Chapter 16 List of Qualities and Feelings


In Chapter 15 “Love Heals” – New Energy I mention a list of qualities that describe the feelings I receive from this new energy, love heals that arrived December 1st 2016.

List 1 —  numbers 1-26 came in 12/2/2016 and List 2 — numbers 27-63 came in 12/3/16.
(The Asterisks *** depict an area where information that will be inserted soon.)

  1. A gift being bestowed upon us from above
  2. Like fine mist, precipitation, elixir
  3. Direct from Prime Source, Mother-Father God, Divine Creator
  4. Enters thru breath, breathing
  5. Throne Room, Crystalline Core continuum (connects duality, the left and right pillars of the Kabbalah)
  6. Beyond subtle, minuscule, smaller than God Particles
  7. Finer than the Holy Spirit
  8. The unifying of the divine masculine and divine feminine NW (Magnetic Medicine wheel of Celestine Prophecy)
  9. Child like, innocent, pure, tender
  10. Like a first kiss *******
  11. Humanity’s reward for the out of control destruction that was perpetrated since the “fall of man”
  12. Nuclear fire as Jesus told St. Thomas about ** Verse —
  13. Heals thru Divine Love, it’s power as of the Messiah ( Jesus said. “All power has been given to me in heaven and on earth.”)
  14. Purpose is to heal the children who were abused.* thus the divine adults
  15. Administered thru the “I” of Keter/Throne room/Crystalline Core (David Hawkins 3rd book in a trilogy, “I”). ** 2 “I” pictures, finished in Denver
  16. Unites the heart and mind, restores the heart leading NE*** Story from Glenda Green “Love Without End”
  17. Unites the adult and child SW diagram magnetic MW from the Celestine prophecy
  18. Unites the inner and the outer CENTER, diagram from Celestine Prophecy of Magnetic Medicine Wheel.
  19. Unites the wounded and the divine SE diagram from Celestine Prophecy
  20. Sacred geometry, the Tube Torus diagram in Kabbalah Sister Site
  21. Never before in this Omniverse, a new substance.
  22. Sadness, tears, gratitude, deep, deep, deep, joy all at same time
  23. Maybe the little boy and the little girl, almost androgynous in the very early years.
  24. The feeling of gentle ocean waves and rhythm as the breathing. the waves even breathing me.
  25. Searches out and heals subconscious, and hidden memories
  26. The cosmic symbol was activated.
  27. From above to below, future to present.
  28. Lips, heart, and sacrum: connection of the 3 ( J. M.) 
  29. Mankind searching: Fountain of youth, Magic, Moses Staff, Aaron’s Rod, Black Elks Vision of Budding Stick, Alchemical Gold
  30. Related to original split of Male, Female spirit
  31. They will become like us,” Genesis 2, second creation story. “They will become like us,” 2nd Genesis, second creation story.
  32. What Nephilium, and Annanaki, are trying to steal from humanity and can’t
  33. Keter spark from throne room
  34. What Jesus always had when he said ,”I am from above, you are from below.
  35. Child, only the Child has this at this time
  36. Before the fall, “Enoch walked with God, and was Translated”
  37. Twin flame mystery
  38. Fairy tales; kiss transmutes frog to prince, beast to man.
  39. Soul and spirit, necessary to distinguish 5 trees of life, not 4
  40. Pistis Sophia, J.J.Hurtok book. The difficulty of the feminine journey ( we all must take)
  41. #33 Kabbalah story. **** dominion over darkness throat chakra
  42. What connects Science and spirituality. That which allows a mystic to know a Rose without dissecting it to “try to find it”
  43. The exiting of the “Dream” into the Truth
  44. What it is that keeps darkness from entering Keter and Da’at EVER!
  45. What my new web was going to be: Write stories as though the fall never happened. We were allowed to expand perfection. Nothing to overcome. (Didn’t do because people couldn’t even imagine a reality like this!)
  46. A new channel in the human body like the governors channel in the ” Essential Reiki” by Marie Stein. It’s in the chapter about passing attunements.
  47. This new energy is accessed beyond time and space, lives in infinity and eternity. Timeless, Endless
  48. Protects the front torso of the feminine body.
  49. New energy begins to come in around 12″ in front of the body. It will come in only at a rate safe for your wounded child. See gingerbread meditation **
  50. It is pre Genesis 1. Before the male and female spirits were separate. Procreation
  51. It crosses the invisible line: Visible/Invisible, Space/energy, creative Life Energy dabhar (Hebrew for creative life energy)
  52. Relates to J. J. Hurtok. Verse 4- **
  53. Is related to the transfiguration, resurrection, and Ascension.
  54. Urantia Book. What was left of the Lords body after resurrection.
  55. Paul taught Resurrection of the body. Jesus taught resurrection of the soul. Urantia book and Disappearance of the Universe.
  56. Only in Keter & Da’at no duality
  57. Darkness can not go there. It will dissolve like the Wicked Witch of the West.(Wizard of Oz)
  58. Once it smashes something, it cannot be put back together again.(Humpty Dumpty)
  59. Provides divine energy (like sparkly food) *
  60. Is pure truth. Eliminates “guilt, shame, unforgiveness” ACIM “nothing happened” Creates as it moves. Like Celestine Prophecy, moves into space less and timeless.
  61. Divine expectation. Pre-creation. Dream manifesting. Not visible to you, but YOU know it’s there! Attraction! Angelic!!
  62. It’s the angelic part of us.
  63. Divine love, an upgrade from unconditional love. ( double negative )
  64. On day 28 Jan 9,th 2017, the 64th energy came in: This energy can be used individually, one does not have to wait until a certain percentage of humanity has integrated these new gifts. We may finally go ahead and graduate!

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