Connecting the Dots.

“New Agers”,  Hebrews, Christian “Fundamentalists”, Catholics, Protestants, & Atheists

Come on, friends, we’ve all been duped by the Illuminati, Cabal (dark forces). Because of, all kinds of deceptive acts committed by the dark side (Cabal, Illuminati), throughout the ages, we don’t realize  all the traps that have been set for us. Our goal at the HIGHEST level, is returning the Divinely Created Human to his/her Original Self. We are fighting among our-selves, which is exactly what the Illuminati and Cabal (dark side) wants. Divide and conquer.
We’re playing into the hands of our opponent. These secrets have been strung out long enough so that generations can’t see the connections. It’s important for generations to know the truth of what’s going on. Surely the Illuminati and Cabal (dark side) are going to do every trick in the book to keep us from knowing, if they can.
I have in my extended family, Hebrews, Christians “Fundamentalist”, Catholics, Protestants,  Atheists, New Agers, and the overwhelmed or dropouts, I am trying in each ones “language” to tell, speak, write, what has truly been going on. Connecting the dots between the different “languages”.

I actually have an unusual background. My dad was a whistle blower about the secret government, as it was called in the olden days. I knew about this secret government as a junior in high school. My dad had gone back to school as a graduate to U of Illinois. He was studying the formation of the Republic of the U.S.A. (He always wanted us to know we are a Republic.) The founding fathers and the annexing of land, and taking it from the native Americans. Many things that are still not in our American history books. He said the Louisiana Purchase was never ratified, and other interesting things. Among them, that the federal reserve bank is a privately owned bank by the wealthy, and the IRS was illegal because that article had never legally, according to the constitution, been ratified. He was studying international law, economics, governments, and everything associated with these topics. He got his masters degree.
Even the fact that his under graduate degree was in accounting, and he had an accounting and income tax return licensed business is interesting. He tired of that and bought a large building , then a mansion that was lost after the Second World War. It had gone into foreclosure. He and my mother contracted builders to create apartments out of these buildings. In time, my parents still fairly young had made enough money that our family could easily live from the rents accumulated from the 2 apartment buildings.

That’s how my dad got to the U of Illinois, conveniently being only 1 hour away from Danville, Illinois. He apparently got in with a group that really knew what was going on. He stopped paying taxes before Joan Baez did. He created a foundation in which he explained why he wasn’t paying taxes; writing, speaking, and contacting other like minded souls. Norman Cousins (who healed himself by laughing ) was one of the persons he consulted with. It was my dads full time job.

In 1967, he had a mysterious fall off of a garage roof, when he was trying to help tenants, a young couple, with a problem they had with a window. The fall caused his left arm and his right leg to be severely damaged. No surgery was possible, and after 6 weeks, he was ready to be released from the hospital to rehab. I remember the night well, because by then I was a young housewife and mother. I was out holloweening with my 2 young children. When we got home my husband said that my mother had just called, and said my dad wasn’t doing very well.

This was strange, because my dad was released, and plans were in place for him to go to rehab the next morning. Instead, my mother told me that she had been told that unexpectedly, my dad started to slur his words and became confused. They said that a blood clot had broken off of the damaged arm, and had gone to his brain. Later they said that he wouldn’t survive the night, October 31.

With tears, I now made plans to go to Danville the next day, November 1st. I traveled with my younger sister from Washington, D.C., and my older sister came from Portland, Oregon. Events had changed. Instead of my dad going into rehab, his body was at the morgue.
Strangely enough before we arrived to make plans for his funeral, way less than 24 hours after his death, the IRS had already been to my mothers door, and said she had to pay the back taxes and the fine. Strangely enough, also, an autopsy was never allowed, at least for our family to know about, to prove what really happened.

May 4th, 2016

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