This index, is based on full content of “The Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas
by, Tau Malachi – Organized and Submitted by, Tim Culwell (Guest Author)

This Index has been compiled out of the deep appreciation of the author and the book. We hope it will serve all to search and find portions while in study of this wonderful book.

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Garden of Eden (Nature; paradise; purity) V60, p180

Garden of Gethsemane V26, p86


  • celestial gate V50, p150
  • faith-gate to V48, p145
  • gate of gnosis V62, p191
  • holy gate(s) of initiation V47, p142; V56, p169; V94, p292
  • gates of senses (gates of sin) V103, p318 (see ‘darkness’; ‘hatred’; ‘sin’ also)

Ghost (see Holy Ghost)

gifts (spiritual gifts given by Divine Grace) V81, p252; V95, p295,296 (see ‘Grace’ also)


  • desire to impart is male; desire to receive is female V22, p73
  • finding/giving V33, p102


  • V34, p105; V64, p198; V67, p209; V89, p278; V105, p324,326; V112, p342; V114 p354
  • of Creator and Creation; meditation V105, p326
  • via faith; Divine Grace V55, p166
  • faith brings forth; fruition of salvation in Spirit of Messiah V48, p145; V66, p207
  • Gnosis of God Most High V114, p354
  • search in heart V63, p195
  • gates of V62, p191
  • Godly soul; true Gnosis V41, p125
  • Grace imparted by Yeshua Messiah is gnosis of soul of Light V112, p342
  • impurity in one’s gnosis when outside appearance(s) differ from inside V89, p278
  • of Mother Wisdom is ever virgin V105, p324
  • spiritual revolution; true Gnosis! V39, p121
  • True Gnosis of Yeshua Messiah V105, p324
  • (see ‘Faith’; ‘Truth’; also)

Gnostic / Gnosticism:

  • Christian Tradition (master of teaches next incarnation of Soul of Messiah is to be a woman’s form) V76, p237
  • direct personal spiritual experience is foundation of Gnostic Christianity V108, p334
  • Gnostic Church of the Christos V105, p324
  • Gnostic Christianity:
  • Christian Gnosticism V114 p351
  • Gnosticism (Christian) of the Sophian Tradition (a weave of Gnosticism, Kabbalah, and Rosicrucian philosophy) Intro, p-xv
  • esoteric order; Yeshua received teachings from V105, p323
  • vs exoteric and orthodox Christianity; Intro, p-ix, x, xi, xii
  • mystical symbolic language of; and holy Kabbalah V102, p314
  • (see ‘Christian / Christianity’; ‘Church’; ‘Kabbalah’ also)
  • Gnostic spiritual practice V88, p274 (see ‘Spiritual practice’ also)
  • Gnostic style of Teaching (focuses more on the feelings and intuitions of the heart) Intro, p-xii
  • is not preaching a doctrine of elitism; acknowledges three distinct realms of development and evolution of soul V112, p343
  • (see ‘Teacher’; ‘Teaching’ also)
  • meaning of Gnostic V108, p334
  • (see ‘Christian / Christianity’; ‘Church’; ‘Kabbalah’ also)


  • Abba Lord God V15, p48; V16, p52
  • abides in heaven above; above heavens; transcendent of Creation V100, p309
  • is Ain Sof; One-Without-End V92, p286
  • All is the expression of V80, p249
  • Anointed One of God V45, p138; V50, p149; V66, p207; V71, p221; V76, p235; V77, p238,241; V98, p304
  • draw out; directly experience what and what you truly are V75, p233
  • victory of the Anointed One of God V98, 304
  • (see ‘Anointed One’ also)
  • apostle(s) of God V21, p69; V61, p186; V94, p293
  • called to act V81, p253
  • (see ‘Teacher:Apostles’ also)
  • authentic individuality in God V106, p329
  • Awesome and wonderful God V94, p292
  • Child of V66, p207 (see ‘Child/Children’ also)
  • Communion in God V92, p286
  • God Consciousness; adepts, masters of Light-transmission; harvest of souls V73, p227
  • Creation (act of ongoing; ‘nature’) V60, p179
  • God and Creation; holy mysteries of V94, p292
  • Our Father is God Most High, One Being-consciousness force V105, p324
  • is our Father-Mother V99, p307
  • formless, invisible, hidden; Living God V25, p82
  • Gnosis of God Most High V114, p354
  • God V5, p16,17; V74, p232
  • Godhead V41, p124; V104, p322; V105, p326
  • is transcendent V105, p324
  • Godward V35, p109
  • Godself V18, p58; V19, p63 (see ‘Adam Kadmon’ also)
  • Grace of God, Divine providence V81, p252 (see ‘providence’ also)
  • is gracious and compassionate V90, p280
  • is gracious and merciful V107, p331
  • hidden God V83, p258
  • the Holy One of Being; enlightenment V17, p56 (see ‘Enlightenment / Liberation’; ’Holy One of Being’ also)
  • image of God-self V18, p58; V19, p63
  • images or forms; self-limitation upon God V83, p259
  • indwelling presence and power of God V109, p335
  • intimate personal relationship with us V90, p280
  • of Israel (Isaiah 45:3) V62, p189
  • is God of wilderness V78, p242
  • Kingdom of God V76, p236
  • souls; some not from kingdom? V49, p147,148
  • ‘God’s (Lord’s) labor of ten thousand years’ past, future are same V79, p245
  • Holy Lamb of God (see ‘Lamb of God’)
  • Light and Glory of the Living God V41, p124; V46, p140; V59, p176
  • Light and Spirit; the moment you return to God; filled with V107, p331
  • Living God V102, p313
  • Logos Sophia V29, p92; V52, p157
  • Son of God V114, p352
  • Lord / Lord God / Lord and Savior (see ‘Lord’)
  • is Love; but love is not God V83, p260
  • Loves you just as you are V107, p330
  • manifestation of V96, p298
  • Master of the house (Lord our God) V64, p198
  • mediation (takes on name and form; link, connection to Him) V90, p280
  • Mother of God is God herself V79, p246
  • Mother is God in creature and Creation V105, p324
  • restore God the Mother and Holy Bride V114 p354
  • Nature awakening; becoming conscious; uniting with Beloved, Lord our God V65, p201
  • Nature (Divine Nature) without connection; live apart from God V100, p308
  • nature of God is to create V11, p35
  • creative self-expression V96, p298
  • God Particles, Holy Sparks V77, p238-241 (see ‘Holy Sparks’; ‘Sparks’ also)
  • God’s Plan (see ‘Purpose’; ‘Will of God / Lord’)
  • Presence (God’s presence) V104, p320 (see ‘Divine presence’ also)
  • promise of; is assured V96, p299 (see ‘Lord:Lord and Savior also)
  • Prophet of (see ‘Great Prophet’; ’Prophet:of God’)
  • Rachel Ve-Hanun! V90, p280
  • Redeem(s)/Redemption (see ‘Redemption’)
  • perfect repose with God; cleaving unto; unites directly with God V90, p281
  • revelation of Divine presence and power of God within and beyond us; death V111, p340
  • Sacred Unity:
  • God is V67, p209
  • we are part of, now V74, p232
  • (see ‘Sacred Unity’ also)
  • seek God for God; holy Light V54, p165
  • self-evident in all of Creation V29, p93
  • self-revelation of God V92, p286
  • Son of God V21, p69; V60, p182; V84, p264
  • Logos V114, p352 (see ‘Logos’ also)
  • Sun of God V76, p236,237; V114, p352
  • Spiritual Sun / Baby Messiah V4, p11,12; V58, p175
  • Spirit of / Light of God:
  • in Creation and all creatures V100, p309
  • creative Spirit of God; whole of Creation, Life; communication of V102, p315
  • does not do for you what God as empowered you to do V94, p293
  • faith more sensitive to V106, p329
  • indwelling Spirit V35, p108; V52, p157; V54, p163; V74, p232
  • indwelling presence and power of God V109, p335
  • Mother Nature is operation of God’s Spirit V85, p266; V96, p298
  • world/universe body animated by V56, p168
  • Transcends Creation V74, p232
  • Truth of God (‘nature’) V60, p179
  • yearning for the Truth, union with God V90, p279
  • Unification with God:
  • consciousness awareness of the Sacred Unity V72, p225 (see ‘Sacred Unity’ also)
  • experience of; state of consciousness; mind V113, p347
  • of oneself with God is state of perfect tzaddik, Master; Realm of No Difference V104, p321
  • Unity in God; spiritual communities V99, p306,307
  • what prevents V103, p317-319
  • Will of God / God’s Will / Lord (see ‘Will of God’)
  • Wisdom of God (nature her soul) V60, p179; V68, p213 (see ‘Word and Wisdom’ also)
  • convention wisdom vs God’s Wisdom V102, p313
  • of God has become flesh V59, p176
  • Word (and Wisdom) of God:
  • V100, p309,310; V102, p315
  • Christos is Word and Wisdom of God V102, p315 (see ‘Christos’ also)
  • foolish to disregard the Word of God V98, p303
  • of God has become flesh V59, p176
  • (see ‘Lord:Word of’ also)
  • (see ‘Ain Sof’; ‘Divine presence’; ‘One-Without-End’; ‘Lord’; ‘Word’ also)

God Particles / Holy Sparks V77, p238-241 (see ‘sparks’; ‘holy sparks’ also)

Gospel (New) of the Cosmic Christ Intro, p-vii (see ‘Christ’; ‘gospel’ also)

Gospel of St. John:

  • raises Lazarus from dead V104, p320
  • 3:13-15; V76, p236
  • 1:1-5 and 14; V77, p240
  • (see ‘John’ also)

Gospel of St. Thomas:

  • “V82 – 88 are among the most esoteric sayings; containing the inmost secret teachings of the Master” V83, p260,261
  • recognizing holy Shekinah V90, p281 (see ‘Shekinah’; ’Thomas’; also)
  • some denying authenticity of (V114) V114, p349


  • Divine Grace:
  • V14, p46; V15, p48; V20 p67; V22, p73; V34, p106; V36, p111; V55, p166; V66, p208; V67, p210; V71, 222; V81, p251; V88, p275; V90, p279; V95, p294; V112, p344
  • accomplishes everything V67, p210; V52, p252
  • accomplish Lord’s Will V71, p222
  • agency of Divine Grace (esoteric wisdom given to holy ones) V81, p251
  • Divine Grace into world via Lord Yeshua; Messiah; Savior V51, p154
  • operation of Divine Grace V90, p279
  • prayer for Divine Grace V74, p232
  • St. Paul messenger of V64, p199 (see ‘Paul’ also)
  • shift into higher state of awareness, creating conditions which Divine Grace can move V67, p210
  • who shall die has not received V61, p184
  • Yoga of Divine Grace; Christ-Spirit V90, p279
  • fall from grace V81, p252
  • Grace upon Grace V41, p126
  • Grace of living presence V104, p322
  • Grace of the Holy Spirit V45, p138 (see ‘Holy Spirit’ also)
  • of the Lord (see ‘Lord’; Yeshua:Lord Yeshua’)
  • manifestation of Divine Grace V112, p344
  • promise of God; Lord; fulfilled through Grace (see ‘Lord:Lord and Savior’ also)
  • salvation through Grace of Yeshua Messiah V112, p342
  • self-discipline, control V45, p137 (see ‘self’ also)
  • selfishness and greed obstruct flow of Divine Grace V95, p294 (see ‘selfishness’ also)
  • soul’s departure from body V37, p114,115 (see ‘afterlife’; ‘death’; ’soul(s)’; also)
  • of Yeshua Messiah V105, p326; V112, p342

Grail (Holy Grail; the heart in which the Lord dwells; Christ-self) V2, p4 (see ‘Christ’ also)


  • false preachers; abundance V60, p181; V95, p294
  • root of what opposes Divine potential is selfishness, greed and fear V98, p304
  • (see ‘selfishness’ also)

Guides / Guidance (see ‘Teacher:Tau, Guide(s)’)

Great Prophet (embodies soul of Messiah) V65, p202-204 (see ‘prophet of God’ also)

Great transformation (see ‘transformation’)

greater metanoia V53, p160

greater purpose (see ‘purpose’)

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