Chapter 21 Day 1 Blue Galactic Storm

image Medicine Wheel with Kin and tone

Day 1, December 13, Tuesday

Here we are entering Day 1 of the sixth month of the Mayan Calendar. Our group consists of Yeshua Messiah and Kallah Messiah (Lord Jesus and Lady Mary), Kétre, Miri, Miriam and Reverend Absurd. Now you are here with us, remember to invite your Twin Flame to join you (as explained in Chapter 18). We will be entering the Ark of the Covenant now to return to the Source. We will be leaving the Sacred Canoe here on the shores of planet Earth for our first round of 28 days.

Middle Pillar

Middle Pillar

Remember your Divine Child from Keter has been brought down to you from Source by Lord Jesus and Lady Mary. We’re at the East Gate of the planetary medicine wheel Malkut. (Chapter 2, 7th paragraph, starting with “Jesus answered” clear to the end of the chapter). If you would like, please review the “Divine Child” in Chapter Two.

If you do not have a physical calendar, please visit this Daily Tzolkin. You will see the first day is a Blue Galactic Storm, number 8 in the 13 day wavespell and KIN 99. Also tonight at 4:05 p.m. is a full moon. Notice the beginning of the week starts on a Tuesday this year and there are four weeks of 7 days each. The beginning of the week changes every Mayan Calendar to one day later in the week. Next year, the beginning of the week starts on a Wednesday. If the year is a Leap year, that would move the beginning of the week to a Thursday.

By now you should have your binder of 28 Days ready (photograph Miriam’s binder). I have used the days of the month tabs, numbers 1-28. Take a fresh sheet of paper and insert behind Day 1. On the sheet draw a blank line to fill in when your Divine Child tells you her name. Leave some space and write: Planetary East as the heading.

image Medicine Wheel Sepheroth Hand Positions

20 Hand Positions

We have not discussed that the 28 Aspects each are a particular part of our divine body. We’re starting at the bottom of the body and Day 1 is the balls of the feet, left and right. When we go into the laying-on-of-the-hands of the sacred body, we will be using the diagram.

Every day, whatever it is you are studying, continue meditating and getting messages from that. For instance, right now I am meditating on the Gnostic Gospel Thomas Verses and today I am on Verse 57 (of 114 Verses). I am also reviewing the J.J. Hurtak book of 72 Days, “The Overself Awakening – A Guide for The Schoolhouse of the Soul.” Along with the daily glyph of the Mayan Calendar, these obviously rotate in different cycles. I also notice exactly what’s coming in on all the wonderful spiritual websites and the underground websites that are giving us real news. Very, very high consciousness is coming from the spiritual teachers and unbelievable news that’s been kept a secret is coming from the brave reporters who have the courage to tell us the truth. We are blessed with high spiritual consciousness and finally knowing the truth of our civilization. All of this comes together in one day while we are asking our very highest self to give us information and solutions to bring in our highest knowing consciousness.

Every day when the aspect of yourself that you are meditating on gives you information that is important to you, write down the exact date and the insight. For instance, on 3.16.01, Miri Sunshine said to me,

“I am Divine Essence that came directly from SOURCE  (the third large experience of huge information about myself coming to me).  I brought the complete, TOTAL, answer. Remembering, acknowledging, and experiencing COSMIC divinity.
Jesus said, “These things that I do you will do also, and greater things than these will you do, because I go to the Father.”

I am responsible for bringing COSMIC DNA and everything you need in the physical for Ascension – Complete. I brought the COSMIC HUMAN TEMPLATE here. I left it in the etheric on May 3, 1987. In order to understand me, you started with left-handed drawings, then you taught the Inner Child,  plus 12 Steps.

As you know, I merged with Black Cloud and we became Miri Silver Cloud (number 26, North Pole, Grace Silver Cloud (number 27,  South Pole). This is the foundation of the COSMIC MATRIX!!!”

This was the first specific communication I recorded from Miri Sunshine which explained the gifts my Divine Child brought to me. This was 14 years after she arrived. I have two more pages she’s written. The first 14 years we had been integrating through left-hand drawing and facilitating a group.

We are meditating on the first 2 Qualities of the new energy today.

1. A gift being bestowed on us from above.
2. Like fine mist, precipitation, elixir

If any thoughts occur to me on all the meditations, that are distinctly new, I record them. I do not have a lot of notes in my 28 day aspects notebook. I put most of them in a daily notebook, and put them in categories, as I am interested. I don’t keep a lot of notes. I find I don’t go back and read a daily journal, so I just pull important ideas to gather into topics that I am exploring.

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