Chapter 24 Day 13 DA’AT Blue Resonant Monkey


Today is, Sunday, December 25th, Christmas Day of 2016. This is Blue Resonant Monkey, Kin 111, Solar Plexus Chakra, and Day 7 of the 13 days of this wavespell. We are at Day 6 of the 10 Cosmic Activation Portals. If you picked an intention or focus for them, half of the days are complete, so look for some energetic responses of your work.

Today will be the Universal East of the Universal Medicine Wheel, or Da’at Sepheroth. The part of the body is the heart, and Da’at is the soul of the Adam/Eve Kadmon.

img Kabbalah

Original Kabbalah

Kabbalah with Paths

Kabbalah with Paths

Middle Pillar

Middle Pillar

We will discuss Da’at now. This Sepheroth is the most misunderstood in the Kabbalah, I believe. Look at the original Kabbalah on the left. Notice that Da’at is NOT connected at all to the vertical path. Da’at is not connected to any paths. We might say, we could go from Tiferet to Hokmah to Keter. Or from Tiferet to Binah to Keter. We couldn’t, because we cannot be on the left or right pillar alone, and handle the energy. They say not to study the Kabbalah until we are at least 40. Many students become mentally unbalanced because this is not just a map. This is real truth, and by 40 we hopefully respect what we know and do not test it out just to check. No!

There is a mirror between Tiferet and Da’at. It is said that after the fall of man, the sepheroth fell, and when the spiritual hierarchy put them back, only 11 were used and Da’at was left unconnected and unnumbered. This blockage kept any cosmic ignorance out, and the disconnected Da’at with no number kept any darkness from Keter. This is the Mirror that was shattered on January 6, 2012 according to my guidance. The Da’at and Keter Divine Energy could come and begin to saturate the Galactic, Solar, and Planetary Sepheroth from then on. Light beings who are returning home could continue their work in Da’at before that.

Now look at the reconstructed Kabbalah. This is the one my guidance had me build as my garden. This Kabbalah has 13 sepheroth and 30 paths. The original had 11 sepheroth (but 1 unattached and not numbered) with 22 paths. The picture of the magic mirror that keeps Da’at blocked off is in a book, “The Fruits of the Tree of Life”, by Omraam Michael Aivanhov. Page 52. This is extremely important, because, it appears that many spiritual seekers who are trying to get back to Source and the Godhead, don’t realize that there are 2 more Levels: the Universal, Soul, or Da’at Sepheroth, AND the Cosmic, Spirit, or Keter Sepheroth, that are secret and invisible! This IS the truth that must be unmasked! NOW!

In the sacred time Dreamspell book, “Surfers of the Zuvuia”, by Jose Arguelles, there is a map, that shows the Mayan calendar goes only to Galactic time or Tiferet. The second I saw that I said, “Oh my, we are in trouble. If we don’t KNOW, with NO doubt, GNOSIS, that there are 5 levels necessary to travel in order to get home, how will we know when we’re home?” The cosmology of the Kabbalah Sacred Path is very clear about that.

(To be continued). ….. December 26, 2016

I will not be giving the names of these next 8 aspects of myself. I will include some words they gave to me when they introduced themselves to me. The Da’at and Keter sepheroth have been sealed off since the fall of man for a reason. I believe this Sophian Gnosticism is what Jesus truly taught, and his followers and disciples were killed and torchered to keep the truth from being revealed to humanity. Of course, the Messiah was also killed.

So the underground gnostics had outer circles of teachings, that were public. Then there were inner circles by invitation. Most gnostic teachings are oral. They wrote down very little, and what they did write was burned by those who wanted to kill the truth, and the bearers of truth. These scripts have been found at Nag Hammadi and other places. You will notice that Tau Malachi will write about inner teachings, and will very seldom say this is a secret teaching. The levels of understanding, for the secret teachings are to be understood by the students’ own meditation and spiritual practices.

What I’m saying is, that we, too, will not want to reveal the secret teachings to others unless we’re really sure. Our insights will get deeper and they build on each other. They will often be beyond words anyway, and there are many artistic, creative ways to express them. Indigenous people traditionally did not have “talking bark.” Also one did not reveal all of their totem. It’s the same thing. As Joel Goldsmith always taught, “Silent, Sacred, and Secret”. For sure, we want to completely OWN our newly discovered wisdom. We must be sure we have EXPERIENCED it, and let it settle in. We must get very good internal guidance about what we release. This is very important.

To put it bluntly, and right out there: In other words, until the secret dark energies that have been ruling the earth for millennia are exposed and escorted off the planet, solar system and galaxy, we must BE cautious. Jesus said,

“Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: Be Ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.             Matthew 10:16.

Today, these are the same energies that were there 2,000 years ago. The New Heaven and the New Earth are almost here! Then we will be free!

So in your notebook, you will have the name, Universal East, and the heart for the body part. Here are a few things my #13 Aspect wrote.

I am from the East.  I am always right behind that which has manifest.  I would be the manna, the quantum, the chaos before it becomes ORDER.  I am always in motion.

In fact, motion is REST to me.  I am perpetual, moving, rhythm, dance.  ALL this IS stillness to me.  I am beyond the beyond.  I am the other side of the mystery.

Once you find me, I CHANGE!

Yet…I am always HERE.  I am never absent, not available.

My color is green – emerald.  Everything is healed in my presence.  I am like a green fire.  All dross is consumed, transmuted by me.  What is left is divine TRUTH.  TRUTH is the only thing that can exist in my presence.

The meditations on the New Energy are:

33. Keter Spark from Throne room.

34. What Jesus always knew He possessed when He said, “I am from above, you are from below.”

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