Chapter 21 Day 3 Red Planetary Dragon

Image medicine Wheel with Tone and Kin


Today, Thursday, is Day 3 of this month, Red Planetary Dragon. It is the 10th day of the 13 day wavespell. The chakra is the 3rd eye. The kin is 101 of 260 days. At the top of the your page today, put a blank until your adult woman aspect tells you her name. If you’re a man, you still have a complimentary feminine aspect of yourself at the physical level. In the middle of your heading put Planetary West. The body parts are the left and right ankles. This aspect of myself is really background, invisible. Her name is Grapefruit, and even though I planned a clown outfit for her, it never manifested. She remains invisible. It is important to honor the “personality” of our different aspects. This keeps them honest. Through the years, I understand their gifts. On 3/16/01 Grapefruit said to me,

“Somehow, I have been the background that everything else has been made manifest on. Quite a feminine role down here! However, since I am responsible for “holding the space”, and making sure everyone gets their piece put in, that isn’t surprising. I AM your Prime physical aspect, since you are in an adult female body. I connect easily to the center of this Seferoth, Malkut, the Planetary Medicine Wheel. I connect easily also to Source, Keter, in the Cosmic west. Having Source here now is awesome! All life, all creation, is now changing the CONSCIOUSNESS of WHO we ARE. I speak softly, the feelings, and feeling tones of the ascension. I find everyday words to uplift the listeners and help speed up the remembrance of ancient memories of WHO WE ARE. I inspire people. People want to be with me, learn from me, study with me. I AM the VOICE, the sound vibration of the planetary awakening.”

This quiet, invisible aspect of myself has turned out to be a very valuable aspect of myself. In the book “Gnosis and the Law” by, Tellis Patastavro, page  (*), there is a story about Lady Master Nada in one of her lifetimes. She had no talents of her own that were ever acknowledged. Her gift was to secretly give all of her love to her sisters, who then miraculously increased their talents. Her sisters became famous, and Lady Master Nada was not even known. She had great joy, invisibly helping her sisters, and receiving nothing tangible for herself. I always thought this was the saddest story. However, having an aspect like that for myself, really increases my expressions of myself. I began to do a new form of artwork, where the background is the important part of the composition. The designs and color are the field, and the focus, forms in the foreground are very plainly portrayed. It’s like the tapestry, the weaving, the part that holds the picture together, becomes the important part of the composition. Later on, when I understood the God Particles and Holy Spirit better, it seemed that the unseen, the mystery became the most important part.

image New Energy

New Energy

Now that this new mist energy has just come in, it seems easier to understand it’s role and purpose. It’s like the glue that holds everything together. Without it, nothing could be or exist. It’s a very feminine, divine, new energy. Completely essential for our Ascension. It’s the same energy I noticed when I started playing the viola in an orchestra instead of the first violin section which plays the melody. All of a sudden, I could hear every instrument all together, and I was right in the center of the sound. It was a whole new world of music, quite ecstatic, and I always wanted to play viola in quartets and orchestras from then on. Of course, as I got older, the viola parts are much easier to play! Got to get some humor in here! So, today, I’m sharing some thoughts of how the individual energies of my aspects begin to blend into wholeness. This realization comes in, in its own timing. It is real and omniscient. It is a holy part of us already! Even if our conscious mind has “gotten it” or not, yet. our subconscious has already integrated it to our benefit. It’s magic!

Today the New energy thoughts are:

6. Beyond subtle, minuscule, smaller than God Particles.

7. Finer than the Holy Spirit.

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