This index, is based on full content of “The Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas
by, Tau Malachi – Organized and Submitted by, Tim Culwell (Guest Author)

This Index has been compiled out of the deep appreciation of the author and the book. We hope it will serve all to search and find portions while in study of this wonderful book.

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Tabernacle (first tabernacle in wilderness; earthly temple; worship) V71, p220

Talmud (rabbis tell one must purify oneself) V98, p302

Tau (see ‘Teacher:Tau’)

Tau Miriam Intro, p-xii

Teacher ~ Student:

Apostle – Disciple – Elect – Guides – Initiate – Messenger – Master – Prophets – Teacher ~ Tau – Tzaddik:

(see ‘Saints-Sages’ also)


  • as channels V78, p243 (see ‘channel(s)’ also)
  • ‘Cosmic Christ’; something of ‘Cosmic Christ’ is manifest in all sages, prophets and apostles of God as in Yeshua Messiah V102, p314
  • use of Divine consciousness-force; Divine magic, theurgy V72, p224
  • is a Divine magician V113, p348
  • and prophets do not labor alone; together with disciples, faithful, elect V73, p229 (see ‘elect’ also)
  • prophets, apostles reveal mysteries; how would receive knowledge of mysteries V62, p192; V64, p196; V65, p203
  • of God; from disciple; succeeding teacher; lineage holder of the Light-transmission V92, p287
  • do not love their (earthly) father more than their enemy; love of Christ V101, p312
  • risen Messiah; imparted to disciples; ordination as apostles of Christ V70, p218; V90, p289
  • mission of every disciple and apostle is ministry of exorcism V98, p303 (see ‘exorcism’ also)
  • servants of the Lord V64, p198
  • souls of; willing to help us V73, p227
  • (see ‘God:apostles of’; ‘Teacher:Master’; also)

Adepts / Spiritual Adepts (Master):

  • fall from grace; degrees of enlightenment V81, p252
  • spiritual adepts (masters) not separate from disciples; interconnected, interdependent V92, p288 (see ‘Teacher:Disciples’ also)
  • spiritual humility; authentic V90, p281
  • Western culture; teachings; indwelling Christ-Spirit; succession of apostles V66, p208
  • work within inner planes and material world V73, p227
  • (see ‘Christ:Christ Spirit, Indwelling’; ’Teacher:master(s)’ also)

Disciple(s) / Discipleship:

  • V13, p41-43; V19, p63; V21, p68; V73, p229; V90, p279,281; V91, p283; V92, p286; V104, p322; V105, p324; V113 p348; V114, p350,351
  • apostle; disciple becomes an apostle of God; succeeding the teacher V92, p287
  • Child of Light V21, p70 (see ‘Child of Light’ also)
  • in Christ is cornerstone of divine revelation; Second Coming V92, p288
  • of Christos V105, p324
  • consciously bring forth Divine powers V73, p229 (see ‘Divine powers’ also)
  • continuum, community of discipleship; assembly of the elect V92, p287,288
  • cosmic forces, spirit, holy angels V61, p186
  • first disciple then apostle V34, p107
  • discipleship; recognition V5, p15; V10, p32,33; V13, p42; V19, p62,63; V33, p102; V47, p143; V66, p208; V69, p216
  • initiation Messiah imparts to; ordination as apostles of Christ; received Holy Spirit via breath V70, p218
  • of Light-transmission V68, p213 (see ‘Light-transmission’ also)
  • of Lord Yeshua V59, p177
  • Lord Yeshua and disciples were not ‘Christian’; were Jewish V102, p314
  • Master chooses disciple V23, p75,77
  • master speaking to disciple (one God) V47, p143
  • cannot follow in the way of conventional wisdom of society V114, p350
  • matrix of disciples; logos V75, p237 (see ‘logos’; ‘matrix’ also)
  • risen Messiah; first initiation to disciples; ordination as apostles of Christ V70, p218
  • revelation of God V92, p287,288
  • ministry of healing and exorcism; for living and dead; spirits V72, p225
  • mission of every disciple and apostle is ministry of exorcism V98, p303 (see ‘exorcism’; ‘healing’ also)
  • mystical attainment; divine magic by Master V113, p348
  • mystical vs dogmatic church, religions V40, p122,123
  • novice initiate, disciple is female; must first receive V114, p351
  • receptivity is key of transmission V92, p287
  • seek to receive Sophia and Logs within selves V76, p236,237 (see ‘Logos’; ’Sophia’ also)
  • spiritual practice of, changes when life of tzaddik ends V104, p322
  • must suspend egoistic self; for Divine Grace to act; V67, p210
  • struggle with discipleship; recognition must come from within V43, p130,131; V91, p283
  • tzaddik is disciple; struggles too V90, p281,282
  • surrender V90, p280,281
  • True discipleship:
  • not casual brief affair V92, p286
  • only true disciple receive transmission of the secret wisdom V61, p188
  • mystery of true discipleship V90, p281
  • (see ‘Teacher:Disciple(s), apostle(s)’ also)

Elect (elect souls):

  • V64, p198; V71, p221,222; V73, p228,229; V81, p253; V83, p259; V92, p286; V93, p289; V112, p343
  • in Christ V93, p289
  • assembly of the elect; community of disciples V92, p287; V95, p295
  • elect or chosen; Divine election V112, p344
  • faithful and elect; Second Coming V95, p292; V96, p299; V112, p343
  • mystical inclination has sparked V112, p343
  • (see ‘Teacher:Apostles, Disciples, Prophets’ also)


  • righteous ones-guides-teachers-Divine powers V19, p61,62,63 (see ‘righteous’ also)
  • Spiritual guide, teacher and guardian V90, p281; V105, p326


  • directing soul into next existence; transmigration V50, p151 (see ‘ transmigration’ also)
  • testing of faith preceding fruition V58, p175
  • Gnostic initiate; Logos and Sophia V76, p236,237; V112, p344 (see ‘Logos’; ‘Sophia’ also)
  • how do I serve the Lord V95, p295 (see ‘purpose’ also)
  • keys to mysteries; inner psychic, spiritual dimensions V62, p192; V66, p208
  • path of Kabbalah; initiate enters / departs enlightenment V81, p251-252
  • novice initiate, disciple is female; must first receive V114, p351
  • practice divine science of magic V72, p225 (see ‘Divine Power’; ‘magic’; ‘power’ also)
  • receptivity; sensitivity V94, p292 (see ‘receive / receptivity’ also)
  • is conscious witness and vehicle of action of Holy Spirit for Divine Grace V67; 210
  • (see ‘Teacher:apostles, disciples’ also)

Maddigim / maggid:

  • V33, p104; V62, p192; V73, p228,229; V84, p264; V90, p280; V109, p335
  • (see ‘Teacher:apostle(s)’; ‘Teacher:tzaddikim’; ‘teacher’ also)


  • V12, p38; V13, p42; V15, p47,48; V18, p53; V17, p55,56; V81, p252; V87, p272; V91, p283; V93, p290; V99, p305,306; V104, p321; V112, p342; V114, p350
  • how to ascend (riding Merkavah) V50, p151 (see ‘ascend’ also)
  • teaches from holy books of Enoch V50, p151
  • esoteric wisdom, inner and secret teachings; not for everyone V93, p290
  • gnostic masters V18, p60
  • Gnostic Christian Tradition; teaches next incarnation of the soul of the Messiah is to be in a woman’s form V76, p237
  • holy master; image revealed through V112, p342
  • inmost secret teachings of (Gospel of St. Thomas quote about Verses 82 to 88) V83, p260,261 (see ‘Gospel’; ‘Thomas’ also)
  • of Kabbalah V99, p305,306
  • reveals universal key of faith, gnosis; unlocks celestial gate V50, p151 (see ‘faith’; ’gate:celestial gate’ also)
  • Divine Magic, theurgy, Master Yeshua V72, p223-225
  • speaks to disciples cannot follow in the way of conventional wisdom of society V114, p350
  • speaks as himself as the holy fire V82, p254
  • speaks of lost soul V87, p272
  • Master chooses disciple V23, p75,77; (speaks to) V60, p182
  • Master inclined to meditations in Nature and upon Nature V80, p250 (see ‘meditation’ also)
  • Perfect Master:
  • V25, p8; V17, p55,56; V46, p139; V60, p182; V70, p217; V77, p239; V90, p282; V98, p303; V104, p321
  • come at time of radical shift in human consciousness V59, p177
  • complete unification with God; ‘Realm of No Difference or Realm of No More Practice V104, p321
  • holy sacrifice; resurrection; promise of life V77, p239
  • teaches prayer; invoke, ask V73, p227,228
  • spiritual adepts (masters) not separate from disciples; interconnected, interdependent V92, p288
  • spiritual humility; authentic V90, p281
  • struggles too V89, p278; V91, p283,284
  • master teaches disciples Merkavah V19, p63,64; V21, p68; V23, p77; V50, p151 (see ‘Merkavah’ also)
  • teaches on purpose of humanity in a material world V65, 201
  • work within inner planes and material world for enlightenment and liberation V73, p227
  • teaches values upside down V54, p161
  • (see ‘Messiah’; ‘Teacher’; ‘Teaching’; ‘Yeshua’ also)


  • continuums; links to God’s plan V65, p204; V68, p213
  • priest-king V66, p206
  • (see ‘Continuum’; ‘King’; ‘Queen’; ’Teacher:Apostles, Disciples’ also)


  • V26, p26; V88, p274; V90, p279-281; V92, p287; V102, p314; V113, p348
  • assembly of prophets of ancient Israel V92, p287
  • Baal Shem; John the Baptist; 25th prophet; Lord 26th; Yeshua last in Israel V52, p156
  • as channels, vehicles of Holy Spirit V78, p243 (see ‘channel(s)’ also)
  • ‘Cosmic Christ’; something of ‘Cosmic Christ’ is manifest in all sages, prophets and apostles of God as in Yeshua Messiah V102, p314
  • is a Divine magician V113, p348
  • Lord speaks to Body of Light; holy temple V71, p222
  • Mohammed V71, p222
  • Judaism, Christianity, Islam V23, p77; V26, p86
  • nature of; moved by Spirit; Spirit-filled V78, p243
  • plight of prophets in Israel, world V65, p201
  • prophets, apostles reveal mysteries; how would receive knowledge of mysteries V62, p192; V64, p196
  • Spirit of; servants of Lord V64, p198; V65, p203,204; V88, p274; V90, p279-281 (see ‘God’; ‘Lord’ also)
  • (see ‘Teacher:Apostles, Disciples’ also)


  • Tau (master, teacher) Elijah; Intro, p-xi, xii; V12, p38,39
  • Tau Miriam Intro, p-xii


  • authentic spiritual practitioner V98, p303, V99, p306
  • mystical vs dogmatic church, religions V40, p122,123 (see church, religion also)
  • teacher-student V43, p130-132; V10, p32,33; V33, p102; V47, p143
  • Lord-wealthy-poor V54, p161
  • Spiritual teacher; the Lord V59, p177
  • Spiritual teacher and guide; holy tzaddik V90, p281
  • time is precious V38, p117; V63, p193,194
  • Teacher; Inner teacher and guide (faith) V48, p145 (see ‘faith’ also)
  • Teacher remains teacher of disciple for all time V92, p287
  • World Teacher:
  • Holy One, Yeshua Messiah, perfect master V59, p177
  • Soul of Messiah is great World Teacher V102, p313
  • (see ‘Holy One’ also)
  • (see ‘Teacher:Tzaddik’; ‘Keys of holy mysteries’ also)

Tzaddik / Tzaddikim:

  • V81, p251-253; V90, p280,281; V91, p284; V92, p287,288; V93, p290; V104, p321,322; V105, p326; V109, p335
  • alive; when tzaddik remains alive among disciples; distinct Grace of the living presence V104, p322
  • is also a disciple of a teacher V92, p288
  • angels learn from V19, p63
  • ascension path; wealthy V63, p195 (see ‘ascend’ also)
  • assembly of the elect gathered about a holy tzaddik V51, p154
  • brings wealth of wisdom, understanding and knowledge of Holy Scriptures V109, p335
  • first disciple then apostle V34, p107
  • is disciple; companion of the Holy Spirit V90, p281,282
  • Divine powers V19, p62 (see ‘powers’ also)
  • faithful and elect; called to act; as apostles to God; take up service to the holy tzaddik V81, p253
  • guides souls at transition V37, p114
  • holy teacher V9, p28; V15, p48
  • incarnates to have more direct influence V73, p228,229
  • initiations, teaching imparts to disciple evolves V92, p287
  • Light-transmission received by holy tzaddik V105, p326
  • living tzaddik V21, p69
  • looks for tendency; for those seeking discipleship V69, p216
  • mediation through ordained; Spirit of Messiah; God/humanity; heaven, earth V90, p280
  • one who has entered into Messianic consciousness V84, p263 (see ‘consciousness: Messianic also)
  • one is given to a holy tzaddik in Spirit or not V78, p243
  • perfect master (see ‘Teacher:Master:perfect master’)
  • perfect tzaddik; complete unification with God; Realm of No Difference or Realm of No More Practice V104, p321
  • physical teacher or apostle Intro, p-xiii, xiv; V30, p95; V21, p68; V25, p82; V105, p326
  • projecting; struggles; V91, p283,284
  • in presence of the Lord V59, p178
  • purification; self-purification same for tzaddik (teacher; prophet) V98, p302 (see ‘Self:Self-purification’ also)
  • certain souls sent to; or any soul; for righteous souls V64, p199
  • tzaddikim V33, p104
  • mercy; ministry of Lord to darkness V61, p186
  • one who is ‘wealthy’; serve faithful and Lord as tzaddik V63, p195; V81, p251


  • Baptism by fire; holy fire of the Spirit V82, p255
  • Esoteric teaching in Gnosticism V112, p343
  • of four universes and inner planes in Gnostic Kabbalah V113, p347
  • Gnostic style of Teaching (focuses more on the feelings and intuitions of the heart) Intro, p=xii
  • mystical vs dogmatic church religions V40, p122,123
  • Keter is in Malkut, and Malkut is in Keter V77, p238-241
  • to live teachings of Christ is to become Christ-like; embody Christ V108, p333
  • of the Lord that every man and woman is to become son/daughter of God V66, p207
  • magical, mystical Kabbalah; Divine Magic, theurgy V72, p224 (see ‘Divine Power’; ‘magic’; ’power’; also)
  • Master Yeshua; Spirit-connected; mystical experience V74, p232 (see ‘Yeshua’ ‘Teacher:Master(s)’ also)
  • Numbers (3,10, 22, 32, 50) V94, p292
  • Master on the purpose of humanity in the material world V65, p201
  • Secret level from holy Kabbalah V80, p250 (see ‘Kabbalah’ also)
  • Secret teachings (Living Yeshua speaking in secret) V1, p1; V93, p290
  • Walking as a spiritual warrior V103, p317-319

Temple: Earthly, Celestial: (earthly, external temple; destroyed; old/new covenant) V71, p220,221 (see ‘covenant’ also)

Temple of King Solomon V35, p109

Temple of Light V32, p100 (see ‘Light’ also)


  • being put to the test; is it from the Lord or not? V61, p187
  • cosmic forces of ignorance V65, p203
  • (see ‘cosmic forces of ignorance’; ‘faith’ also)

theurgy (see ‘magic’; ‘Divine Power’; ‘Divine Theurgy’; ‘power(s)’)


  • #26 Lord; prophet V52, p156
  • YHVH (same Divine presence and power manifesting through four universes) V82, p256

Thief (trying to enter kingdom, loses what he had; freedom?) V41, p126

Thirty-six holy ones (Secret Lamed-Vau Tzaddikim) V30, p97


  • Gospel of St. Thomas quote about Verses 82 to 88 V83, p260,261 (see ‘Gospel’ also)
  • recognize holy Shekinah V90, p281 (see ‘Shekinah’ also)


  • baptism (water, fire, Holy Spirit) V82, p255
  • Fire / Flame:
  • meditation V82, p254-257
  • Divine presence, Divine power; holy fire; only one of the Lord V82, p254
  • (see ‘Divine power’; ‘Divine presence’; ‘fire’; ‘flame’; ‘Lord’; ’meditation’ also)
  • Threefold order of Melchizidek V12, p39
  • Threefold ordination (disciple and apostle of Anointed One; bears threefold ordination) V93, p289 (see ‘ordained / ordination’ also)

Three lower worlds / two upper worlds (see ‘World(s)’)

Three Supernal Divine Names (see ‘Supernal Divine Names’)


  • space-time-consciousness V50, p151 (see ‘consciousness’ also)
  • space-time-continuum V84, p262
  • time / timeless-eternity V84, p262

tithing (issue of; to churches; spiritual communities) V95, p295 (see ‘Church’ also)

Tokenism (abounds in some churches, include Holy Mother in worship) V114, p354

Tomb (baptism passage through tomb) V47, p142 (see ‘baptism’ also)


  • Holy Torah; two commandments = very essence of V25, p82
  • Jacob, Esau V45, p138

Tradition (see ‘Sophian Tradition’; ’Wisdom’)


  • V17, p56; V114, p349
  • “Lord” the transcendental aspect V83, p259
  • transcendental consciousness V87, p272 (see ‘consciousness’ also)
  • Wisdom of God V114, p349


  • of gender; Neshamah V53, p160; V58, p175
  • of mental, vital and physical consciousness V89, p277 (see ‘consciousness’; ‘transformation’ also)
  • self-transcendence V22, p73; V37, p115,116; V67, p210
  • (see ‘self’ also)

Transfiguration / Transfigured / Resurrection Body:

  • V10, p33; V71, p220; V77, p239; V84, p264; V89, p277
  • every apostle of Christ has experienced V77, p240
  • must be reborn and transfigured by supernal force V89, p277
  • revelation of Supernal was given V77, p239
  • (see ‘body:of Light’; ‘body:resurrection’; ’resurrection’ also)

Transform(ing) / Transformation:

  • V55, p165
  • ascension of Grace; hope in resurrection and transformation of world V77, p241
  • of consciousness; within own consciousness V113, p346
  • fire as transformation; secret of fire V82, p254,255
  • great transformation V10, p34; V71, p222; V73, p229; V105, p326
  • holy passion is transforming and illuminating V82, p255
  • integration of Truth and Light from mystical experiences for transformation V67, p209
  • of mental, vital and physical consciousness through Divine power V89, p277 (see ‘Divine power’ also)
  • transform matter of physical body; translating into image of the Lord V71, p221,222
  • Yeshua Messiah couldn’t instantly transform entire collective consciousness V113, p346
  • (see ‘Resurrection’; ’Supernal Light’ also)


  • at soul’s departure from body V37, p114,115; V44, p133; V57, p170; V97, p300; V111, p339,340
  • experiences of various ‘planes’ through afterlife V63, p194,195
  • die in Christ-consciousness; no death; transition into higher plane of existence V111, 340
  • (see ‘afterlife’; ‘darkness’; ’death’ also)

Transitional being (human being evolving toward a higher state of consciousness) V86, p270


  • of the soul V23, p76; V44, p133; V50, p150; V112, p342
  • Nefesh and Ruach need salvation from endless cycles of V112, p342
  • (see ‘soul’ also)


  • continuum of transmission; discipleship V92, p287,288
  • passing through a community; spiritual community; to individual after due time V99, p306,307
  • Light-transmission (see ‘Light-transmission’)


  • holy virginity; becomes, is Beloved V79, p246
  • Light of Christ shines through; need only make ourselves transparent to the Lord! V89, p278
  • (see ‘holy virgin’ also)

Traveler (passers-by; soul of Light; in Spirit) V42, p128,129


  • Five holy Sefirot / 5 trees V12, p39
  • in paradise V19, 063
  • Tree of Life; holy Sefirah Tiferet; Christ-center on the Tree of Life V14, p46; V19, p63; V20, p66; V35, p109


  • V62, p190; V63, p195
  • Sacred trust V95, p295
  • (see ‘Faith’; ‘Gnosis’ also)


Truth (of/and Light):

  • all truth; Mother, Holy Spirit, One Life-power V105 p324
  • remembering self as child of Light; living according to Truth and Light V77, p241
  • esoteric truth; V33, p104
  • Exoteric church, Interior; V39, p121; V36, p112; V39, p121; V44, p134; V56, p169; V67, p209
  • expectations, preconceptions, contradictions; cannot search, find this way; V66, p207
  • evolution of psychic and spiritual dimensions of oneself; V69, p216 (see ‘evolution’ also)
  • Faith is living according to Truth and Light in our experience V89, p277,278
  • Truth of God; nature V60, p179 (see ‘God’; ‘holiness’; ’nature’ also)
  • Holy Spirit guide; direct in Way, Truth and Light; V71, p222; V88, p274
  • meditation; V21, p70; V32, p101 (see ‘meditation’ also)
  • no separation of earth, Heaven, living soul, God V100, p309
  • Serve the Spirit and; V47, p143
  • Spirit of Truth (see ‘Truth and Spirit’)
  • Truth-consciousness V81, p251 (see ‘consciousness’; ‘holy ones’; ‘Supernal Light’ also)
  • (see ‘Spiritual Practice’ also)

Truth Consciousness (see ‘Consciousness:Truth’)

Truth and (of) Spirit / Spirit and (of) Truth:

  • V16, p52; V18, p60; V41, p125; V43, p130,131; V54, p162; V62, p189; V64, p196,197; V66, p207; V71, p220; V74, p232; V87, p272; V102, p313,314; V106, p328; V107, p330
  • attain a true state of health and happiness being the individual I am in Spirit and Truth V87, p272
  • called as conscious agents of Word of Lord; ordained by calling as ministers of Spirit and Truth; serve Lord V78, p243 (see ‘Purpose’ also)
  • no separation forever; gathered in Spirit and Truth V107, p330
  • Word of Lord in apostles calling worship in V106, p328
  • (see ‘Faith’; ‘Gnosis’ also)

two upper worlds (see ‘World(s)’)

Tzaddik (see ‘Teacher:Tzaddik’)

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