This index, is based on full content of  “The Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas
by, Tau Malachi – Organized and Submitted by, Tim Culwell (Guest Author)

This Index has been compiled out of the deep appreciation of the author and the book. We hope it will serve all to search and find portions while in study of this wonderful book.

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Abba (Lord God / Father) V15, p48; V105, p325 (see ‘God’, ‘Lord also’)


  • Isaac V36, p111
  • God asks the sacrifice of only begotten son (Isaac); holy sacrifice V77, p239

Achad (meaning: unity; one; Achad + Ahavah = 13) V80, p249 (see ‘Ahavah’ also)


  • Second Adam (union of Christ the Logos and Christ the Sophia) V105, p325; V114, p352
  • (see ‘Christ’; ‘Logos’; ‘Sophia’ also)

Adam: Son of Adam V76, p235

Adam Ha-Rishon (first human being) V18, p58 (see ‘human’ also)

Adam Kadmon:

  • Body of Light V58, p175 (see ‘body’ also)
  • the highest of all Partzufim V105, p325
  • Human One (image of Father) V83, p260
  • image of God-self V18, p58; V19, p63
  • organs of body; souls different parts of the body of primordial human being V99, p306
  • root essence of holy soul beyond Atzilut called Adam Kadmon V112, p343
  • secret teaching V10, p34
  • unity of four universes V112, p342
  • universe of V19, p64; V22, p74; V83, p260; V112, p342
  • world and universe as body of in Asiah V80, p250
  • (see ‘Primordial human being’; ’Second Adam’ also)

Adept(s) (see ‘Teacher:Master’)

Advent (advent of supernal consciousness on earth V77, p240 (see ‘Messiah:advent of’ also)

atheism (see ‘Church:atheism’)


  • V37, p114; V44, p133; V51, p152; V57, p170; V59, p176; V77, p241; V97, p300
  • taken up? ascending; surrender V61, p185,186
  • what you bring in this life; afterlife also V51, p154; V59, p177
  • what is sown, reaped; possibilities; caught in other ‘planes’; violence at time of death V63, p193-195
  • United with Lord; promise same as given to Enoch; in this and afterlife V77, p241
  • (see ‘death’; ‘dead’; ‘transition’ also)

agent(s) / conscious agents (see ‘purpose’)

Ahavah (meaning: love; Ahavah + Achad = 13) V80, p249 (see ‘Achad’ also)

Aima (Mother) V105, p325

Ain Sof:

  • V84, p263
  • Ain Sof Aur V82, p254; V84, p263
  • exhaustless/limitless V18, p59
  • God is Ain Sof, the One-Without-End V92, p286
  • the One-Without-End V2, p5; V83, p258-259; V92, p286
  • (see ‘God’; ‘Lord’ also)

Alter (alter of the Lord) V41, p125 (see ‘Lord’ also)

allusion (one who acquires true faith and gnosis; distracted; unmindful loses what gained) V97, p301

angelic forces of the Divine power V86, p270 (see ‘cosmic forces’ also)


  • of the Lord; we minister to them as they to us V61, p187
  • Child of God; destined to become like angels; Christ-like V66 p207
  • fallen angels; Lucifer V107, p331
  • and spirits of the prophets V88, p274

anger / hatred (see ‘hatred’; ’darkness’)

animal human being / human kingdom (see ‘human’; ‘kingdom’)

animal kingdom (see ‘kingdom’)

Anointed / Anointed One:

  • V21, p69; V35, p110; V43, p130,131; V51, p153; V55, p166; V59, p176,177; V66, p206; V93, p289; V101, p311; V101, p312; V108, p333; V114, p352
  • Abraham; Issac; holy sacrifice; salvation V77, p239
  • children of Israel rejecting V64, p199; V65, p204
  • disciple of; child greater than John V46, p140
  • disciple and apostle of V93, p289
  • drink from mouth of implies two things V108, p333
  • of God V45, p138; V50, p149; V66, p207; V71, p221; V76, p235; V77, p238,241; V82, p255
  • draw out; directly experience what and what you truly are V75, p233
  • Lord Yeshua / Anointed One made holy sacrifice for all V101, p312
  • anointed kings of Israel; gift of royalty V81, p252
  • revelation of soul of; is incomplete; save through soul of Messiah V114, p352
  • teaching doctrine of Divine Love V101, p311
  • victory of Anointed One of God V98, 304
  • (see ‘God’; ‘Lord’; ‘Yeshua:Lord Yeshua’ also)

Anointing (all given by God; Will of God; Divine authority) V81, p252,253 (see ‘chrism’; ‘self-purification’ also)

apocalypse / apocalyptic (means revelation; stage of dying, experience) V111, p339

Apostle(s) (see ‘Teacher:Apostle(s)’)

apostolic succession (new/old covenant) V52, p156,156; V66, p208; V70, p219; V72, p225 (see ‘Light-transmission’ also)

Armageddon (internal conflict; blessing or curse) V7, p21

art(s) (initiates study magical arts) V72, p224 (see ‘magic’; ‘Divine Power’; ‘power’ also)

Ascend / Ascension / Ascent / Descend:

  • adepts and masters Ascending they descend; bring others in ascent V90, p281
  • ascend/descend V55, p166; V70, p217; V76, p236; V90, p280
  • ascension of Grace (hope in resurrection and transformation of the world) V77, p241
  • Everyone awakened and liberated brings whole world in ascent V80, p249,250
  • creative power Godward; ascent V53, p159
  • fall out of, from grace; higher degrees of enlightenment; prep for ascent, descent V81, p252
  • God’s will; attain body of resurrection and ascension V84, p265
  • great ascension (teaching by numbers; holy mystery) V94, p292 (see ‘Teaching:Numbers’ also)
  • Holy One ascended into the heaven V96, p299
  • how to ascend riding Merkavah V50, p151; V53, p159; ascent of Merkavah V83, p260
  • letting go, letting be; ascend with the Lord V55, p164
  • are you on the path of; becoming more Chris-like? V61, p185
  • path of Kabbalah; initiate; ascending upward bringing down V81, p252
  • master teaching of ascension, passage V61, p187
  • soul in ascent; Ladder of Lights V90, p279 (see ‘Ladder of Lights’ also)
  • soul of Light descends upon earthly soul V112, p343
  • soul of Yeshua Messiah ascended into repose in Living Father V114, p352
  • into world of Supernal Light; kingdom of heaven V50, p149,150; V70, p217 (see ‘Supernal Light’ also)
  • Way of ascent toward world of Adam Kadman V80, p250 (see ‘Adam Kadmon’ also)
  • (see ‘Body:of Light’; ’Merkabah / Merkavah’ also)


  • V19, p63; V22, p74; V53, p160; V112, p342
  • ascent of Merkavah through holy Sefirot Asiyah V83, p260
  • world and universe as body of Adam Kadmon in V80, p250
  • (see ‘Adam Kadmon’; ‘Awareness’; ‘ascend’ also)

Ask / Asking:

  • wrongly used for pleasures; ‘adulterers’ V60, p181
  • you must ask, invoke for help V73, p227-229


  • impersonal, hidden, transcendental aspects of “Lord” V83, p259
  • revealed, personal, immanent aspects of “our God” (i.e. “Lord our God”) V83, p259
  • 3 aspects / levels of the soul V70, p218 (see ‘soul; aspects’ also)
  • (see ‘levels’; ‘dimensions’; ‘vibration(s)’; ‘frequency(s)’ also)


  • V98, p302
  • assembly of the elect; community of disciples V92, p287; V95, p295
  • (see ‘luminous assembly’; ‘Teacher:Elect’ also)


  • bestial, earthly soul; astral matrix within and behind body, life V112, p341
  • body (subtle body) V84, p262
  • (see ‘body’; ‘soul’ also)

attachment (see ‘cosmic forces’; ‘ignorance also’) V42, p128,129

Atonement (holy blood of Lamb of God; sacred sign of remembrance) V77, p238 (see ‘Lamb of God’ also)

Attain / Attainment:

  • V21, p69; V63, p194; V85, p268; V89, p278; V105, p325-327; V112, p341; V113, p347
  • is already present in us; remove obstruction of recognition and realization of that Holy Being V89, p278
  • fulfillment of God’s promise V77, p241; V96, p299 (see ‘God:promise’; Lord:and Savior’ also)
  • grasping at attainment or spiritual gifts; enlightenment V81, p252
  • mystical attainment; magical; meanings V113, p347
  • supreme attainment; holy soul uniting male / female; Christ-Consciousness V105, p325-327
  • ultimate attainment of Christ-consciousness is beyond the heavens V112, p341

Attraction (same soul-root; accomplish mutual tasks; soul family) V99, p305 (see ‘root’; ‘soul’ also)

Attune / Attunement (faithful, elect attune to and invoke Divine powers) V73, p228


  • V19, p63; V22, p74; V53, p160; V112, p342,343
  • ascent of Merkavah through holy Sefirot Asiyah into Atzilut; world of emanation or nearness V83, p260
  • nearness to God; universe of Supernal Light V112, p343

Aura (of person determined by emotions) V53, p160

Authentic individual (Sacred Unity; holy Neshamah; fulfillment) V87, p272

Authentic Spirituality (see ‘Spiritual Practice:Spirituality)

Authority / Divine authority (permission):

  • anointed; spiritual gifts; all Will of God V81, p253
  • authority and permission; sharing with others V93, p290
  • without credentials considered illegitimate by religious institutions V105, p323
  • (see ‘anointed’; ‘discernment’; ‘Will of God’; also)

Awakened / Awakening:

  • awaken Creation; role V65, p203
  • awakening soul; Divine potential V86, p270
  • call for humanity; exercise God-given power V85, p267 (see ‘purpose’; ‘live’ also)
  • die in Christ-consciousness; transition to higher plane of existence; awakening and liberation V111, p340 (see ‘death’; ‘transition’ also)
  • discernment; discrimination; awareness of good/evil V91, p285
  • when Neshamah is incarnate fully V59, p178
  • recognizing Spirit in adepts and masters is same awakening of same Spirit of enlightenment within you V90, p281


  • of Christ in everyone and everything; Cosmic Christ meaning V102, p313
  • of giving and receiving V88, p275
  • Sacred Unity:
  • meditation V80, p249
  • and universal consciousness on a material level V95, p296
  • (see ‘meditation’; ‘prayer’; ‘Sacred Unity’ also)
  • sacred awareness emerges through faith V88 p275; V90, p279 (see ‘faith’ also)
  • silent will of Divine I am; state of pure radiant awareness V104, p321
  • shift into higher states of awareness; for direct spiritual experience; Divine Grace V67, p209,210; V80, p249
  • presence of awareness is fruit of faith V78, p244 (see ‘faith’ also)
  • very important to anyone venturing into the study of esoteric teachings V112, p344
  • (see ‘Consciousness’ also)


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