This index, is based on full content of “The Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas
by, Tau Malachi – Organized and Submitted by, Tim Culwell (Guest Author)

This Index has been compiled out of the deep appreciation of the author and the book. We hope it will serve all to search and find portions while in study of this wonderful book.

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  • righteous warriors V57, p172 (see ‘righteous / righteousness’ also)
  • spiritual V72, p225; V98, p302; V110, p337
  • ‘I walk as a spiritual warrior’ (protection; meaning of teaching V103) V103, p319
  • (see ‘protection also)

Way / Way of:

  • advancement of soul V90, p279
  • attainment; fulfillment of God’s promise V77, p241; V94, p292 (see ‘Attainment’ also)
  • enlightenment V32, p100,101; V34, p106; V59, p177; V62, p192; V64, p199; V114 p351
  • is experience of the Light-transmission V31, p127 (see ‘enlightenment/liberation’; ‘Light-transmission’ also)
  • Grace sets me on the path, leads me in the Way (see ‘Grace’; ‘path’ also)
  • Way of Christ V47, p141 (see ‘Christ’ also)
  • Way of Light V55, p167
  • Way of Lord V64, 199
  • not heeding; cut off from Neshamah; another spirit takes possession of person V70, p218
  • Way of the prophets and apostles V78, p243
  • Way of Spirit V68, p212,213; V78, p243 (see ‘Spirit’ also)
  • surrendering to Spirit of Lord; letting Holy Spirit guide/direct in the Way, Truth, and Light; V71, 222
  • Yeshua Messiah taught disciples, mystical prayer, prophetic mediation the Way V106, p328
  • Way of Truth and Light:
  • is enlightenment experience; already liberated V70, p218; V77, p241; V82, p256
  • soul of Light; Christ-self; only Way, Truth and Life V112, p343
  • (see ‘Truth and Light’ also)

wealthy (spiritually) V63, p195; V81, p251

Wheel of life, death and rebirth; religious persons V47, p143 (see ‘Birth / rebirth’; ‘Church / Religion’; ‘death’ also)


  • Mother Wisdom, Virgin V105, p324
  • refuses no one who seeks p325
  • (see ‘Mother’; ’Wisdom:Mother Wisdom’ also)

Will of God / God’s (Lord’s) Will:

  • V36, p111; V64, p198; V65, p204; V73, p228.229; V81, p253; V84, p265; V93, p289; V94, p293; V95, p295,298,299; V98, p303, V99, p307; V104, p321
  • attain body of ascension and resurrection V84, p265
  • become channels for; via prayer V73, p228; V93, p289
  • conscious agent and vehicle of God’s Will on earth V93, p289; V96, p299
  • in Creation V18, p58; V29, p94
  • Divine authority V81, p253
  • Divine intention V7, p23
  • Divine Grace; accomplish Lord’s Will V71, p222
  • Divine Will V9, p29; V16, p50
  • via divine theurgy, magical arts V72, p224 (see ‘Divine Power’; ‘magic’; ‘power’ also)
  • money-power; service of; abundance V54, p162,163; V65, p202
  • enter into Kingdom of God; do Will of God V99, p307
  • merciful and compassionate V90, p280
  • ‘powers in world’; mission to redeem and restore to God’s Will V95, p295
  • purify and perfect self; channel of Divine presence; Holy Spirit can fully work within to accomplish God’s Will V94, p293 (see ‘channel’; ’Self:Self-purification’ also)
  • silent will V17, p56; V104, p320
  • of the Divine I am; supernal being V104, p321
  • spiritual gifts; kings of Israel; gift of royalty; save through Will of God V81, p253
  • spiritual teachers and guides bridge gap between God, people; heaven, earth; fulfill Will of God in creation V90, p281
  • (see ‘free will’ also)


  • Conventional wisdom:
  • conventional wisdom vs God’s Wisdom V102, p313; V114, p350
  • remains ignorant V14, p350
  • Divine wisdom of love and compassion V114 p351
  • Esoteric Wisdom V73, p228; V81, p251; V88, p274; V93, p290; V114, p350
  • Master; not for everyone V93, 290
  • Women; no religious authority; unheard of to study inner tradition of V114, p350
  • Mother Wisdom:
  • V15, p47; V105, p324 (see ‘Mother’ also)
  • baptism, womb of V47, p142 (see ‘baptism’ also)
  • Mount Sinai-secret wisdom V25, p82; V29, p93
  • is whore, refuses no one who seeks to know her V105, p325
  • Mother and Daughter Wisdom; Sophia V114, p352
  • of God:
  • (‘nature’ her soul) V60, p179; V64, p196,197; V114, p350
  • enlightened spiritual communities; founded upon greater Wisdom of God V114, p350
  • (see ‘God’; ’Nature’ also)
  • Sophia the Wisdom V76, p237 (see ‘Logos’; ’Sophia’ also)
  • teachings of V114, p349 (see ‘Teaching’(s) also)
  • Tradition(s) V33, p103; V98, p303; V99, p307; V102, p313-315
  • Cosmic Christ; source of all divine revelation; thus of all world Wisdom Traditions
  • is a spiritual language V102, p315
  • inspired by Spirit of Truth V102, p313
  • Sophian Tradition (see ‘Sophian Tradition’)
  • transcendental Wisdom of God V114, p349
  • treasury of secret wisdom V81, p251
  • (see ‘Mother’ also)

Woman / holy woman:

  • enlightened; transmit Spirt and Light V114, p353
  • Holy woman is your Neshamah V96, p298; V97, p300
  • of Palestine no legal rights apart from men V114, p349,350
  • Samaritan woman; evidence Master taught and initiated V114, p350
  • womanhood fully redeemed; man, woman stand as co-equal in the Spirit V114, p352
  • (see ‘Neshamah’ also)


  • soul formed in womb of the Creator V41, p124
  • holy womb; holy virginity V79, p246
  • (see ‘Beloved’; ’holy virgin’ also)

Word (Logos the WordSon-Brother Logos) V17, p57; V76, p236,237 (see ‘Logos’; ’Sophia’ also)

Word of / and Wisdom:

  • V28, p90; V33, p102; V46, p140; V51, p155; V64, p196,197; V73, p229; V76, p235
  • ministry of Word and Wisdom of God; Lord is calling! V73, p229
  • ministry of Lord to darkest realms V61, p186; V98, p303 (see ‘ministry’ also)
  • soul of the world is V56, p168,169
  • word of life (see ‘life’)
  • Word of God (see ‘God:Word of’)
  • Word of Lord (see ‘Lord:Word of’)
  • Temple, holy temple; made not by human hands; but Word and Wisdom V71, p222
  • (see ‘God:Wisdom of’; ‘Wisdom’ also)


  • body and world; interconnected, interdependent V80, p248 (see ‘body’ also)
  • Earth, whole world, physical universe filled with glory of God V85, p266
  • of emanation or nearness V83, p260
  • meant not the heavens; world view; friend of world meaning V60, p180,182
  • What it means to be in but not of it V31, p98
  • inseparable from solar system; body and world V80, p248 (see ‘body’ also)
  • material; money (see ‘material’; ’money’)
  • natural world vs profane; manifestation of Divine presence V80, p248 (see ‘Divine presence’ also)
  • Upper World; accomplish a balance, harmony and unification V93, p290
  • profane world; devoice of God’s Spirit V80, p248
  • soul of the world; Yeshua Messiah redemption V77, p238,240
  • three upper; two lower V16, p54; V83, p260 (see ‘separation’ also)
  • upper, lower; separation V47, p142; V83, p260
  • World / Universe animated by Spirit of God; soul of world V56, p168
  • worldly people; materialism V65, p203
  • worldly things; people abandon God for V100, p308 (see ‘material’; ‘money’ also)
  • worldliness vs spirituality V102, p315,316
  • worlds within worlds; universes within universes; existing at same time, different dimensions V113, p347

World Teacher (see ‘Teacher’)

Worlds within worlds (after death; invisible realms) V84, p262 (see ‘dimensions’; ’realms’ also)


  • not the adept or master, but the Spirit of God to be worshiped V52, p157
  • Holy place of; site of old temple V71, p221
  • Tokenism abounds in some churches, include Holy Mother in worship V114, p354
  • worship Lord in Spirit and Truth V62, p189; V71, p220
  • (see ‘Tabernacle’ also)

worthy / worthiness:

  • made so through faith, hope, and love V55, p166
  • soul is more worthy than animal human V85, p268
  • What does it mean to be worth? V62, p192


  • V57, p171; V61, p185
  • curse and wrath; holy fire to those not like unto V82, p255

(see ‘children of Light / Darkness’; ‘curse’; ‘Day/day of Reckoning/reckoning’; ‘death’ also)

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