Chapter 28 Day 10 Magnifying


Day 10, Galactic South, Wounded Child

Thursday, Yellow Rhythmic Warrior, Kin 136, Third Eye

The Spiritual masters can magnify our work.

Sometimes I have an answer that seems an earthly assignment. For instance, for a couple years, my son and I had serious problems to work out so that my husband, Herb, would be safe and well cared for in his assisted living arrangement. It didn’t help that his dementia was of the nasty kind, and the problems were huge. I’ve written a little about this on the web, and have a lot of writing that is private. However this lasted for at least 2 years, and I asked my guidance how this work could help the Ascension of the planet and humanity?

I’ve learned a lot about why human problems and the human body and emotions are all important. All levels of creation must be lifted up. I gained an enormous respect for humanity at this time. In fact I fell in love with us, and have become an advocate for how awesome I think humanity is!

So this was the time when I learned to apply spiritual laws to my earthly work. They are Laws of Love, really. I’m still amazed at how it turned out that I had to use knowledge from my experience as a young woman when I was President of a Corporation that created and operated 2 homes for runaway teenagers in Northern Virginia. We had 4 lawyers on our Board. There wasn’t any area of knowledge that I didn’t have to act on. However what was essential now, to care for my husband, was my knowledge of requirements from local, state, and federal licensing. How legal all of the documents are! Of course we were dealing with children, however, when you’re dealing with the elderly, the requirements are very strict, too. And they are still the law. I was grateful to have the knowledge in order to take care of Herb. My son and I learned a lot about business partnership, too. It was very rewarding.

I mention this because I learned the importance of all experiences in human life, and there is a plan and it builds on itself. I learned that, thinking that certain things are “non spiritual” was an incorrect understanding on my part. I learned that over and over!!!

The big principle I learned to apply was to offer these small endeavors of an individual circumstance to the Spiritual Hierarchy for their use on a large scale. This kept me always mindful of being loving, respectful, honest, etc. because I knew the Higher Forces could not use my work, unless I tried to make it impeccable. This is how I was able to do this job for a couple years, and learn to know that every moment counts, even if I’d rather have another focus!