This index, is based on full content of “The Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas
by, Tau Malachi – Organized and Submitted by, Tim Culwell (Guest Author)

This Index has been compiled out of the deep appreciation of the author and the book. We hope it will serve all to search and find portions while in study of this wonderful book.

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Faith / faithful:

  • abide in faith, hope, love; surrender to Spirit of the Lord V71, p222
  • is faith is active agent in Divine power V106, p329
  • in Anointed One of God V76, p236; V77, p238
  • sacred awareness emerges V88, p275
  • beginning of enlightenment V34, p105 (see ‘enlightenment / liberation’ also)
  • more than believing V29, p93
  • in Christ; hope; future in; Body of Light V71, p221 (see ‘body:body of Light also)
  • in death and resurrection of Yeshua Messiah V67, p209 (see ‘resurrection’ also)
  • emergence of faith within me V90, p279
  • essential; brings forth Gnosis; gate to salvation; spiritual power; gifts V48, p145
  • faithful and elect; working together V95, p292; V96, p299; V99, p307 (see ‘Teacher:Elect’ also)
  • fruit of faith is presence of awareness; intuition of an experience V78, p244
  • genuine faith; true Gnosis; master’s promise V67, p209
  • and gnosis of Holy Light within; Neshamah V77, p239
  • gnosis in indwelling Spirit of the Messiah V66, p207 (see ‘Messiah:Spirit of’ also)
  • in Holy One of Being; indwelling Spirit of Holy One V107, p331
  • gnostic faith; “sense of the mystery”; “an intuition of an experience not yet had”; Intro, p-ix; V12, p39; V25, p82
  • Gnostic Christian faith V88, p275
  • faith in God V106, p328
  • Divine potential of self V36, p111
  • is a great and awesome magic-power V106, p329
  • how I respond in any given situation; activity; directly reflects upon my faith V100, p310
  • is a holy remembrance V106, p329
  • imperfection of faith when outside differs from inside V89, p278
  • influx of Supernal Light; term ‘faithful’ V112, p343
  • is “an intuition of an experience not yet had” V89, p277; V106, p329
  • key of faith and gnosis V50, p151
  • knowledge of indwelling Christ-Spirit V67, p209 (see ‘Christ:Christ Spirit’ also)
  • lack of; ignorance; pride; arrogance V62, p190
  • in Lord Yeshua; Lady Mary equally important V114, p352
  • magic-power; great and awesome V106, p329
  • manifestation of the prophetic Spirt V78, p244
  • of Messianic Consciousness V62, p192 (see ‘Consciousness’; ‘Messianic Consciousness’ also)
  • new faith; into gnosis V36, p112
  • noble faith; belief with understanding V64, p200
  • in one’s own soul of Light V112, p342
  • become openness, sensitivity; complete surrender; true gnosis V62, p189
  • against opposition; blessing upon soul V68, p214
  • those in opposition can be established in the Light V77, p241
  • promise of Lord and Savior; part of faith and spiritual hope V94, p292
  • assured through faith V96, p299
  • in Spirit of the Messiah V50, p150; V61, p184 (see ‘Messiah’ also)
  • spiritual practice and living V88, p275; V94, p293 (see ‘Spiritual practice’ also)
  • strong in faith; distinguishing good from evil V98, p303
  • action that breaks down faith in goodness / God is work of evil V98, p303
  • being put to the test; rite of passage; faith; Spirit of God V61, p187
  • in Word of the Lord; liberated V70, p218
  • (see ‘enlightenment / liberation’; ‘gnosis’; ‘test’; ’trust’ also)

fall (fall from Grace) V81, p252


  • idols; what others think of us V36, p112
  • false self-identification; cords V50, p150
  • renouncing false claims V110, p338


  • mother, father not your mother, father; child of God/Light V55, p167
  • soul / spiritual; family of your soul vs family you share a blood tie V99, p305


  • need for self-purification V104, p320 (see ‘Self:self-purification’ also)
  • world, not starvation V27, p87
  • (see ‘sabbath’ also)


  • ascend; right hand of the Father V70, p217; V96, p299
  • image of the Father V83, p260
  • the Father is God; Godhead transcendent V105, p324
  • Human One (image of Father) V83, p260
  • kingdom of the Father V96, p298
  • Living Father; must receive our authority from; is perfect V105, p324
  • soul of Yeshua Messiah ascended into V114, p352
  • Our Father is God Most High; One Being-consciousness force V105, p324
  • sign of the father; see verse quote V50, p149
  • (see ‘Mother-Father’ also)

Father-Mother (see ‘Mother-Father’)


  • leading to anger; leads to hatred V101, p311
  • root of what opposes Divine potential is selfishness, greed and fear V98, p304
  • (see ‘darkness’ also)

Feminine: Divine Feminine / Divine Masculine:

  • female and male aspects must be made co-equal and complete V106, p329
  • Feminine (Divine Feminine is Holy COSMIC Christ Consciousness) V79, p245-247
  • gospel must address distance between; restore God the Mother and Holy Bride V114 p354
  • in holy Kabbalah; female means receptivity, receiving; male means sharing, imparting, giving V114, p351
  • Living Father, Mother Spirit, Creativity Child; create Merkabah) V105, p3230-327
  • (see ‘Merkabah / Merkavah’; ‘Mother’ also)


  • threefold baptism; consecrated; initiation of fire; to pass through gate of the kingdom V82, p255 (see ‘baptism’; ‘consecrated’; ‘threefold’ also)
  • fiery intelligence brought down to earth V105, p326; V112, p343
  • influence of soul of Light; Divine gifts of V112, p344
  • Holy fire:
  • Atzilut is universe of holy fire V83, p260 (see ‘Atzilut’ also)
  • consuming fire; burning bush; Lord is a consuming fire V82, p254
  • different forms (3) of holy fire or Divine power V82, p256
  • Digestive fire; to illuminating and spiritual fire
  • Spiritual nuclear fire; most secret holy fire via Holy Spirit
  • Threefold (YHVH); (see ‘Tetragrammaton’; ‘YHVH’ also)
  • of Pentecost / holy fire; descent of the Shekinah / true dawn of Christ-consciousness V70, p219
  • of the Spirit; for protection V103, p318,319 (see ‘protection’ also)
  • as transformation V82, p254
  • Spiritual:
  • nuclear fire V10, p33
  • spiritual power symbol V10, p32,33; V57, p171,172; V66, p208
  • Threefold fire (reflected in YHVH Tetragrammaton) V82, p256 (see ‘Tetragrammaton’ also)
  • Threefold Fire / Flame (meditation) V82, p254-257
  • (see ‘flame’; ‘holy sparks’; ‘nuclear fire / force’; ‘Threefold’ also)

Fish (big fish) V8 p26


  • holy flame of consciousness V81, p252
  • Threefold Fire / Flame (meditation) V82, p254-257
  • (see ‘fire’; ‘holy sparks’; ‘meditation’; ‘Threefold’ also)

Flow(s) (see ‘Spiritual flows’; ‘Sefirot’)

Five Medicine Wheels (lines up all 5) V112, p341-344

Five holy Sefirot / 5 trees V12, p39

force (see ‘supernal force’)

forces (see ‘Cosmic forces’; ’darkness’)

Forgive / Forgiveness:

  • forgive self, others; as God forgives you V107, p330,331
  • self-forgiveness V26, p85
  • (see ‘self’; ‘self-purification’ also)

Free / Freedom:

  • free; recognize bondage first V51, p153
  • lack of V35, p108
  • from world, illusion V56, p169
  • renouncing; leads to increased freedom to be oneself V110, p338
  • (see ‘enlightenment/liberation’ also)

Free will:

  • God-given; how to exercise it V35, p108; V57, p172
  • actively aspire with power of V90, p279
  • knowledge of good and evil (free will choice) V57, p172
  • will of God; covenant V65, p204
  • (see ‘Will of God / Lord’ also)

frequencies / vibration V62, p191 (see ‘consciousness’; ‘levels’ also)


  • divine revelation of Christos to fruition V114, p353
  • fruit of faith is presence of awareness; intuition of an experience V78, p244
  • holy fruition V112, p342
  • Holy Spirit; fruition of God’s Creation in conscious union with Him V96, p298
  • subtle dimension accomplished, embodied in physical/material for ‘fruition’ V63, p194
  • Supernal Light into world; within Creation and matter; bring all creatures to fruition to God V77, p240
  • (see ‘manifestation’ also)

Fulfillment / Divine fulfillment / fullness:

  • must actively live in Divine Life to depart with Divine fullness V97, p301
  • God needs a divine humanity for fulfillment and completion V92, p288
  • lies within individuality; gate to universal and transcendental consciousness V87, p272 (see ‘transcendental’ and ‘universal consciousness’ also)
  • need for others and community for greater fulfillment V99, p307
  • one who is like unto holy fire; great blessing; Divine fulfillment V82, p255
  • promise of God fulfilled through Grace V96, p299
  • Ruach; higher intelligence; true self; fulfillment V87, p271 (see ‘Ruach’ also)

fundamentalism (see ‘christianity’; ‘church’)


  • Self (No-Self) V17, p57; V47, p142,143 (see ‘self’ also)
  • future self is present self in Christ V81, p253
  • God’s labor of ten thousand years; master speaks of V79, p245,246


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