Chapter 12 Miri’s Revelation

Miri did not return for 4 days. She had gone back into the hills to spend quiet time. When she did return, she had a little girl with her. She was about the same age, height, and size of Miri.

image of ketre

“This is Kétre”, Miri said. “When I went back into the hills, she was waiting for me! She said she knew I was coming, and had been waiting many, many years for me! I mean waiting, waiting! Many millennia! Although she looks like she is 3, she is Ancient, ancient. Kétre filled me in on some of the ancient history of humanity and Mother Earth. She said humanity had been at this cusp of Ascension two other times, and each time the whole plan exploded! I am right. We must carry out every step to get back home to Source with utmost care. This time humanity WILL return successfully. Hallelujah !!!”

Miri started to introduce Kétre to Lord Jesus and Lady Mary. Kétre broke in and said “Oh, everyone in the multiverse knows them! They are the the Messiah, Kallah and Jeshua!

“What an honor to see you again!” They all hugged each other.

Then Miri introduced Kétre to Miriam, her adult feminine self, and Rev. Absurd, her adult male self.

Middle Pillar

Middle Pillar

They quickly focused on the next move. What is the best way to voyage from Malkut to Keter (the whole middle pillar of the Kabbalah) also called the Tree of Life. Kétre and Miri responded that they had a surprise answer. They knew of the necessity to succeed. The vehicle had to be the strongest and the most Holy. This would be the Merkabah. There are hundreds of reasons humans had not been able to advance spiritually. Most of them had to do with the dark forces having a multitude of ways to keep humanity from remembering who we are!

Now, for the first time, since the Garden of Eden, the playing field is being made even. Humanity will not be treated as if we are slaves, with not even knowing who we are. The horrors perpetrated against us are so heinous, we can’t even believe they are true! There are many people upset with themselves and each other. It is fascinating to see how we are programmed to blame ourselves, and each other. It’s been so secret, we couldn’t even know to look at the evil that has been inflicted  by those who have been allowed to torture us. Now, with people discovering the gruesome truth of what has been going on, we seem to have internalized into them self-abuse, with thoughts like “I wasn’t smart enough, or didn’t care enough, I didn’t make time to find out, etc., etc., etc. to know the truth*”.  I have made a list of some of these atrocities. However, I don’t want them in this story because they are too nefarious. I have listed them under the tab “Ancient.”

Miram’s answer is LOVE. I believe the divinely created Adam and Eve Kadmon are created with love. We are those beings. And the Holy Spirit and God Particles are the Wisdom and Word of our creation. We are created Sacred, Holy, and Divine and for some reason we were allowed to become almost extinct. We are told by spiritually knowledgeable leaders, and by the dark beings that are against us from every level and dimension, that somehow “We just aren’t good enough!”

We have to know (and apparently no one is going to help us understand) that we are this Supernal Love and only Divine Love. And we are from KETER. Keter is the highest Sepheroth where the source of all life, mother, father, God and our Creator resides.

image Kabbalah sephroth

Sepheroth, Circles or Medicine Wheels

Miriam’s answer is that humanity is created with so much love, that we can’t even wrap our minds around such great evils. We can’t fathom that there could even be an energy capable of thinking up and carrying out such crimes against others. I do not buy in to all the spiritual teachers that are saying we haven’t worked hard enough, we’re lazy, we’re sinners, etc. etc. etc. In my reality, we must live from the highest knowing of ourselves. We must stay in Supernal Christ Consciousness or Keter.

Miri and Kétre now continue “For all these reasons mentioned above, we are guided to have two divine modes of transportation between Keter and Malkut. Miri looked over to the Canoe that she had just ridden from heaven to earth with Lord Jesus at the stern and Lady Mary at the bow.

“Having been a white water canoeist for a large part of my adult life, I’m well aware of the dangers in canoeing. So, I look up at the canoe above Mt. Jefferson and see Miri sitting in the middle of the canoe. She has asked for Lord Jesus to be at the stern and for Lady Mary to be at the bow. Also, Archangel Metatron is hovering over them in the canoe. By now, you must realize, if you’re going on a journey with Miri, Lord Jesus and Lady Mary will be present! This IS the whole point of our journey! Journeying with the Highest.”  From Chapter 3 Buried Memories

Miri said,  “Jesus and Mary are guiding us to keep this heavenly Canoe, we are also guided to bring in a new Arc instead of Noah’s Ark, which never budged. We are to bring in the Holy Ark of the Covenant.”

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