This index, is based on full content of “The Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas
by, Tau Malachi – Organized and Submitted by, Tim Culwell (Guest Author)

This Index has been compiled out of the deep appreciation of the author and the book. We hope it will serve all to search and find portions while in study of this wonderful book.

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Rachel Ve-Hanun! V90, p280 (see ‘God’ also)

Radiant One (in secret books of wisdom, Lord is call “Radiant One”) V82, p254

Rainbow body of Light (see ‘Body’)

Rapture (Divine rapture meaning) V112, p342

Rays (Light-transmission in the master) V12, p39


  • reality-truth-continuum V62, p192
  • open up after death V84, p262
  • reality we experience; state of consciousness; interconnected V113, p347
  • (see ‘dimensions’ also)

realization (see ‘Self:Self-realization)


  • invisible realms; worlds within worlds; after death V84, p262
  • Realm of No Difference, Realm of No More Practice V104, p321
  • of sentient existence V113, p347
  • three realms in evolution of souls V112, p343
  • two realms of humanity V86, p270
  • (see ‘death’; ‘dimensions’ also)

Rebirth / reborn (see ‘birth’)

Receive / Receiving / Receptivity Give (desire to impart is male / desire to receive is female) V22, p73; V33, p102; V62, p190; V64, p198; V91, p284; V93, p290; V94, p292 (see ‘recognition’ also)

reckoning (see ‘Day of Reckoning’)

recognition (holy / spiritual recognition) V91, p284 (see ‘Self:self-realization’;‘Light-transmission’ also)

Redemption / redeemed:

  • God will seek you out, find you and redeem you V107, p330
  • holy blood of the lamb redeems us V70, p217; V107, p330
  • holy sacrifice by Yeshua Messiah; forgiveness of sin V77, p238
  • humanity, Nature redeemed through Spirit of Messiah V61, p187; V64, p199; V114, p352
  • living soul receives V107, p330
  • only ripe souls for redemption can be won over V93, p290
  • salvation is interwoven with the redemption of others V88, p275
  • in Soul of Messiah, one and all are redeemed V107, p331
  • Spirit of V49, p148

reed (see ‘hollow reed’)


  • devoid of Ruach, Neshama; have to acquire another body V97, p300
  • Gnostic Christianity; not damnation V6, p19
  • not knowing time of death; what next life will bring V63, p194
  • of soul of St. Mary Magdalene; central to Second Coming V114, p352
  • soul / spiritual family; spanning many lifetimes V99, p305
  • suicide; afterlife; blasphemy; negative karma V44, p134

Rejection (of cornerstone Sophia / Feminine inmost wisdom) V66, p208

Religion / Religious (see ‘church’; ‘christian / christianity’)

Renunciation V110, p337 (see ‘purification’ also)


  • living dead V52, p153
  • Mother-Father; reposing in; ascension V50, p151,154; V70, p217
  • in Spirit of the Messiah V50, p149,150; V96, p299
  • (see ‘Messiah’; ‘Spirit’ also)


  • ascension of Grace; hope for resurrection and transformation of world V77, p241
  • body; Mohammed V10, p33; V71, p221; V16, p50
  • consciousness beyond body; realization of the resurrection; eternal life V84, p262
  • Lazarus resurrection of by master V37, p114
  • Lord’s resurrection, life, death V82, p255 (see ‘Lord’ also)
  • perfect Master died, resurrected; promise for life; Supernal Light V77, p239 (see ‘Supernal Light’ also)
  • rebirth; awakening indwelling Christ is resurrection; is NOW V51, p153,154; V63, p195; V67, p209; V98, p303 (see birth / rebirth also)
  • of the world; salvation and redemption; bound together V88, p275; V98, p304; V99, p308
  • (see ‘body’; ‘transfiguration’ also)

Revelation / Divine revelation:

  • V5, p16; V85, p267; V90, p279-281; V92, p287,288; V102, p313; V111, p339; V114, p352
  • apocalypse means revelation V111, p339
  • an awakening and call for humanity to exercise God-given power V85, p267
  • constantly ongoing V102, p313
  • divine revelation:
  • Christ must come again in a woman’s form V114, p352
  • death is a divine revelation; of Divine presence and power of God V111, 340
  • prophecy V62, p190,191
  • full revelation of Christos V114, p352
  • holy sacrifice, inner level, not sin offering V77, p239
  • from Holy Spirit V94, p293
  • radical shift in human consciousness V59, p177 (see ‘consciousness’ also)
  • self-revelation of God V92, p286
  • of soul of Anointed V114, p352
  • via prophets and apostles of God; is an awakening and call for humanity to exercise God-given power V85, p266
  • (see ‘purpose’ also)

Revolution (spiritual revolution; true Gnosis) V39 p121; V105, p324 (see ‘Gnosis’ also)

Righteousness / Righteous ones:

  • V22, p73; V31, p99; V51, p153; V53, p158; V69, p215,216; V81, p251; V90, p279; V92, 286; V100, p310; V108, p333
  • conceived in a virgin birth V90, p279 (see ‘birth’ also)
  • draw near unto Lord; practicing righteousness V108, p333
  • jeweled crown; Supernal Light; Truth-consciousness; king of righteousness; V81, p251 (see ‘crown’; ‘Supernal Light’ also)
  • live in the way of; reward on earth V100, p310
  • messengers of the Lord; teachers; guides; holy souls V19, p61; V30, p96; V31, p99; V71, p221
  • righteous judgment V35, p109
  • secret; practicing righteousness, Rauch, Neshamah added V41, p126
  • self-revelation of God; communion in God; is reward of the righteous and elect V92, p286
  • righteous warriors V57, p172
  • willing to answer call; righteous and unrighteous V64, p198
  • Yeshua Messiah lived according to righteousness of Logos in him V82, p256 (see ‘Truth / Light’; ‘Way’ also)

Rite of passage (see ‘ascend/ascension’ also) V50, p149; V61, p187

Rite of ransom (secret in V35) V35, p109; V72, p225

Rite of baptism (see ‘baptism’)

root (holy; spiritual roots; root essence; soul-root) V99, p305,306

Rose Cross V18, p59 (see ‘Cross’ also)

Ruach (the human spirit and intelligence V70, p218):

  • V87, p271; V7, p23; V22, p73; V37, p115; V70, p218; V87, p271; V96, p298; V97, p300; V104, p322; V112, p341
  • is the Spirit or Divine intelligence in which the Nefesh and Neshama are joined together; hence the bridal chamber
  • agency of; Nefesh joined to Neshamah through V112, p341
  • deeper than Nefesh; higher and deeper than Ruach is Neshamah V87, p271
  • parable of woman, Nefesh, without Ruach, Neshama, distracted; empty V97, p300
  • receiving Ruach; kingdom of God V49, p147,148; V63, p195
  • (see ‘God’; ‘Lord’; ’soul:3 aspects / levels’ also)

Rumi (like Rumi) V75, p233,234

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