborn of the Holy Spirit; Cosmic Christ: term for universal Logos and Sophia of God; Soul of the Messiah is great World Teacher; Lord Yeshua and disciples were not ‘Christian’; were Jewish; transcended Judaism, all human institutions of religious authority; this book is spoken in Gnostic Christian language; modern spirituality; issues vs fundamentalism; dogmatic religion; Wisdom Tradition is a spiritual language; don’t confuse with truth of experience itself; Christos is Word and Wisdom of God; source of all language Spirit of Truth is communicated; worldliness vs spirituality; St. Paul, Corinthians 13:12.

V103, p307:

“Fortunate the man who knows where the brigands will enter, so that [he] may get up, muster bis domain, and arm himself before they invade”; master speaking of the virtue and necessity of self-knowledge; only with this self-knowledge can we work with Holy Spirit to refine, reshape self into image of Christ; anger: look deeply within; seek to discern dis-ease in consciousness; practice shifting matrix of consciousness; use energy-intelligence consciously, constructively vs destructively; prayer, meditation for inner demon of anger and rage; what working on oneself spiritually means; purification of each sense consciousness (gate of senses; gate of sin); vigilant watch; prevents falling to assaults of klippotic forces; self-knowledge is self-defense against dark and hostile forces.

V104, p320:

“Come, let us pray today and let us fast”; fasting implies need for self-purification, preventing unification with God’s presence; purpose of fasting and prayer, spiritual practice; in state of Chris-consciousness everything transpires by way of silent, conscious volition; supernal consciousness beyond physical, mental, vital being; hidden within, by silent will of the Divine I am, supernal being; complete unification of oneself with God is state of perfect tzaddik, Master; Realm of No Difference or Realm of No More Practice; spiritual practice in and of itself is not the enlightenment experience; use practice until dawns for oneself; or once dawns, not a ‘practice’, but becomes experience itself; clinging too tightly cannot unfold; the bridegroom and the bridal chamber imply the bride; inmost part of soul; which God and Godhead indwell; joined to; celebration and love-play between lover and the Beloved.

V105, p323:

Jesus said, “He who knows the father and the mother will be called the son of a harlot”; Yeshua received teachings from the elders of esoteric order, prophet John the Baptist; Ultimately from Mother Spirit / Holy Spirit; invisible Divine order; religious institutions of today say time of prophets, apostles of God, long since past; teach nothing of prayer, meditation, prophetic meditation, magical ceremony; spiritual disease of atheism; from Living Father and Mother Spirit we must receive our authority; interior and Gnostic Church of the Christos; Our Father is God Most High; One Being-consciousness force; our Mother is the Holy Spirit, the One Life-power; Mother Wisdom is ever virgin, gnosis is as if first time; supernal Sefirot of Hokmah and Binah are Divine parents of Da’at; Divine Feminine /Masculine; Second Adam meaning; 3 supernal Divine names: Eheich, Yahweh, and Elohim; Gnosis of Creator and Creation; Divine incarnation of the soul of the Messiah; sown into Light-seed in human life-wave; Light-transmission received by holy tzaddik, not giving us something we don’t already have; communion with the Christ (Communion of the Saints); one becomes mind, sacred heart of Christ; speech becomes expression of Christ.

V106, p328:

“When you make the two one, you will become the sons of man, and when you say, ‘Mountain move away’ it will move away”; there is Divine power in us to be awakened, our soul and Divine self; Word of Lord in prophets calling us to a worship in Truth and Light, through ethical and moral behavior, a good heart; practical spiritual living; Yeshua Messiah taught disciples the Way; through prophetic meditation; faith is active agent of Divine power; is a great and awesome magic-power, a holy remembrance we are children of the Light.

V107, p330:

“The kingdom is like a shopper who had a hundred sheep. One of them, the largest, went astray”; Holy One is saying nothing of creation shall be lost; Salvation of Christ is universal, inclusive; living soul receives redemption of blood of lamb of God; God loves you just as you are; turn to God, let go and let be; forgive self, others; even fallen angels, Lucifer; when evil inclination passes away; holy sparks restored; only need faith in Holy One of Being; and indwelling Spirit of; Holy Spirit is laboring for your enlightenment.

V108, p333:

“He who will drink from my mouth will become like me”; to drink from the mouth of the Anointed One means two things; o live teachings of Christ is to become Chris-like; embody Christ; experience is the basis of initiation; direct experience of Messianic of supernal consciousness; emphasis on direct spiritual experience; foundation of Gnostic Christianity; meaning of Gnostic.

V109, p335:

“The kingdom is like a man who had a [hidden] treasure in his field without knowing it”; buried treasure; wealth by way of miracle; holy tzaddik brings forth a wealth of wisdom, understanding and knowledge of Holy Scriptures; what we see with tzaddikim and maggidim is within everyone; Light-transmission remains alive and continues beyond our teacher.

V110, p337:

“Whoever fins the wold and becomes rich, let him renounce the world”; authentic spiritual aspirant must be strong, courageous in mundane or supramundane pursuits; must have life to surrender it to God; “Get a life so that you have something to offer up to God”; renunciation: emptying oneself so that one might be Spirit-filled.

V111, p339:

“The heavens and the earth will be rolled up in your presence”; apocalypse means revelation; at time of death, experiences; one’s Nefesh departs world; world ceases to exist; experiences at death attached of world vs not attached; founded on ignorance or enlightenment of one’s Neshamah; labor to dissolve self-identity; spiritual practice, consciously living in Christ; die in Christ-consciousness will not be death, rather transition to higher plane of existence; an awakening and liberation; mystery of crucifixion; death has never existed.

V112, p341:

“Woe to the flesh that depends upon the soul, woe to the soul that depends on the flesh”; Master speaks of Nefesh; part of soul that is the astral matrix within and behind the body and life; unless joined to Neshamah through agency of Rauch disintegrates; acquire knowledge; attain degree of kingdom of heaven; ultimate attainment of Christ-consciousness is beyond the heavens; attainment of Supernal Light; no more death when Neshamah is attained; grades of Neshamah to four universes; and Adam Kadman; salvation through Grace of Yeshua Messiah; Grace imparted through Yeshua Messiah is soul of Light; holy soul from universe of Supernal Light; Atzilut; faithful person beginning to receive influence of the holy soul; awareness very important to one venturing into esoteric teachings.

V11, p345:

“It will come by waiting for it. It will not be a matter of saying ‘here it is’, or ‘there it is’; it is we who must bring about the Kingdom of heaven, Second Coming, Divine kingdom from within; God had one intention; humans another; thus City of Peace could not stand; one cannot save, heal world by self, even Yeshua Messiah could not instantly transform; bringing about transformation within, contributes to collective consciousness; worlds within worlds; universes within universes; existing at same time, different dimensions; recall sixth Beatitude when body of consciousness corresponds to Divine kingdom; the reality we experience and state of consciousness completely interconnected; mystical attainment means conscious union with God; magical attainment means change in consciousness; divine magic is inherently mystical; prophet, apostles is Divine magician; Yeshua, highly skilled magician.


“Let Mary leave us, for women are not worthy of life, every woman who will make herself male will enter into the kingdom of heaven”; some have spoken about this Verse denying value and authenticity; evidence the Master did teach and initiate women, Samaritan woman; Spiritually no argument against women, no basis; holy soul has no sender association or distinction; is neither male, female; conventional wisdom contradicted Wisdom of God; holy Kabbalah; female means receptivity, receiving; male means sharing, imparting, giving; novice initiate, disciple is female in Kabbalah; must receive first; Mary Magdalene was more than disciple; consort and wife of Lord Yeshua; holy bride personification of created wisdom; through Sophia (Mother and Daughter Wisdom), Logos is revealed; Divine revelation; Christ must come again in a woman’s form; reincarnation of soul of St. Mary Magdalene, central to Second Coming; true womanhood is matrix of Christ-consciousness; only real devil is ignorance; Tokenism abounds in some churches, include Holy Mother in worship; meditation upon the Holy Bride, comes to you in dreams, visions, and inspirations.



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