Chapter 28 Day 12 Fourteen New Energies


Day 12, Galactic North, the Beloved

Saturday, White Galactic Mirror, Kin 138, Throat Chakra

Addition of 14 more New Energies from December 1st, 2016 – 65 Through 78.

65. This new energy completes the 99% Adamantine or God Particles that all creation is made of. Thus 100%.

66. This new energy is the Template, the Space Holder, of the “I” of Keter and the “I AM” of Da’at. This IS the Merkabah. The Beloved gets on the Merkabah of the Feminine. The white horse.  Opposite of Hebrew Tradition

image of Merkabah


67. No wings needed, no unicorn horn needed.  Inter dimensional travel. Teleportation.**

68. Forms a STAR, that creates light in the physical body. Just noticing the STAR activates it.

69. This New Energy is LAUGHTER, it is the glue that holds the physical body together.

70. It can be received NOW. All of it received NOW and forever and ever from the Great Silence.

71. It moves from the Great Silence (Keter) to the Great Mystery (Da’at).

72. It requires no work to receive, comes naturally from Source, Keter, because it already belongs to us, it’s owner and master. It’s our Divine Inheritance as a Child of God!

73. It is the FOOL in the Tarot Deck, the nothingness that contains THE ALL.

74. This energy has a rainbow field that wraps around it in every direction.

75. The 3% to 4% laughter needed to complete Ascended Masters in the 51 to 99% category (where The Higher Self can still influence) to 100% complete Ascension. “The Making of the Planetary Logos”  by Janet McClure (Chapter 22 – Laughter Chapter)

76. Eliminates the Hierarchy except that Lord Jesus and Lady Mary, Joshua and Kallah Messiah are Supreme:  “All Power has been given to Me in Heaven and in Earth”.   Matthew 28:18. “He was in the world, and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not.”    John 1:10.

77. This  Energy Is the Source and Master of the Living Holographic Universe, watch the YouTube about the holographic Whale.

Also Michael Talbot has written a book named “THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE”.

78.  Activates and Manifests: Visions, Imagination, and Fantasies of Spiritual Missions.