Chapter 25 Day 17 Blue Spectral Eagle

image day 1712/29/2016

Today is Thursday, December 29, Day 17.
Blue Spectral Eagle. Kin 115. Third Eye.

Notice this is the last day of the 10 Cosmic Activation Portals. This is the Cosmic East of the Keter Sepheroth. This is our Spiritual Body, the Cosmic Medicine Wheel. The body part is the back of the neck/base of the skull. The element of the East is Fire, warm Sun.

On 10/28/99 my Cosmic East Aspect wrote:

I must admit, being in human form has been most challenging to me. I have a cosmic mudra that is soft and sensuous. It and I HONOR ALL LIFE. Reverence for Life is my Essence.

When I am present – single focused – single eyed – I experience Heaven on Earth. Miri came and joined me, and we made one long interdimensional trip down to earth on May 3, 1987. “In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with God. And the WORD was GOD.”

I am the COSMIC spark of God, the Cosmic Prana.
I am formless and yet I embrace ALL that is.
I am formless and yet embrace all forms.
..I am life itself – creative life energy –
PRANA, CHI, KI, Dabhar, HOLY Spirit.

I am the breath of life and the FIRE OF LIFE.
The dragon often represents me – in form.
Feel me when you breathe in. Feel also your VIBRAL CORE, the fire in your belly.
That is ME. Passion and Peace. The Power of the Cosmic Source of All Life. I am the COSMIC Energizer Bunny.

Middle Pillar

Middle Pillar

This is a HUGE day, because we have entered into the Eastern Gate of the Promised Land. Not since the Fall of Man, have humans entered this Keter Sepheroth. In fact, since there have been 2 failed attempts to return, Lemuria and Atlantis, this third and final attempt is extraordinary. It is believed that Keter itself had to be extended to include what we are calling The Throne Room, and the South Pole had to be recreated as what we are calling The Crystalline Core.

This is allowing us to follow the Messiah, Kallah and Yeshua, into Keter!!!

Miri is ecstatic!!! We thought we would not be entering Keter fully until we traveled all directions in this Cosmic Medicine Wheel, 4 more days. Or maybe even 12 more days until we traveled up the center of all the middle pillar sepheroth, days 21 through 27. We are told that because all of the last 12 days are PURE, we have entered Keter fully NOW!!!

Well, there are no words for the celebration we are feeling! We never have to leave. Now we can truly LIVE in Keter, Cosmic Christ Consciousness forever with our Savior!

The meditations on the New Divine Energy are:

42. What connects Science and spirituality. That which allows a mystic to know a Rose without dissecting it to “try to find it”.

43. The exiting of the “Dream” into the Truth.

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