Chapter 30 Day 12 The Wizard of Da’at

Day 12, Galactic North, Adult Male
Saturday, 3/18/2017, White Crystal Wizard, Kin 194, Throat Chakra

img Mirror Busted

Mirror Busted

Here we are, the children, Ketre, Dorothy, Miri, and their friends, Indra, their puppy, Dandy Lion, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow. Yeshua and Kallah Messiah in the persons of Jesus and Lady Mary, and Archangel Metatron are in the background, protecting the group while they continue on. Turning the corner, the group expected to see the mirror below Da’at completely removed, as it had been reported to them. They were looking forward to success on this, their second attempt to get into Da’at.

Imagine their surprise when they turned the corner, and were stopped by a huge white veil which was closing the opened entry of Da’at!!! Dorothy, who is used to blockages getting in her way, took the lead. “My, what is THIS?” she said. Immediately, Indra, the puppy, moved up beside Dorothy. Apparently Indra knew the story of “The Wizard of Oz”, and knew she would have a leading role RIGHT NOW!

Indra knew how this story would end, and went right up to the lower right side of the curtain. She grabbed a hold of it with her teeth and gave it a MIGHTY RIP!!! As a slow motion movie, the enormous veil opened like a stage curtain, and there in plain sight was a very old man. He was at some sort of machine making scary images. It was obvious he had seen the group coming from afar, and wanted to release his most scariest of images!!! Of course HE was the most surprised! He had no time to center himself upon turning around to face them.

Dorothy, in her BOLD voice, that we all know, said very STERNLY, “WHO ARE YOU?” Well, anyone would have cringed, and he shrunk down, wishing he could disappear in smoke like his most scary images did. “I’m the Wizard of Da’at.” He said meekly, apparently not too proud of that at this moment! He appeared to suddenly realize he had been in this story before!!!

“You mean, mean man” said Dorothy. “We’ve been here before! Didn’t you learn your lesson last time? Are you still enjoying scaring children and innocent beings? Shame on you! Shame! Shame! Shame!” The old man began to cringe like a little puppy dog, and Dorothy knew then that he was a man of consciousness. Dorothy, being a child of infinite compassion, as all Divine Children are, couldn’t stand to see any creature cowering.

Quickly, the tone in her voice changed. “I perceive that you actually have good intentions, and are trying to get home to Keter, also. However you must not realize that the old order of the mind, the male and the adult, are no longer leading. You must realize that the mirror being smashed and gone means something, because you are blocking the passageway that God has created for His/Her Children. You know that must be and is wrong! Your mind understands this VERY well, and we are here to assure you that your reign IS over!” said Dorothy.

(Dorothy realized that the Wizard of Da’at had apparently not been reading “The Ark and the Canoe” or anything about the TAO Humor Center on the web. If he had, he would know that we have been exploring in every way possible, what Jesus meant when he said, “You MUST become as a LITTLE child to enter the Kingdom of God.” There’s a MUST in there, and a LITTLE child!!! TAO means “The Way”, And for us it also means Totally Awesome and Outrageous!!! I’m sure by now, we all will agree on this! Dorothy realizes it’s a good idea for Higher Selves to check into what their ground crews have been up to! The Wizard of Da’at didn’t seem to have a clue!)

Dorothy was not at all surprised of the strength of her voice. She spoke with authority as of the new gift of Dec.1st, 2012: Dominion over Darkness. That is #33, the center of Da’at, and all these 84 new gifts were now backed by the Cosmic Law of Divine Love. Besides, last time she had been through this way, she had not received her Divine Child yet. This time, though, as she talked to the Wizard of Da’at, she knew he had gotten the full impact of her message.

“You know,” Dorothy continued, “The old order was officially over on December 21, 2012. That was the time Mother Father God picked for the Higher Selves of the Ascended Masters to complete the freeing of humanity from their captors after these millions of years. I believe Ascended Masters can be anywhere between 51% to 99% ascended, and live in Da’at as our Higher Selves.

However, as you must know, Miri received permission from Jesus to bring her Divine Child down from Keter. On May 3, 1987 a few months before the Harmonic Convergence of August 16, 17 and 18, my Divine Child, Miri had come into my consciousness and I had started my discovery of the Inner Child Ascension Path or (ICAP) as Miri calls it.

Through these 13 years, I had learned about what is called the HIGHER SELF. This is a part of us that dwells in the Ascended Master realm. Many students saw these aspects as the highest known, and were always trying to live up to their standards.

I, however, was becoming very frustrated. From what I had learned, this aspect of myself had the power, intelligence, and I AM presence to heal myself and others, teach me sacred mysteries, help me succeed in my spiritual mission, remove barriers, create abundance of all good things, and on and on and on. However, this HIGHER SELF seemed to enjoy “lording it over me”, my embodied self, my mind and my emotions. This was not okay with me, as I inherently knew that Jesus had all aspects of Himself, divinely aligned and ordered from above, and we were supposed to follow Him… but, how?

Jesus answered! “We can bring your Divine Child down from the highest Sepheroth-Keter. She has dominion over your lower dimensional self, even your higher self. You have a highest self-your, Eve-Kadmon.” (See Kabbalah image.)

image Kabbalah Middle PillarHe pointed at my drawing of the Kabbalah. Starting at the south of the top Sephorath or Medicine Wheel, He moved His finger over to the east to pick up the Holy Spirit and then spiraled down to the Universal Medicine Wheel or DA’AT, down through the Galactic Medicine Wheel or TIFERET, down through the Solar Medicine Wheel or YESOD, finally coming in the east gate, the Great Spirit gate of the Planetary Medicine Wheel or MALKUT. (See Kabbalah image.)

(This is an excerpt from Chapter 2, Miri’s Divine Child.)

She was accompanied by Jesus and another aspect of herself. As she has written, on May 3rd of 1987, Miri’s Divine Child arrived. This will be 30 years in less than 2 months!!! That was even before the Harmonic Convergence of August 16, 17, & 18 of 1987. This has been plenty of time for the New Divine Plan of our Creator to have been implemented!”

“I’ve even read that we voted to wait 4 extra years after the Winter Solstice of 2012 to give 90% of humanity a chance to ascend instead of the 30% that would have ascended on that 2012 Winter Solstice. Believe me, the ground crew was not consulted. You Higher Selves have been acting as tho we are slaves. The ground crew is part of YOU, the Higher Selves. We had the COURAGE to embody for you! Without us, you could not do our work in Malkut, the physical.”

Dorothy finally said, ” Our group needs to be quiet and assimilate this total surprise. I will give the “talking stick over to Miri.”

“Thank you, so much, Dorothy. You are the only one who could have so beautifully handled this surprise encounter. Thank you from all of us!” Miri said. “I feel the best person to handle this experience now, is Rev Absurd. He has graciously allowed us to do our part, and now we want his expertise in humor, and to give us a chance to catch our breaths!”

Rev Absurd, who had been in the background stepped forth. “Yes,” he said. “We need to regroup, and I remember a Prophecy we created with our final “left handed drawing” at the TAO Humor Center. It was our last picture before we moved. We will place this picture up where the veil was. After we have all played with it, and gotten its profound message, it will be time to enter Da’at, never more to be kept out by our Higher Selves. We, the ground crew have now entered Da’at from Keter, the Cosmic Medicine Wheel AND Tiferet, the Galactic Medicine Wheel!!! CHECK MATE!!!”

Clown Mouth

9-9-02 Clown Mouth

At that, this huge banner of Sacred Clowns, Koshares, Heyokas, Coyotes, and Kachinas poured out of a huge Augúst Clowns’ Mouth to celebrate!!!

9/9/02. Clown/Kachina Inner facing multidimensionaly with Angels.

(Drawing, sticker and rubber stamping all done with Left Hand.)

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