Chapter 28 Day 13 Head for Keter


Day 13, Universal East, Divine Child

Sunday, Blue Solar Storm, Kin 139, Solar Plexus Chakra

Head for Keter

Head right for the Divine Kabbalah every time!

Here we are, a day past the inauguration. Time to realize we are receiving these new Transfiguration Energies from December 1st, 2016. Regardless of the outer appearance of the world, we are snuggled in a Tour of the Kabbalah, and how the Sophian Gnostic Teachings, of Lord Jesus, all fit into the Tzolkin Sacred Time, to create the ability to live in Timelessness and Spacelessness. My Mayan Signature is Mirror Reflects Order Endlessness, my guide, the Wizard is Timelessness. This gives me confidence because that is exactly what out Tour is about! What a synchronicity!

There is wonderful information on “what the old matrix was.”

It is important to know where we’ve been, in order to know what will be flowing in from the Divine. This will flow in because humanity has won her Ascension, and it can no longer be held back by any opposing force. For a good many of us, it’s time to receive the new Transfiguration, Resurrection, and Ascension, energy that began to flow in on midnight, from Source, welcoming December 2016.

It’s not that we will turn into a pillar of salt, like Lot’s wife upon looking at Sodom and Gomorrah. They were told not to look back on the gross city, but Lots wife did. We have been to the other side of the mountain, so to speak. We’ve been to Keter now, and we are looking down. We have a new viewpoint, and can live up in Keter (the other side of the mountain). We have no reason to come down. Last month we took the whole journey, and we now build our Spiritual Mission Visions from Keter, Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

We have moved into Da’at once already. Here we are, moving into Da’at again. Remember, blackness cannot follow us. The God of Mercy has answered our calls, and also is honoring His/Her own promises, in spite of various spiritual and religious groups, who believe we must go though the whole apocalypse, before we can move on.

I believe that having to stick in group collective consciousness, has been released, and we can move on upward, as individuals, if we’ve done our work. In fact, the Creator is pulling us up from above!!! How inspiring is it for our family and friends to experience us turning into light, Crystalline Light Bodies, as has been promised us by God Herself/Himself?