Chapter 23 Day 12 White Rhythmic Dog


Today is Saturday, December 24th day 12. The last day of the 4 directions of the Galactic Medicine Wheel. White Rhythmic Dog. Kin 110, the 5th day of the 10 Cosmic Activation Portals. The chakra is the Throat. This is Christmas Eve 2016.

I want to mention here that my little boy Aspect came in. He would be in the planetary south with Miri, I think, or maybe at the Planetary east gate. I have to let the information come in. We grow and grow and nothing stays the same. I will say he said his name is Will, so I have a MirIAM & WillIAM. I will have to make a second page for Willy. It is important to keep important events in my 28 day aspects notebook. Last night the Black Cloud above Miri turned into Silly Willy.

Play Therapy

9-1-89 Dancing under Black Cloud

I have been working on the ability to live in ecstasy without allowing myself or others to destroy the ecstasy. Willy seems to be working on this already. He was able to bring some specific humor in, at a time I was focusing on something I didn’t like. He saw a very humorous aspect of it playing out, and got me to laugh. In fact I kept laughing because it really amused me! I suspected Willy had something to do with it. He said, “Yes, I Can find silly or funny aspects of fears, and scare the fears away. And my full name is Silly Willy! The silliness dissolves the black cloud. This is my gift to you.”

I am very grateful for my new friend. I’ve been working on this challenge for a long time!

Put a blank space for the name of #12, the Galactic north aspect of yourself. For women, this will be your twin flame. The body parts are the elbows. I have already spoken of the Beloved as my Galactic North Aspect. (Chapter 12)
For me my twin Flame’s name is the Beloved. He introduced himself to me on November 28, 1999.

He said: “I am the BELOVED. I Am illusive until you seek me out, give your heart to me – in deep trust and hope. I complete myself.”

I AM the one I seek. I AM the one I love. I AM the Divine Heart of God, the Creator. I AM all that is. There IS nothing else.

Still and all, I include and embrace ALL stories, for they also, are real.

I AM the Divine Paradox. Yet, I AM in the center of the paradox, and know it not!

I AM the CO-CREATOR. I touch and transformation happens. I AM present, and the Source arrives palpably.

I have great golden wings – longer than my body, Sandles with straps that criss-cross up to my knees where they tie, long golden wavy hair.

I have a magical white horse. We move swiftly, in the physical world and interdimensionally.

I AM the seeker, the sought after, and the experience of seeking. I AM the loved and the lover, and the ecstasy of love itself.”

The meditations on the New Energy are:

30. This energy is somehow related to the split of our Male & Female spirit.

31. It is related, also, to the quote from 2nd Genesis, the second creation story that says, “They will become like us.”

32. This is related to what the Nephilium and Annanaki are trying to steal from humanity, but they can’t!

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