Chapter 27 Day 26 Yellow Resonant Seed


Today is Saturday, January 7th, 2017. Day 26. Yellow Resonant Seed. Kin 124. Throat Chakra. This is the North Pole, the Throne Room.

When I first started this Inner Child Ascension Path (ICAP) it was just called the North Pole. I suspect that with the shift of the ages upon us, Heaven on Earth, the Golden Age, the Ascension of Humanity, that the Source, God, Creator, the highest of Spiritual Authorities has also made enormous creative expansions. The Sophian Gnostics emphasize that the Godhead keeps creating continuously. That change is constant. We don’t know these details, however it seems humanity is experiencing this growth. It’s divine.

img zentangle Seashell

6 X 6 with Seashell Hologram Read Story

image Seashell


img of Zentangle Seashell

Seashell (softly colored)

Day 26, the Throne Room, is a good day for me to revisit mysterious ways that information may come. Since the Throne Room is not knowable, or Keter either, it does not mean to me, that there is no way for me to include these energies in my Eve/Adam Primordial body. These are frequencies that the Spirit has, that can be integrated into my total self. I would have no way to put them into words or communication anyway. However, I can learn how to know when something is available for me to integrate, these higher frequencies. For me it would be that my Divine Child, Miri and Lord Jesus and Lady Mary will do that integration for us. It is a matter of trust and faith.

In reading the story that goes with the shell, the experience was a surprise. It would go into my paying attention to everything category. I noticed the shell in the first drawing, looking like it was coming in for a landing! The next day, I decided that I would draw a closeup of it landing. I felt like it brought encoded messages down that maybe would be used for all of humanity and/or for myself. The part that was significant was the affirmations I felt in my body and emotions, and how I discern truth either for me, or in general. I felt more and more energy from it as I drew the shell, then the next day, when we colored it, I felt real peace come over me, like something was complete. Of course I could never prove anything. However I don’t need to! This is for unifying of all my aspects, and I know any work I do that is successful for me, includes THE ALL, for We ARE ONE!!!

Meditations on The New Divine Energy:

60. Creates as it moves. Like Celestine Prophecy, moves into spaceless and timeless.

61. Divine expectation. Pre-creation. Dream manifesting. Not visible to you, but YOU know it’s there! Attraction! Angelic!!.

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