Sacred Time “TZOLKIN” DreamSpell

In this Sister Site, I am beginning to give information on the Dreamspell Mayan Calendar. It came out in 1993 through Jose Arguellis. There are a number of Mayan Calendars. I focus on what they have in common.

They all are Sacred Time, Spiraling back up to the Source. They are 13 equally divided months in each year of 28 days. 13 Months x 28 days gives us 365 days in the year. The extra day is thrown out and is called the “Day Out of Time.”  This breaks the spell of the Gregorian Calendar which creates flat time and removes us from the natural rhythm of the “Divine Plan” moving forward into beyond Time and Space. The flat time of the Gregorian calendar keeps us repeating like an old phonograph disc record. At the end of the year, the needle picks up and sets down at the same place it did at the beginning of the year before it. And on and on and round and round. Time never moves.

In the Ark and Canoe, Chapters 21 through 27,  I have taken each day of the Month, and showed you how we have calibrated the Mayan Calendar to the Middle Pillar Of the Sacred Kabbalah.

This is Key to our sharing of how to break the spell of the Dream we are in through joining Sacred Space, the Kabbalah, and Sacred Time. It is a journey through time and space, and each month of 28 days, 13 months in a year, each year of 365 days creates circles of time, within circles of time, into an orderly Divine spiral back to our Source. We have tried to simplify these teachings.

In the Ark and the Canoe, Chapter 8 Sacred Time, I have written the background of the Dreamspell Calendar and how I became a student of it 23 years ago.

In the Ark of the Covenant I am demonstrating the journey you will take each day of the 28 days in order to learn the 28 aspects of yourself. I have shown how I myself began this work years ago. This is the essence of how we combine Sacred Time and Sacred Space.
Chapter 3 Day 5 Galactic Mayan Calendar

If you do not have a physical calendar, please visit this Daily Tzolkin.

Here is a link to the beginning of examples of working with every day’s energies of the Mayan Calendar. Chapters 21-27 all days.

Written on 8/11/18

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