This index, is based on full content of “The Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas
by, Tau Malachi – Organized and Submitted by, Tim Culwell (Guest Author)

This Index has been compiled out of the deep appreciation of the author and the book. We hope it will serve all to search and find portions while in study of this wonderful book.

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Ma’aseh Merkavah V83, p259; (see ‘Merkavah’; ‘Merkabah’ also)

Magdalene, St. Mary:

    • consort of the Master; personification of the Shekinah below V17, p57; V22, p74
    • Lady Mary:
      • V65, p202
      • behold incarnation of Sophia V76, p237
    • sacred trust of inmost secret wisdom V11, p38
    • (see ‘Sophia’; ’Mother: Mary’ also)

Maggidim (see ‘Teacher’)


  • magic power / divine theurgy V72, p223-225
  • divine magic; nature of V113, p348
  • (see ‘power(s)’; ‘Divine Power’ also)

Magical display V3, p8


  • secret among elect: Keter is in Malkut, Malkut is in Keter V77, p240
  • the kingdom of heaven V3, p8; V20, p66; V32, p101
  • (see ‘Keter’ also)

Man: Son of Man (re: Faith in Anointed One o God) V76, p235; (see ‘human / human being’ also

manifestation (see ‘fruition’)

Map (of Inner Self) V87, p271-273; (see ‘self’ also)

Mary (see ‘Mother’; ‘Magdalene’)

Masculine: Divine Feminine / Divine Masculine (see ‘Divine Feminine / Divine Masculine)

Master (see ‘Tau’ / ‘teacher’; ‘gnostic masters’; ‘Yeshua’)

material / materialism V65, p203; (see ‘spiritual-material’; ‘money-power’ also)

Immortality / Material Form (the Divine Soul and Self gives the material form) V56, p168; V85, p267


  • body and life becoming the matrix of the Divine presence and power V79, p245
  • Cosmic matrix (see ‘body: Body of Light’ / ‘Human body’)
  • of Creation; re: Holy Mother V79, p246; (see ‘Mother’ also)
  • re: matrix of disciples; logos V76, p237; (see ‘Teacher: disciples’; ‘logos’ also)
  • Human Body (is Cosmic Matrix) V80, p248-250
  • Jacob’s Ladder V5, p16,17. (see ‘Ladder of Lights’ also)
  • validation of; left out CHRIST for safety purposes; NOW add CHRIST; I AM V105, p323, V106, p328

matter (re: bringing forth Supernal Light from within Creation and matter itself) V77, p240; (see ‘Supernal Light’ also)


  • advanced stages of V37, p113
  • explanation V21, p69
  • holy meditation; unite with Spirit, Soul, gnosis mind – Messiah V21, p69; V45, p138
  • importance of V37, p114
  • necessary for prophetic levels of consciousness; awareness V67, p210; (see ‘awareness’; ‘levels’; ‘consciousness’ also)
  • Master teaches profound meditation V80, p248
  • prophetic meditation V39, p121; V62, p192; V72, p225
  • entering into Sacred Unity V67, p210; V80, p249; (see ‘Sacred Unity’; ‘God’ also)
  • 3 supernal Divine names – Holy letters V105, p326
  • re: holy threefold fire of Melchizedek V82, p256; (see ‘fire’; ‘flame’ also)
  • Tzaddikim, maggidim, respond to prayers and meditation V73, p228


Three fold order of Melchizidek V12, p39; (holy order of; secret entrance into) V18, p59

Melchizidek (initiations) V32, p101

Merkabah / Merkavah:

  • Intro, p-xv; V19, p64; V83, p259,260
  • how to ascend on; V50, p151; (see ‘ascension / ascend’ also)
  • Ma’aseh Merkavah V83, p259
  • secret: rider of Merkarvah V41, p126
  • journey of Merkavah; secret teachings of Ma’aseh Merkavah V42, p129
  • re: creative power Godward moves Merkavah in ascent V53, p159; (see ‘ascend’ also)

Messengers (continuums; links to God’s plan) V65, p204; V68, p213; (priest-king) V66, p206; (see ‘apostles’; ‘teacher: disciples’ also)

Messianic Consciousness V7, p23; V10, p33; V11, p36; V17, p55; V25, p82; V28, p90; V34, p106; V57, p173; V66, p207; V67, p209; V74, p232. (see ‘consciousness’ also)


  • Birth of (ever present event) V79, p245
  • body and blood of V76, p236
  • coming of (reason for) V60, p182
  • Divine human potential V29, p93 (see ‘Divine Potential’ also)
  • gnosis is fruition of salvation in Spirit of the Messiah V48, p145
  • initiation into Spirt of V66, p207; (first initiation; disciples; received Neshamah in full) V70, p218
  • is power of Life; the Light awareness V75, p233
  • repose (in Spirit of the Messiah) V50, p149,150
  • risen Messiah V70, p218; V71, p222
  • Second Coming (see ‘Second Coming)
  • Soul of Messiah:
    • V25, p82; V30, p96; V41, p125; V46, p139,140; V62, p192; V64, p197; V65, p201; V70, p217; V77, p239; V82, p256
    • higher soul of Moshenu V46, p139
    • re: holy mysteries; new covenant; esoteric wisdom V71, p220
    • holy sacrifice; great soul embodying soul of; Life and Liberty V77, p239
    • incarnate as male and female in the world V76, p237
    • Light-force of the soul of Messiah is within; all around V82, p256
    • re: mysteries, kingdom of heaven and soul of V62, p192; V76, p236
    • (see ‘soul’ also)
  • Spirit of The Messiah:
    • V30, p96; V4, p12; V7, p23; V8, p26; V10, p33,34; V11, p36; V14, p41; V14, p45; V15, p48; V46, p140; V47, p142,143; V59, p176; V61, p183; V64, p198; V70, p217; V73, p227; (present with, and within you)
    • children in Spirit of V64, p198
    • incarnation of V62, p192
    • re: karmic vision; obstruction of V66, p206,207
    • re: redemption for Nature, humanity V61, p187
  • Supernal Light IS Spirit of Messiah V18, p60
  • (see ‘soul’; ‘Yeshua Messiah’ also)

greater metanoia V53, p160; V34, p106; V45, p138

metaphysical (re: teachings on metaphysical order; inner dimensions; reality-truth-continuum) V62, p192

Divine Mind / the mind of Christ V2, p5; (Perfect Thunder Mind / no-mind / Gnosis mind) V17, p55; (see ‘Christ’ also)

minister / ministry (re: of the Lord; ‘we’ are ministers) V61, p186,187; V73, p228,229

Mohammed (see ‘prophet: Mohammed’)

money power (a service to something greater) V54, p162

Moses (prophet analogy) V26, p85; (re: lifted up serpent in the wilderness) V76, p236

Mother: Holy Mother / Mother Mary / Mother-Father / Father-Mother:

  • heavenly Father V67, p210; (is hidden cause of Creation) V79, p246
  • Holy Mother:
    • rebirths us as royal heirs V81, p253
    • Who is Holy Mother?; Life and Light of world V79, p246
  • Lord God is V55, p167; (see ‘Lord’; ‘God’ also)
  • Mother-Father V40, p122,123; V64, p198
  • Our Mother (is the Holy Spirit; the One-Life power; Aima) V105, p324,425
  • reposing in; ascension V50, p151,154; V70, p217
  • Mother Mary:
    • personification of the upper Shekinah V17, p57
    • holy state of virginity; Mother Mary’s blessings are our blessings V79, p245
    • Joseph/Mother Mary relationship) V22, p74
  • (see ‘Holy Spirit / Mother Spirit’; ‘Magdalene’ ‘Shekinah’ also)

Mother Spirit / Holy Spirit V105, p323,324; (see ‘Spirit: Holy Spirit’ also)

Mother Wisdom:

  • re: baptism is womb of V47, p142; (see ‘baptism’; ‘womb’ also)
  • the virgin mother of all the Christed or enlightened ones V1, p1; V15, p47; V29, p93; V105, p324; (see ‘Mother: Mary, Spirit’; ’virgin’ also)

Mount Sinai (God reveals secret wisdom) V25, p82


  • Holy Mystery:
    • Keys of, Way of V39, p120; V51, p154; V62, p189-192; V71, p220; V72, p224; V77, p239; V787, 242; V79, p246; (see ‘keys’ also)
  • in crucifixion; only surface / outer – inner level; mysteries within mysteries V77, p239
  • of God and Creation V62, p189
  • of Neshama, indwelling Christ-spirit V76, p235-237; (see ‘Neshama’; ‘Christ’ also)
  • re: prophets, apostles reveal mysteries – how would receive knowledge of mysteries; of kingdom of heaven and soul of the Messiah V62, p192; V76, p236

Mystery School (mystical order) V23, p75

mystical body (re: mystical body of the Holy One) V78, p243; (see ‘body’; ‘Holy One’ also)

Mystical Christianity (see ‘Christianity’)

mystical, magical, practical Kabbalah (see ‘Kabbalah’)

mystical path V69, p215,216; V78, p243; (see ‘path(s)’; ‘soul: path’; ‘enlightenment/liberation’ also)

mystical prayer V39, p121; V62, p192; V73, p227-229; (see ‘prayer’; ‘meditation’ also)

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