Chapter 17 The Divine Structure


After the tumultuous election of 2016 and the chaotic aftermath, there are all kinds of reports both in the mass media and on websites and channeled spiritual messages about structures falling, reality as we’ve known it disintegrating, and the world we thought was so real being exposed as false.  For me it’s very important to remember that the real Divine Truth has never left.  In Sophian Gnosticism and the Kabbalah, the truth is God’s original DIVINE PLAN. This plan is and always has been the Eternal Truth.  As humankind began its fall, Sophian Gnostics are taught that the sparks of the divine light began to be trapped within the heavier vibrations of darkness.  The Kabbalistic term indicating darkness is called “cosmic forces of ignorance.”

image Kabbalah sephroth

Sepheroth, Circles or Medicine Wheels

This term also refers to evil and unclean spirits or forces of evil. Klippot is the Sophian Gnostic name of the divine sparks of light that are trapped in the husks of darkness. Nothing has happened to the divine matrix or the sacred Kabbalah, it’s still intact, including Keter and Da’at which were never effected by darkness at all.

During the fall and after the fall of the divine human being – Adam/Eve Kadman – the source of all life, Mother/Father/God and the Divine Creator closed off access to the fallen creation between Da’at and Tifferet. According to my understanding, the Klippot fragments of the structures left over from former cosmic cycles of creation could not enter past this galactic mirror in the Center Pillar. Duality was created through the Left Pillar of Darkness and the Right Pillar of Light up through Binah and Hokmah. However, the paths horizontally to Keter and Da’at were completely blocked. In the Right Pillar, Hokmah and Hesed in the Left Pillar Binah and Gevruah darkness could not enter these two highest Sepheroths. In other words, Adam/Eve Kadmans spirit and divine spark in his/her soul could never be touched.

According to my guidance, on January 6th of 2012 the mirror was busted between Da’at (the Universal Medicine Wheel) and Tifferet (the Galactic Medicine Wheel). This allowed the God Particles from Keter and the Holy Spirit from Keter to begin to flow down with Divine Love from Source – Mother/Father/God and the Creator. This Divine Love was also spread downward and upward to fill the Left and Right Pillars of the Sacred Kabbalah. This is vitally important for us to remember that this sacred divine plan is not crumbling. What is crumbling is the dark husks of the God Sparks that became encrusted with darkness as the human fell into more and more dense realities.

In so many of the writings of today, whether they are daily blogs from spiritual websites or clear through to the mass media, the feeling I get is there is no remembrance or assurance that our Divine Creator is not only with us but has sent us this Divine Life, Light and Love flowing down to us. So many of us believed that the new earth would appear on December 21st of 2012. I have been a student of the Dreamspell Mayan Calendar for 23 years and I certainly expected obvious appearances of the Golden Age. I have had to cling to my belief that this new energy was flowing down into the Third Dimension of Reality since January 6th of 2012 to keep my spirits up. I have been struggling along with many Light Workers who have felt the same. My saving grace has been in my studies of Sophian Gnostic Christianity and the Kabbalah. As I’ve mentioned before I’m very grateful for all the five books Tau Malachi has written.* I wrote in Chapter 10 (Reading the Senses of My Body) about how the intelligence of my body gave me information not available to me through my mind after the results of the November 8th election.

I’ve also written that by November 15th the inner peace had receded and my inner child, Miri, reminded me I needed to get back into the joy of the divine child.  That was the first day of the fifth month of the Dreamspell Mayan Calendar where in Chapter 15 I began to talk about the new energy that I felt come in on December 1st of this year at midnight. By then the build-up of the Native American Water Protectors of the Dakota Access Pipe Line and the government confrontations were finally in the mainstream media. Except for “Democracy Now,” this information had been kept from the people. Fortunately the websites and internet news gave us the truth and we were able to support the original inhabitants of America through prayer, donations, letters to our representatives and spreading the news in every way we could.

By Sunday, December 4th, all who participated in the events at Standing Rock seemed to bring about a shifting in consciousness in the world.  Indigenous people from all over the world, citizens from all countries, American Veterans and the media joined in with the indigenous Native Americans from all over the United States in the sacred ceremony to save the water and humanity.  It seemed to me at this event that all the requirements that have been given to humanity on how to approach our Creator in a sacred manner were expressed  in the news of the Army Corps of Engineers not granting the permit to proceed.  I felt because of this reverent  ceremony, the God of All Creation responded.