Chapter 28 Day 27 Last Qualities of New Energies

Day 27 South Pole/Crystalline Core, Center
Sunday, Red Planetary Skywalker, Kin 153, Solar Plexus Chakra

Last 6 qualities, New Energy, from 12/1/16 Seventh Month

Below are the last 6 energies I’m listing that makes a total of 84 of the New energies from Dec. 1, 2016. I am naming them Throne Room / Crystalline Core New Energies received from Dec/1/16 through Feb/5/20/17.

There will be 84, and that’s the final number. As we each pick out the ones we relate to, they will become fuller, and richer, and more understandable to us. They will fill in for us individually and collectively.

79. 1/28/17. Divine Love from Throne Room has complete, absolute, authority over all. No words needed, The Presence of “I”. Completion to Transfiguration, Resurrection and Ascension of Humanity.

80. 1/30/17. No more surrogates, intercessions, taking darkness for others. No more “coming against ” any Klippot. Nothing you can think of or imagine, even! Ann DeHart

81. 1/30/17.  Dominion over Darkness #33, spoken with Authority, through unity with the Messiah is All that Is necessary. This includes the darkest of the dark, depositions, transmutations of the highest level.

82. 2/2/17. All 169,000 from “Snowflake Energy” activated. 13×13. Revelations. The Mystical Body of Christ center of Middle Pillar activated.

83. 2/5/17. The final ” It is finished” that closes out any and all Darkness of any kind that could come against the Divine Creation of Adam/Eve Kadmon ever again.

84. 2/5/17.  This experiment or anything even resembling it will NEVER be allowed by the Throne Room of SOURCE, MOTHER/FATHER GOD and CREATOR again.


8:37 PM. 20:37.