This index, is based on full content of “The Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas
by, Tau Malachi – Organized and Submitted by, Tim Culwell (Guest Author)

This Index has been compiled out of the deep appreciation of the author and the book. We hope it will serve all to search and find portions while in study of this wonderful book.

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Nature / Mother Nature:

  • Body evolves through the agency of a great power; Mother Nature V85, p266
  • Divine nature:
  • Neshamah is the bornless and Divine nature V112, p342
  • without contact; live apart from God V100, p308
  • manifestation of God’s Spirit; self-expression V96, p298
  • laws; same with spiritual life as any other expression of life; nature V97, p301
  • Master in meditations in Nature and upon Nature V80, p250; (see ‘meditation’; ’Teacher:Master’ also)
  • Master teaches purpose of humanity in material world; Nature: awakening, conscious, uniting with Beloved V65, p201
  • spiritual; Neshama V51, p152; V59, p178 (see ‘Neshamah’ also)
  • Word of Lord-spirit; Wisdom of God-soul V60, p179

nearness (Atzilut) V83, p260 (see ‘Atzilut’ also)

Nefesh (the earthly / vital soul V70, p218):

  • V49, p147; V70, p218; V87, p271; V97, p300; V104, p322; V111, p339;V112, p341
  • bestial or earthly soul (see ‘Soul:bestial’)
  • grows and evolves V96, p298
  • is departing world at death V111, p339
  • parable of woman, Nefesh, without Ruach, Neshama, distracted; empty V97, p300
  • personality; physical body; surface of being V87, p271
  • unless joined to Neshama through agency of Rauch; disintegrates V112, p341
  • vital soul or desire nature V7, 22
  • (see ‘soul:3 aspects/levels’; ‘soul:nefesh’ also)

Nefesh Behamit (the bestial soul) V7, p22; V8, p25; V22, p73; V45, p138; V48, p144

Nefesh Elokit (godly soul) V7, p22,23; V8, p25; V22, p73; V24, p78; V45, p138; V48, p144


  • transforming negativity; V26, p85 (see ‘self-purification’)
  • negativity and karma V69, p215
  • (see ‘darkness’ also)

Neshamah / Holy Neshamah (the supernal heavenly soul):

  • V7, p23; V14, p45; V22, p73; V28, p91; V49, p147; V61, p183; V63, p195; V70, p218; V76, p235; V77, p239; V85, p267; V87, p271; V91, p285; V96, p298; V97, p300; V100, p308; V104, p322; V105, p326; V111, p339; V112, p341,342
  • at highest level is at-one with soul of the Messiah V112, p342
  • is bornless and Divine nature V112, p342
  • death; ignorance or enlightenment experience of Neshamah V111, p339
  • is one who descends from heaven; ascent with herself into heaven V76, p236
  • Divine nature (bornless) is also Neshamah V111, p339,340
  • Divine soul; see through soul; V91, p284,285 (see ‘Soul:Divine soul’ also)
  • faith and gnosis in Holy Light within (Neshamah) V77, p239
  • true Gnosis V41, p125
  • Hyyah; Life-power within holy Neshamah V105, p326
  • Holy Neshama; be my Holy Neshamah “Living One” V59, p178; V37; p115
  • holy woman is your Neshamah V96, p298
  • is ever near; kingdom of heaven V51, p154
  • She is Light, Life, Love and Liberty V76, p235
  • literal meaning; ‘living soul’ or ‘living breath’ V70,p 218
  • neither male nor female V53, p159
  • One-Without-End, ‘Nothing’ V76, p235 (see ‘One-Without-End’ also)
  • parable of woman, Nefesh, without Ruach, Neshamah, distracted; empty V97, p300
  • reception of; descent of holy Shekinah; holy rite of bridal chamber; apostolic succession V70, p219
  • takes your Ruach and Nefesh into herself; unite with Lord V76, p236
  • and Christ-Spirit brings supernal consciousness-force V85, p267
  • supernal heavenly soul V87, p271
  • without contact; live apart from God V100, p308
  • (see ‘Nefesh’; ‘Ruach’; ‘soul:3 aspects/levels’; ‘supernal consciousness-force’ also)

New Jerusalem (see ‘Jerusalem’)

Nothing (holy Neshamah; One-Without-End) V76, p235 (see ‘Neshamah’; ‘One-Without-End’ also)


  • in Kabbalah novice disciple or initiate is female V114, p351 (see ‘Kabbalah’ also)

Now (Now! is the time; Ruach; Neshamah; Kingdom of Heaven) V63, p195

Nuclear fire / force:

  • secret center of every particle of matter is spiritual nuclear force V77, p240
  • spiritual nuclear fire V10, p33
  • spiritual nuclear fire is secret source of every other form of fire V82, p256
  • spiritual nuclear force V17, p55; V20, p65
  • (see ‘Fire’; ‘Flame’ also)

Number (teaching by number; see ‘Teaching:Numbers’)

Number 26 / Tetragrammaton V52, p156

Nun (Hebrew letter) V8, p27

——— O

Old covenant (see ‘covenant’)

One Being-consciousness force, Our Father; is God Most High V105, p324

One-Life power; Our Mother, the Holy Spirit V105, p324

One-Who-Delivers V45, p138

One-Without-End (Ain Sof) V2, p5; V76, p235; V83, p258,259; V92, p286 (see ‘Ain Sof’; ‘God’; ’Holy One’; ‘Nothing’; ‘Neshamah’ also)

Ordained / Ordination:

  • disciple and apostle of Anointed One bears threefold ordination V93, p290
  • esoteric wisdom given by Lord our God to holy ones; ordained V81, p253
  • God sends Spirit of the Messiah to ordain prophets, apostles, saints and sages as mediation V90, p280
  • (see ‘holy ones’; ’wisdom’ also)


  • esoteric order V105, p323
  • Divine order:
  • V105, p323
  • soul of Light comes from V112, p343
  • (see ‘Christian’; ‘Church’; ‘Gnostic’; ‘Gnosticism’ also)


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