This index, is based on full content of “The Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas
by, Tau Malachi – Organized and Submitted by, Tim Culwell (Guest Author)

This Index has been compiled out of the deep appreciation of the author and the book. We hope it will serve all to search and find portions while in study of this wonderful book.

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Da’at (Divine parents of) V105, p325

damnation (eternal damnation) V44, p135 (see ‘heaven/hell’ also)

Dark / Darkness:

  • astral body; emotions; attract V53, p160
  • anger/hatred V55, p164; V103, p317 (see ‘hate / hatred’ also)
  • beginning of V60, p180
  • brigands; gates of sin V103, p318
  • Cannot exist (Awareness; Sacred Unity) V80, p249 (see ‘Awareness’; ‘Sacred Unity’ also)
  • child /children of darkness:
  • V16, 51,52; V57, p171
  • ignorance; child of darkness; potential; must be awakened V49, p148; V51, p152; V65, p202
  • cut off from the Neshama; another spirit takes possession of person V70, p218
  • cosmic ignorance; secret op of Holy Spirit V60, p180; V68, p213 (see ‘cosmic forces:of ignorance’ also)
  • dark night of the soul V2, p6; V69, p216 (see ‘soul’ also)
  • dark and hostile forces V98, p303; V103, p318
  • demonic forces (demons):
  • V86, p270; V103, p318
  • embodies demonic forces (Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer) V98, p304
  • Master accused of being demon possessed V105, p323
  • inner demons V98, p302
  • of anger and rage V103, p318
  • Devil:
  • power of ignorance V35, p109
  • only real devil is ignorance V114, p353
  • teachings on St. Mary Magdalene; blasphemy; inspired by V114, p353,354
  • dominion:
  • of the evil one; hatred V101, p311
  • over all cosmic and spiritual forces; magical arts V72, p224; V81, p251
  • (see ‘cosmic forces’; ‘magic’; ‘Divine Power’; ‘theurgy’ also)
  • Yeshua Messiah given dominion over V77, p238
  • over this world V21, p71
  • over you? based upon inner affinity in vibration within own thoughts and emotions V98, p303
  • enmity with God; friendship with ‘world’ V60, p181 (see ‘world/worldly’ also)
  • Evil:
  • action that breaks down faith in goodness; God is work of evil V98, p303
  • discernment; discriminating awareness of V91, p285 (see ‘discernment’ also)
  • evil inclination V45, p136; V60, p179; V98, p303; V107, p331
  • gossip; injury to all involved V98, p304
  • hatred leading to dominion of the evil one V101, p311
  • roots of evil; circumcise heart of V53, p159
  • rebellion of God’s Will; self-isolating; self-destructive V65, p204,205
  • wanting evil one, enemy to burn in hell; ignorance thinks like that V107, p331
  • ‘way of world / world’, self-cherishing V60, p181 (see ‘Self:cherishing’ also)
  • fallen angels; Lucifer V107, p331
  • harlot Rahab; from darkness became shining star V64, p199
  • intoxication; ignorance; selfishness; unconsciousness V28, p89-90; V60, p179; V61, p187
  • klippots V58, p175 (see ‘klippots’ also)
  • klippotic forces V103, p318
  • Light (within) Darkness:
  • dark recognizes light V10, p34
  • Light and Dark (joined) V2, p6
  • Lord brings down Light liberating Divine sparks V77, p240 (see ‘Divine Sparks’ also)
  • Lord cannot abide in negativity/darkness V62, p190
  • (see ‘darkness’; ‘Light’ also)
  • magicians; dark V112, p344
  • opposition to the Light (powers of Darkness, ignorance, forgetfulness; yet all who receive word of the Lord invited to the Light) V77, p241
  • persecution; convicting of ignorance; so not satisfied to remain in Darkness (dark nights of the soul) V69, p216
  • purification; severing all links with dark and hostile forces V98, p302 (see ‘Purification’ also)
  • sitra ahara (cutting off; the inclination to evil) V98, p302
  • spiritual being-forces hinder, obstruct soul’s passage V50, p151
  • Struggle with Light V65, p202
  • times we live in (dark; degenerate; potential for conscious evolution) V63, p193
  • view of the world (meaning; references) V60, p180
  • why Lord allows demonic forces/darkness to remain V57, p172
  • (see ‘devil’; ‘klippots’ also)

David V61, p184

Day of Reckoning:

  • V51, p153,154; V57, p172; V61, p184
  • dead / living dead; (the dead wander aimlessly) V51, p152,153
  • bring harm to dead by binding to; Lord ministers to dead in Sheol V51, p155
  • small case ‘day of reckoning V57, p169,170-172
  • for whole of humanity and world V47, p171
  • (see ‘death’; ‘rebirth’; ‘resurrection’ also)


  • children of darkness V51, p152
  • day of reckoning (small case reference) V57, p170
  • devil of forgetfulness V18, p60
  • Divine destiny fulfilled V8, p26
  • faith in death and resurrection of Yeshua Messiah V67, p209
  • gate of death V61, p184
  • holy fire appears to those not like unto it; as death V82, p255
  • experience of dying; one stage apocalyptic visions arise V111, p339
  • Lord and Savior (reason; worldly interests; egotism) V60, p181
  • material body decomposes; Nefesh disintegrates if not joined to Neshamah V112, p341
  • Mystical death (precedes a resurrection) V2, p6; V16, p53; V37 p113; V47, p142; V50, p149
  • mystical death/rebirth V37, p113
  • Nefesh and Ruach are taken up; integrated into Neshamah V112, p342
  • one’s Nefesh is departing world; world ceases to exist V111, p339
  • has never existed V3, p10; V111, p340
  • no more; no more need for incarnation; Intro p-xii; V1, p2; V2, p6
  • when Neshamah attained V112, p342
  • possessions V54, p163
  • master’s promise; discovering meaning of sayings, will not experience death V67, p209
  • shift in consciousness V11, p36
  • sorrowful souls who depart empty V97, p300
  • soul sheds garment/body; out of body experience; meditation at death V37; p113,114
  • soul transitions (death is not the end) V84, p262
  • die in Christ-consciousness; no death; transition to higher plane of existence V111, p340
  • vital recoil; potentials of experiences at time of death, transition V63, p194
  • what is sown, reaped, taken with; V63, p193
  • what is death (loss of consciousness, forgetfulness) V61, p183
  • (see ‘afterlife’; ’darkness’; ’transition’; also)

degrees (enlightenment Lord speaks of has many levels or degrees) V81, p251 (see ‘levels’ also)

demon / demonic / demonic forces (see ‘cosmic forces of ignorance’; ‘darkness’)


  • V55, p165,166
  • reception of Neshamah; descent of holy Shekinah from upper world; rite of bridal chamber V70, p219
  • (see ‘ascend/descend’ also)


  • holy desire; must desire Christ-spirit, Lord, spiritual gifts; to receive and to share V69, p216; V73, p227-230
  • (see ‘Christ:Spirit’ also)

destiny (Divine destiny; God’s Plan; potential) V65, p204 (see ‘purpose’; ‘life’ also)


  • seeing with detachment V45, p137
  • spiritual detachment V42, p128,129

devekut (not every soul able to attain perfect devekut) V90, p280

development (see ‘evolve’)

devil (see ‘darkness:devil’)


  • holistic dimension; worldliness V102, p315 (see ‘world’ also)
  • inner dimensions:
  • of realtity-truth-continuum (open after death) V84, p262 (see ‘death’ also)
  • thinking prevents V75, p233
  • magical, mystical dimension of teaching; prayer; prophetic prayer V72, p225 (see ‘prayer’ also)
  • levels of; physical universe / senses; of reality V62, p191
  • Light of Adam Kadmon brought down through various levels / dimensions; physical, material V83, p260
  • maggidim and tzaddikim appear in material dimension V84, p264
  • psychic and spiritual dimensions; evolution of V69, p216
  • subtle dimension (holy ones or angels appearing) V73, p228; V84, p264
  • Supramundane dimensions (of life) V27, p87
  • worlds within worlds; universes within universes; existing at same time, different dimensions V113, p347
  • (see ‘consciousness’; ‘frequency(s)’; ‘levels’; ‘vibrations’ also)

disease / dis-ease:

  • mental-emotional dis-ease (anger; temper; rage) V103, p318
  • (see ‘body’; ’darkness’; ‘hatred’ also)

discernment / discrimination:

  • V93, p290,291
  • between good-evil; lesson V65, p205; V91, p285; V98, p303
  • (see ‘faith’; ‘test’ also)

Disciple(s) / Discipleship (see ‘Teacher:Disciple’)

Divine authority (see ‘authority’; ’Will of God’)

Divine center:

  • Energy in head / ‘star in your brow’ V55, p165
  • secret and Divine center V87, p271, 272

Divine energy (gifts; spiritual, material, psychic; gifts of Spirit) V96, p296

Divine Feminine / Divine Masculine (Living Father / Mother Spirit / Creativity Child; create Merkabah) V105, p325 (see ‘Merkabah’; ‘Merkavah’ also)

Divine fullness V84, p263; V87, p271, 272; V97, p301 (see ‘fulfillment’; ‘life’; ’purpose’ also)

Divine Grace (see ‘Grace’)

Divine Human (see ‘Adam Kadman’; ’Human’; ’Primordial Human Being’)

Divine Humanity:

  • enlightened society; bring down upon earth; Divine presence V85, p267
  • God needs a divine humanity for fulfillment and completion V92, p288
  • (see ‘human’ also)

Divine illumination (see ‘illumination’)

Divine image (see ‘image’)

Divine intervention (see ‘intervention)

Divine life (see ‘Life:Divine life’)

Divine labor / labor:

  • V90, p281; V96, p299; V100, p309,310; V114, p353
  • Christ the Sophia; waits holy day of divine labor in humanity V114 p353
  • death; uncertainty; but can labor to dissolve self-identity to generate new self-identity with my Neshamah V111, p339
  • Holy Spirit is laboring for you enlightenment V107, p332
  • of the soul; development and evolution V112, p344

Divine (Spiritual) Law V97, p301

Divine Love (see ‘Love’)

Divine Mind:

  • the mind of Christ V2, p5
  • Perfect Thunder Mind / no-mind / Gnosis mind V17, p55
  • (see ‘Christ’ also)

Divine Mother (see ‘Mother:Divine Mother’)

Divine Nature (see ‘God’; ’nature’)

Divine Potential:

  • V29, p93; V34, p106; V84, p265; V86, p270; V87, p271; V88, p274; V98, p304; V106, p328; V112, p343
  • child of Light V49, p148
  • dark times we live; more potential for conscious evolution V63, p193
  • Divine spark awakening V112, p343
  • exists within humanity V106, p328
  • God’s plan; fruit of Creation V65, p204
  • holy fire is within you V82, p256 (see ‘fire’ also)
  • physical senses; universe, vibrations, frequencies V62, p191
  • Divine possibilities V106, p329


Divine Power(s):

  • awakened; to be awakened in us, our soul and Divine self V105, p328
  • belongs solely to God V81, p253
  • death; Divine presence and power of God within and beyond us V111, p340
  • faith is active agent in V106, p329
  • one holy fire of the Lord; Divine power; Divine presence V82, p254 (see ‘Divine presence’ also)
  • prayer:
  • invoke; ask; become channels, vehicles for Divine presence / powers; Will of Lord; God’s Will V73, p228,229
  • mystical prayer; prophetic meditation V88, p274
  • (see ‘prayer’; ‘Will:of God’ also)
  • purify and protect self as channel of Divine presence, power V94, p293
  • comes with self-realization in Christ V89, p277 (see ‘self:self-realization’ also)
  • spiritual flow of Divine powers; Adam Kadmon, Atzilut, Beriyah, Yetzirah, Asiyah V19, p63
  • when two or more are gathered together in the name of the Holy One; 2=Pillars of Initiation; 3=Triangle of Manifestation; 4=Foundation of the Temple of Light; Through 13) V30, p95,96
  • within us from above V85, p267; V96, p299
  • (see ‘Divine Power’; ‘Divine presence’; ‘God’; ‘Lord’; ‘magic’; ‘Power(s):Creative’ also)

Divine presence:

  • bring down Divine presence through new Divine humanity V85, p257
  • become channel of V90, p281 (see ‘channel’ also)
  • death; Divine presence and power of God within and beyond us V111, p340
  • God’s presence; what prevents unification with V104, p320
  • Holy Spirit; upon world V96, p299
  • matrix of V79 p245 (see ‘matrix’ also)
  • profane vs natural world; filled with or manifestation of Divine presence V80, p248
  • threefold fire; only one holy fire of the Lord (Divine power) V82, p254
  • tzaddik can demonstrate under right conditions V109, p336
  • (see ‘Divine Power’ also)

Divine pride (see ‘pride’)

Divine providence:

  • we determine the balance of V73, p228
  • spiritual wealthy, by Grace of God, Divine providence V81, p252

Divine revelation (see ‘Revelation’)

Divine self (see ‘Self:Divine’)

Divine (holy) Sparks (see ‘fire’; ‘Holy sparks’; ‘God:God particles’)

Divine Theurgy V72, p223-225 (see ‘Divine Power’; ‘magic’; ‘power(s)’ also)

Divine vision V84, p263 (see ‘life’; ’purpose’ also)

doctrine (see ‘church’; ‘christian / christianity’)

dogmatic (see ‘christian / christianity’; ‘church’)

Doves (symbol purity, peace, flight) V39, p121

dualistic / duality:

  • dualistic condition; preventing unification with God’s presence V104, p320
  • dualistic state; struggle between Light / Dark V65, p202
  • dualism in our minds; mental beings V100, p308

Dust: Star dust (see ‘star dust’; ‘matter’)

duty (to life, light, love and liberty) V100, p309 (see ‘purpose’ also)


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