Chapter 28 Day 1 Transfiguration


Day 1, Planetary East, Divine Child
Tuesday, Blue Planetary Hand, Kin 127, Crown Chakra.

Today we are starting the 7th Month of the Year. Resonant Month of Attunement.
Words: Channel    Inspire    Attunement
We have completed the journey of last month. Now we’ve had the experience of unifying the Kabbalah and Sacred Time, Tzolkin. We may go back and refer to all the days, 1-28 because they are the same every month, but they are applied day by day. In other words, what changes every month is the daily Kin #, and the Tone and the Glyph of each day. Remember, there are 13 tones and 20 glyphs. 13×20 = 260, the number of days in the Sacred Time, Tzolkin. We are continuing to build on the work we do, month by month.

I have chosen my focus for the month. Transfiguration.  Ecstasy, Passion, Bliss. This means I will be feeling that my natural state at this point in time “IS” these emotions. I will be imagining feeling them, and experience them transforming my physical body. Because this is the Inner Child Ascension Path, (ICAP) my emotions are what lead me.
I am checking back on last month,

Play Therapy

9-1-89 Dancing under Black Cloud

In the SOUTH: I realize I made GREAT progress on dissolving the black cloud that was over my head,  and accepting from it the gift of laughter and humor. Willy finally showed up, and put his piece into my completing aspects, from the Planetary South, and the Planetary East. The gift of tears also became more available to me in past month.
In Da’at, at the Universal North #16, my male aspect has ridden over to the Universal West, on his white horse from #12, the Beloved, and picked up his Soul mate and taken her back to the north.

Remember, these aspects are our own self. The Beloved from the north now helps his twin flame onto the swift white horse, and they head together back to the north. The Universal north is where all belief that the Divine Feminine is not equal to the Divine Masculine, must dissolve as non truth. Remember, in this cosmology we each have had many lives, both male and female. We must root out any of our own buried beliefs about the subordinate role of women and girls. Women often have these buried beliefs themselves. In order to enter the east gate of Keter, all inferior beliefs about the feminine must dissolve, for men and women, and boys and girls.

This would mean to me that another integration is happening between my male and female aspects. All of my own relationships must be harmonious within myself, in this cosmology of the inner child, for me to have harmonious relations with God, and my fellow humanity.

image Primordial-HumanBeing

Primordial Human Being

However, the biggest shift I felt is the YHWH, Hebrew letters that came in on Day 25, the Center of Keter. I will be watching all 3 of these, however, the YHWH will get the most attention. This is because the most energies of synchronicities came in around this Day #25.

The Source, Mother/Father God, and the Holy Creator are pulling us through from above. This is the GOD OF LOVE that we can easily feel now, His/Her Will for us as Divine Love Transformation and Transfiguration.

Miri inserts that her older sister wrote her Master’s Degree in Psychology dissertation on Pinocchio. How Geppetto finally made Pinocchio into a real human. (Miri says to use our imagination to feel how Our Mother Father God is doing a similar Miracle for us, Transfiguring us into Divine Children again! This is because the God of Divine Love desires us to be made of the same Holiness that He/She is. This Divine Love transfigures us as perfection in every way!)