Chapter 8 Sacred Time

Here we are, safely at the Eastern Gate of Malkut. Now we enter the Sacred Time – the Tzolkin of the Mayan Calendar. Jose’ Arguelles introduced the DREAMSPELL Mayan Calendar to the outer world in 1993. Of course, the Ancient Time Keepers in South and Central America have been secretly keeping this time throughout the ages.

Jesus told me about this new information released by the Mayan Elders through the Galactic Federation. At the time I didn’t realize He was giving me a new assignment until He asked me to order the “kits.” The kits were set up like games in boxes just like Monopoly games. The games were available 12 to a box and were free, I only had to pay the postage. For some reason “Miriam Wilson” received one box with 12 games and “Reverend Absurd” received another box with 12 games. When the postman brought them a couple of weeks later I got 2 huge boxes with 24 games – very heavy. When I opened them they did not look like a game at all. I didn’t know what to do with them.

I was guided to call the distributor at San Francisco Bay to find out who else in the Washington, D.C. area had purchased these kits. Two people had; one lady I knew, the other gentleman, I had never heard of. The distributor said each of them had given permission for their telephone numbers to be released. I also said to him, “If anyone calls you and asks you who has the DREAMSPELL Kits in Washington, D.C. area, please give them my name and number as I have 24 games I would like to share.” (For me, these were the most unfunny games I’d ever seen).

I must be telling you this to give you another idea of how narrow the thread to ”reality” can be when I am following my guidance. There didn’t seem to be much of a path forward, but I followed the thread. I called the man who had left his name at the San Francisco Bay headquarters. It turned out to be his work number. He was a professional guitarist who worked at a music store in Maryland. (Coincidentally it was the store my daughter had bought her drum set from when she was in high school years before.) This person had been studying the Mayan Calendar, understood it, and offered to come teach us. In order to form a class my task now was to distribute my 24 DREAMSPELL Kits.

It turns out that many people had called the headquarters in San Francisco Bay and been given my number. It was amazing that within less than one week, all the kits were gone. And, it turned out I only knew one person who came to get a kit. Now we had a meeting place, (The Spiritual Center I was now facilitating) a teacher, and a class of about 24 people who had purchased the kits. The teacher told me that groups all over the world would be meeting on what’s called the Crystal Tone or the Twelfth Day of every Wavespell. The date for the first class was set for August 6, 1993.

Miraculously another man from Canada who none of us knew called and said he could teach also. It turned out to be a good thing because we had a group of at least 24 and on that Crystal Tone class day we had to learn how to dial up our Galactic Signature. This is so complicated that now, today, you can’t even get an Ephemeris (an astrological positioning tool).

The Galactic Signature is like your birthdate out of 260 days instead of 365. The Mayan Calendar has many cycles within cycles. The Sacred Time is a cycle of 13 Tones (days) or one Wavespell times a cycle of 20 possible Galactic Signatures. There are 260 Galactic Signature possibilities. Therefore, in Sacred Time, you have a birthday about every 9 months. There are 13 months of 28 days a year making 364 days. The 365th day is July 25th and the Mayans just throw that day out and have a day of jubilation. New Years is July 26th. Our instructions were for as many of us that could to gather on the day out of time – July 25th. About 13 of us went to a park near my home and sat on log benches and contemplated the journey we were about to start. Since we didn’t even know what a Wavespell was, one of my friends suggested that we go to a wave swimming pool and just sit there and contemplate waves until we knew what those 13 Tones of days would mean.


Dream Spell Ephemeris

Twelve days later was the Crystal Tone day when our whole group met with the two teachers and I must say it was rather chaotic. The teachers had us begin by having us take the Ephemeris out of the kit; the Ephemeris had 6 moving circles that had to be moved around a central compass point. Some moved clock-wise, some moved counter clock-wise…but none of us seemed to comprehend. Of course some students thought they did understand it and they went to help their friends and the chaos only grew. It wasn’t until each of the two teachers dialed up our Galactic Signature that we began to settle down. I, of course, was ecstatic because my Galactic Signature was a Mirror and I said “Of course, Mirror-I-Am.”

I am Tone 9 (of 13) which is named Solar, the Mirror is 18 (of 20) Signatures, my direction is White – North and I am a Solar Plexus Receiver. My words are: Reflects, Endlessness and Order. And my guide is the Wizard who means timelessness. We were asked to contemplate our Affirmation (for me, each affirmation is presented as a beautiful poem) for the coming 13 days, until we met again. We soon learned that we were part of an international spiritual community that every day was meditating together on the same affirmation. We were bringing in the same Galactic frequencies as a powerful unified field.

Over time our group began to understand the importance of Spherical Sacred Time which moves towards the Divine instead of the Gregorian Calendar flat time that doesn’t move from the Earth. There are many Mayan Calendars connected with the Mayan Elders in Central and South America. The Dreamspell Galactic Calendar is the one I was guided to study.

For those who are interested in the DREAMSPELL Galactic Calendar, the website: will provide all the information you need. This group creates a DREAMSPELL Calendar running July 26th through July 24 annually. It’s a beautifully illustrated calendar that has most of the information originally supplied in the DREAMSPELL kit which you can no longer find (except sometimes online.) You can even connect with a local DREAMSPELL group that meets in your area.

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