Chapter 25 Day 19 Cosmic West

image day 1912/31/16

Today is Saturday, December 31st, 2016. New Years Eve! Day 19. Red Cosmic Earth. Kin 117. Throat Chakra. This is our Cosmic West Aspect, of Keter Sepheroth, the Cosmic Medicine Wheel. This is our Spiritual Body. The eyes are the body parts. The element of the west is water. This is Miri’s favorite element. She has drawn many left handed pictures of water. Here are a few.

Miri The Mermaid

7-2-91 Miri The Mermaid

2-21-92 Miri Mermaid

2-21-92 Miri Mermaid

Winking Raindrop

9-27-95 Happy Raindrop

My Cosmic West aspect wrote to me on 10/28/99:

I am the artist. I get lost in beauty. My great desire is to capture the beauty I see, hear, feel and bring it into form. I am a master at color and creation.

Beauty is the supreme truth to me. I came to create beauty. I am a violinist, a gardener, a creator of water fountains, labyrinths, feng shui, maker of beads and collages. Nothing is as important to me as BEAUTY – for – that IS all that is.

I see, hear, feel, touch, smell, taste, experience beauty all the time. Breathe beauty IN – and OUT – and IN again. Beauty IS the great healer, the completer, the completion. I am complete.
Within MYSELF, I AM COMPLETE – always

Today, in the west, with tears being mainly water, I would like to consider the possibility of leaving the idea of pain, hardship, and suffering being the only way humanity can learn. Remember here, in Keter, we have left the angry God of the Old Testament behind. In fact, because many of the most important teachings of Lord Jesus purposefully being left out of the Bible, I’m not sure we really HAVE left the Angry God of the Old Testament behind.

Here is the opening quote of Tau Malachi’s Introduction to his book, “The Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas”:

There is a need for a new gospel, a Gospel of the Cosmic Christ- one that restores the mystical and magical elements to Christianity, and yet more, one that teaches a path of conscious evolution toward the enlightenment experience that Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ) himself embodied – the state of Christ-consciousness. I would go so far as to say that it is not only our need but God’s Will that a new gospel emerge and that there are voices of a new gospel who boldly proclaim even better  ” good news.”

I heartily agree that it is time for us to experience the God of Divine Love!!! That is the One True God. This website is about exploring ways here and how we can be joyful about uniting with the Messiah!

Even parents of today, and teachers realize that teaching with and through LOVE is how we humans learn successfully! The idea of punishment, beating, embarrassing students into learning has left our consciousness as an effective tool. To say nothing of the fact that the student may learn the lesson mentally, but then there is the problem of healing from the abuse that is left in their body, emotions, mind, soul, and spirit. We know better, and from now on, in this cosmology, this is our goal. Learning through love, joy, and ease!

Meditations on the New Energy for today.

46. A new channel in the Divine Human Body like the Governors’ channel in the “Essential Reiki” by Marie Stein. It’s in the chapter about passing attunements.

47. This new energy is accessed beyond space and time, lives in infinity and eternity. Is Timeless, Endless.