Chapter 30 Day 1 Ascension

9th Month Solar Moon of Intention
Words: Pulse, Realize, Intention
3/7/2017 thru 4/3/2017

Day 1, Tuesday 3/7/2017, Planetary East, Divine Child
Blue Magnetic Night, Kin 183, Crown Chakra
Today, being the kickoff day of the month, day 1, I check to see what is the huge event that continues into this month. First of all, last months focus was Resurrection. And I knew the 84 qualities of the new energy from December 1st, 2016, would be key! Throne Room/Crystalline Core Continuum Energies. I also chose the words, Love, Safety, and Special.

The huge event was at 08:56 AM on March 5th, 2017, Sunday. I recorded that Indra’s Net had just completely come in!!! That was on Day 27, the day that all the work we’ve done that month comes into the 3rd Dimension and anchors!!! The Crystalline Core, South Pole Day 27!!! Read More about Indra’s Net with references below…

Indeed that did mean to me that the Resurrection Power had come in and anchored that month!!!

In addition, shortly after midnight, a fuller power of  ” Dominion Over Darkness, #33″ came in. That is number 81 on the list of 84 Qualities that came in December 21, 2016. Today is Day 28, when all the months’ work distributes evenly over the Kabbalah, in preparation for the coming month, the next day.

This month I have chosen the words, Ascension, and Indra’s Net, so we can explore those together!

In celebration of the event of Indra’s Net, I want to start this month off with an old joke. Humor can be a helpful learning tool.

A man had lost his car keys in a parking lot at night. He was under a light in the parking lot, searching for his keys. A man came along and offered to help him find his car keys. After some time of searching, the helper said to the man, ” Is this where you lost your car keys?” “Oh, no”, said the man, “I lost them over by the car, but the light is SO much better here!”

So, let’s take this joke and play with it! Let’s say the joke is the Kabbalah. We’re actually looking for the Keys to the Kingdom, and maybe we don’t even know it.

image Mirror Reflecting Illusions

Mirror Reflecting Illusions

Here we are, down here at Malkut, looking for our car keys. It dawns on us that we can’t see a thing in the dark, so we move up to Yesod where there’s more light. We know we need more light to find anything! We notice as we progress upward, that each Sepheroth is brighter than the lower one.

However, of course, that’s not where our car keys are! We move into Tiferet. At least we are getting more light! Something’s happening! As we look up, we see that there is a huge Mirror that is reflecting darkness, illusions, non truths over and over and over again.

There’s no hope. We, the ground crew, the bodies of clay, are kept out of Keter by some blockage, a mirror, that provides NO passage! But our Higher Selves live the next Sepheroth up! We’ve been taught over and over and over that our Higher Selves will and can do everything for us, and everyone else. The whole ground crew! They can heal in every dimension, they can manifest, travel inter dimensionally, do. all the things Christ did. And more!

So, we discover that we can not even connect with these Higher Selves who are also supposed to be our protectors!  Who, what can we trust then?

Dejected, we return to Malkut. Forgetting that we even were looking for our car keys. We have something far more important that we’re searching for now!


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There are pages and pages on Google about Indra’s Net.

You could enter your study according to your own interests. To name a few: Unitarian Universalist, Buddhist, Hindu, Metaphor, non-dual nature of all, holographic metaphor, parable, Aikido, Sacred Geometry, Unified Field, a Sutra, Unbounded Spirit, Joseph Campbell, Chaos Theory, Vedic Indian Mythology.

Indra’s Net and the Net of Indra.

There is a beautiful Picture of Indra’s net visualized on this page:
And A wonderful explanation of the Indra’s Net on this page – with interesting quotations:

For the Ghost Shirt Dance (a Native American focus) you could research these keywords on Google:
Ghost Shirt Dance and the Return of the Animals.

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