Chapter 30 Day 18 Midway Point

Day 18, Cosmic South, Keter Sepheroth, Divine Child
Friday, March 24, 2017, Yellow Overtone Sun, Kin 200 Second Chakra

Our group is now going from the East Gate of Keter to the South, where the Divine Children live. By now we have a lot of travelers! Many Higher Selves joined us in Da’at. We are wondering what is in store for us, as we walk along the road, following Lord Jesus, Lady Mary, and AA Metatron. Jesus stops and turns to face us. His voice is easy to hear, even though the crowd is very large. “We have many things to learn now, since the Scroll of the Old Ways is gone,” Jesus said.

Read “Love Without End” By Glenda Green
Below is the script of, Love Without End, Pages 33-37.

Please reread. This is located also in the tin man. This script was written in 1999, and revised in 2002. (There are several editions. This may be in another chapter in some editions.) This is the best explanation of the heart I have ever read that is in line with Sophian Gnostic Christianity. It is foundational to the understanding of Divine Love. By reading this excerpt and studying the diagrams the message of the Divine Ark will probably come forth.

image Da'at

Da’at Enlarged

Jesus continues, “First, I want to clarify about Da’at.” A map of the Kabbalah, unwound before us. “The trip through Da’at is where many of your Higher Selves (51%-99% ascended) joined us. You passed through Da’at by Grace. Da’at has always been as pure as Keter, and not open until 1/6/2012.”


image male mind blocking Da'at“You thought you had entered Da’at, but you had either entered Gevurah on up to Binah, by mistake, or You had entered Hesed and on to Hokmah by mistake. Being on either pillar of duality will unbalance you, and you will lose your way.”


Image of Kabbalah upside down “As you learned in Pistis Sophia, by J. J. Hurtak“, Jesus emphasized, “you must hold my hand, to navigate the route home.” He brings down another scroll, “The Kabbalah given to mankind causes much confusion. It has made it look like Humanity is standing on earth, never to return! Notice we are HERE now at Keter, looking down to Malkut, unlike the perspective you were used to seeing from Planet Earth! You are used to looking up to Keter.”

“Later on I will show you other ways the Kabbalah would have looked as you tried to navigate on your own. Mother/Father God mercifully turned the Kabbalah upside down on Day 21 of last month. That has never been done before. This was to make it easier for us to navigate here. Mother/Father God is so missing you, their Children that He/She is doing many miracles to hasten your return.”

Jesus explains, “This is why I gave you a choice while we were still in Da’at. I believe you have all decided that you want to continue on this Sacred Journey together. I will show you what the disappearance of “The Old Ways” looks like, and how we will be living the “Original Divine Plan” from now on.” With that, another 3 Diagrams unfolded. Two of them had 2 triangles on them and the last one has 2 Stars of David, Above and Below. The Restored Divine Plan.

“You can read the pictures like a children’s storybook!”

image 01-Divine Diagram

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image 02 Divine Diagram

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Jesus, realizing it had been a long day, said, “We must close for the day. Since the Old Scroll is now gone, you will experience the world differently. It may take some time, and come in most strongly when we come up through the 13 Point Cosmic Spine on Days 21 through 25 this Ninth Month.”

“We will look down from Keter here and see how much work has to be done to clear the darkness on Planet Earth. Being comforted now, we KNOW (Gnosis) that NO more destruction can be created!!! The Golden Age can now roll down, with nothing to hinder it! We will, however be reminded of work still to be done! ”

A screen appears before them representing the old planet Earth.

“These scenes of destruction and war on Earth will soon disappear on the screen. We have gone from “Love Heals” to “Divine Love Heals Absolutely”

“We have moved into Divine Compassion.”
“We now see with New Eyes.”
“We now hear with New Ears.”
“We now speak with a New Voice.”

Sitting here together, we experience the Divine Heart move in and surround us from the Great Mystery of the Divine Feminine in the West.
Then the Divine Masculine rolls in as Divine Mind from the Great Silence of the East. The stillness surrounding us is palpable.

With that, Jesus presented this image and music, as the conclusion of the teaching.

~~~*~~~ ~~~*~~~ ~~~*~~~ ~~~*~~~ ~~~*~~~ ~~~*~~~ ~~~*~~~