Chapter 31 Day 17 The Roads Not Taken


Thursday, Day 17, East, Cosmic Medicine Wheel
Keter Sepheroth, Blue Rhythmic Hand, Kin 227, Third Eye

The Roads NOT Taken:

The Evolution of Humanity.
Physical Immortality.
The Illusion of Self

“None of the Above!  Is what I want!”  MIRI

I have been reading a few of the spiritual websites to see if there are any that to me are updated in the sense of realizing that the power of Da’at and Keter have been coming down since January 6th, 2012. That is now 5 years!

Also I’m checking to see if there’s recognition of the new energies of December 1st, 2016 having come in. I Am now calling this new energy, the Messiah Channel 13. It seems to me that a lot of the things I’ve learned, for the last 42 years, have to be unlearned. They are no longer the highest truth.

One of the articles I read is talking about the evolution of humanity to our present state. I don’t believe that our original creation, Adam Kadmon, male and female, of Genesis one, ever fell. It was after the second description of being made of clay, and the female made of Adam’s rib, that creation fell. In fact, I suspect that huge important information between the 2 creation stories, has been left out. In it we may find out how on earth the dark forces got permission to experiment on us! The “Coming of the Laggards”  is one version.

As I have mentioned, The Course In Miracles says “We are returning from a journey we never took!” In other words, when the fall appeared to happen, that was also the dream, illusion, maya and non-reality. Our true Divine Self never changed, and is waiting for us in the Bridal Chamber! Verses 17, 18, and 19, in Tau Malachi’s book, The Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas, speaks to this.

This is true also of what some are focusing on: Physical Immortality. That would be the same energy, in my book, as The Evolution of man. It involves the intent to ascend higher and higher. No matter how high we would go, it will still be only a percentage of the Total Divine Human Original Self!

Remember, The Supernal Trinity of Source, Mother-Father God, and Creator, are ever creating Higher Realities. These are available for us, at the moment, if we are Present. We must know we never fell from our Original Divine Creation. The fall as recorded in the Bible, to me, is the Fall Created by the Dark forces. Living and Staying and Being In Keter is the Solution.

Those focusing on the Illusion of Self, are not understanding that since January 6, 2012 the Divine energies of God Particles came through Da’at for the first time since the fall of man. This brings the I Am Self into the Illusion. In other words, the Divine is Activating the Illusion or Dream. Much like Gipetto put human life into Pinocchio! It’s the same concept. Now, as of January 6, 2012 the Supernal Trinity of Source, God, Creator is filling humanity with the Divine Creative Source Energy.

We are told that God sent the Holy Spirit (Divine Feminine) at Pentecost to fill Humanity, or those who chose. This was 10 days after Jesus’ Ascension, or 50 days after His Resurrection. Jesus promised He would have His Father send the Holy Spirit so His followers could “Do the works that He did, and greater works would we do!”

Then, we were gifted with the New 13 Messiah energies on December 1, 2016. These are readily available. Imagining, feeling, sensing them, breathing them in, breaks the control of the dark forces. We no longer have to wait for the many to get it. The few can move ahead in the Resurrection, and inspire the ones who desire to go home. The Road to Emmaus, this year, I think is the real reality.

The New Energies are being understood in all kinds of wonderful ways! One can almost take their pick of which path is a match for them. The whole Kabbalah is now turning into Superlative Light, Life and Love, at every level!

Now since the Kabbalah is quickly rolling up to Spherical form, the understanding of Coming From Keter, will not be so Key. I have found wonderful websites and teachings on every aspect of what I have been writing about. I am so encouraged about us as the ground crew for the “Stars”.

Miri The Mermaid

7-2-91 Miri The Mermaid