Chapter 30 Day 17 The Great Bonfire

The Great Bonfire 3/23/2017
Day 17, Cosmic East, Keter Sepheroth, Holy Spirit
Thursday, 3/23/2017, Blue Self-Existing Storm, Kin 199, Third Eye

At Dawn, the 17th day of the 9th month, the whole camp began to stir, peacefully and quietly awakening. This was the biggest day in their lifetimes, returning home to the Father/Mother’s House! They were the first group to enter. By now, many Higher Selves had joined, there were the children, the clowns and kachinas, and of course the animals who had returned!

When all had assembled, Lord Jesus, Lady Mary, and Archangel Metatron arrived with the huge scroll, of the old regime. It was heavy and cumbersome, just like the old plan. All who were moving forward felt a huge wave of relief! Some angels lifted the scroll on an  ENORMOUS PUMPKIN CARRIAGE, and asked Dorothy, Ketré, Miri, and Indra, if they would ride in the ENORMOUS PUMPKIN CARRIAGE to the ceremony. Of course they were delighted! Off the parade went. Some beautiful unicorns and white horses with wings, drew the carriage. What magic!

Parade Horse The parade was led by Lord Jesus, Lady Mary, and Archangel Metatron, riding beautiful winged white horses. Next are Ketré, Dorothy, Miri, and Indra in the ENORMOUS PUMPKIN CARRIAGE, bringing the scroll. Dandy Lion, Tim, the Tinman, and Clarence, the Scarecrow were mounted on beautiful White Unicorns! The Divine Children came next. Each one had chosen a carousel animal to ride on, and of course the animals from carousels had become magically alive. After that were all the Higher Selves (51%-99% Ascended) They were beginning to integrate their children Child Self, and had allowed their inner Child to pick out a carousel animal of their choice! How happy these inner children were to be integrating with their adult selves! And the returned animals closed the parade.
image Carousel Horse

Once the Valentine Carousel Horses got there picture up, some other of Miri’s Valentine animals wanted to come! These said ” we really need to be here, because we are becoming extinct on planet earth. These 6 jumped forward, and joined the carousel animals!

Orcas, a valentine made with Stamps and a play on words.

Orcas, a valentine made with Stamps and a play on words.

Valentines with Elephants

Valentines with Elephants

img of Valentine card


img of Puffin


img of giraffe


img of Moose


(These happy pictures are from my Valentine gallery… Click to see more)

The Holy Procession reached the East Gate of Paradise. There was no lock and key. Suddenly the original travelers, Miri, Ketré, Indra, Dorothy, Dandy Lion, Tim the Tin Man and Clarence, the Scarecrow realized that they had not needed Keys to the Kingdom at all. It is inner qualities of Grace that allow the Seekers to come all the way home! And here they all were entering the East Gate. Of course there were multitudes of angels greeting them and leading the procession now.

Osco puppet dragon

“OSCO” puppet dragon

Because of their serious assignment, to burn the Scroll that was now outdated, they were led right to the Sacred Fire pit. Imagine their surprise when they saw OSCO, the Dragon from Miri’s Grinn’s Fairy Tales waiting for them! OSCO had been scaring Miri, like the Wizard of Da’at was scaring Dorothy’s group. They had all learned Kindness now, and had been invited to paradise!

Animals on their way to the World Healing ceremony at the TAO Humor Center.

2-16-91 Animals Coming to 3630.

Big House

2-23-91 World Healing Meditation

And now, the enormous Scroll was lifted by a number of angels to the exact spot in the middle of the Fire pit. The riders in the ENORMOUS PUMPKIN CARRIAGE, Ketré, Dorothy, Miri, and Indra, took their places. Dandy Lion, Tim, the Tinman, and Clarence, the Scarecrow, followed and sat next to them. All participants of the whole parade, seated themselves. It was a huge gathering! Then to everyone’s surprise, in the air came all the stuffed animals the whole group of stuffed animals who used to meditate at the Stuffed Animal World Healing Meditation every month at the TAO Humor Center!!!

These animals all live at St Joseph Indian School, now, but because of the Dakota Pipeline “Water is Life,” Sacred Ceremonies, the whole Indigenous population in the entire world, now has awesome communication and support in the inner planes. All friends of the Indigenous People are all included in this communication, and these stuffed animals easily found out about this most important Ceremony to be performed at the East Gate of Keter. After all, the contents of this scroll has caused harm for all of creation for eons too long!

It was now time for the long expected Ceremony. The skies above became very light and luminous in a way the crowd had never experienced before. The Supernal Trio; Source of all Life, Mother Father God, and Divine Creator were gathering above. The Messiah, Yeshua and Kallah, embodied by Lord Jesus and Lady Mary, stood Below. The Divine Children Were represented by Ketré, Dorothy, and Miri. Indra represented the New Reality of Indra’s Net.

No one knew what Nuclear Fire was like. Only Beings of the Highest Spiritual Standing could use it. Jesus lifted His Hands high over his head. At that moment, every one present experienced for himself/herself, what Jesus was saying when He said, “You’ve seen Me, you have seen the Father.” There was a great hush as Jesus raised His hands over the Scroll. The next moment the Scroll simply disappeared. There was an audible sigh from the participants, not knowing what to expect! Jesus, put His hands together in prayer, and calmly said, “It is finished.” He bowed His head and stepped back.

There was a long silence for a seemingly eternal time. People just stayed there in gratitude. Simplicity was the norm. Besides, Heaven prefers Co-Creating Beauty to Destruction. After the long silence, the crowd decided it wanted to celebrate. A real bonfire was close by, just suitable for telling Starries under the starry night sky. Miri offered to help lead the Starry Telling. OSCO offered to facilitate roasting marshmallows and making s’mores! And that is exactly how the day ended. Quietly enjoying each other’s starries.