Chapter 18 The Beloved


Aspect 11 (for men) or aspect 12 (for women)

Middle Pillar

Middle Pillar

Of the 28 aspects of my multidimensional selves in the cosmology I am describing, the Beloved for women, is # 12, the Galactic North (Tiferet). For men, the Beloved will be the Galactic west, #11, (Tiferet)

We are getting ready to experience the traveling up the 28 aspects of the sixth month, on December 13th. However we would like to get a glimpse of our beloved, if possible. As I have mentioned, these aspects will come to meet you, when they are ready. Don’t think they are illusion, because this will slow our progress. This is the real me!

That’s why I must be sure, I Travel with my Beloved, my twin flame. I know he is. As unusual as our lives may have been, there is the completion of ourselves who has been traveling with each of us. This is part of the mystery, and the pain we’ve had since the fall of man. Regardless of the reason for the fall, we must know the truth NOW in order to return home.

I will discuss the “I” in the next chapter, as well as the “I AM” according to my cosmology. This will insure we’ve at least examined our individuality without sacrificing it to the “We/us” that to me is so often misunderstood. To me, “I AM” is the key to the gift of our ego. Our ego is a divine aspect of us, to me, as long as we are in our bodies. This I will discuss in the next chapter.

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For now, tho, we will focus on the completion of ourselves, our twin flame. For me, my twin flame introduced himself to me on November 28th, 1999.

He said: “I am the BELOVED.  I Am illusive until you seek me out, give your heart to me – in deep trust and hope.  I complete myself.”

I AM the one I seek.  I AM the one I love.  I AM the Divine Heart of God, the Creator.  I AM all that is.  There IS nothing else.

Still and all, I include and embrace ALL stories, for they also, are real.

I AM the Divine Paradox. Yet, I AM in the center of the paradox, and know it not!

I AM the CO-CREATOR.  I touch and transformation happens.  I AM present, and the Source arrives palpably.

I have great golden wings – longer than my body, Sandles with straps that criss-cross up to my knees where they tie, long golden wavy hair.

I have a magical white horse. We move swiftly, in the physical world and interdimensionally.

I AM the seeker, the sought after, and the experience of seeking. I AM the loved and the lover, and the ecstasy of love itself.”

~~~*~~~ ~~~*~~~ ~~~*~~~ ~~~*~~~ ~~~*~~~ ~~~*~~~

Obviously. I did not write that myself! I can’t even say I understand all the depth of it yet! To me, he is real, and he is my companion on my journey. Some day we will integrate.  I feel when I do,  I will be ascending in an obvious way,  at least to myself.

I think I will leave this chapter at this point. On day 12 I meditate on this original message when he introduced himself to me 17 years ago.

I have a note book with 28 sections where I keep notes about each of my aspects as they come in.  I will write specifics on that when I explain how I do that in chapter 20, before we start our journey together! Blessings for now!

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