Chapter 22 Day 5 Blue Crystal Night


Today is Saturday, Dec 17th, Day 5, the east of the Solar Medicine Wheel. It is Blue Crystal Night. This is the 12th day of the 13 day wavespell. If we were in a local pod of dreamspell meditators, we would be meeting to report to each other how our wavespell unfolded, and each say what our subject is for the coming wavespell. How to “work” each wavespell is a whole new topic which we will cover at another time.

Today is my birthday, my yearly Birthday. I am a Mirror. The mirror will come up every 4 years on the Mayan calendar for me. If you have a Dreamspell calendar, on page 2, you will find the earth families, the clans, and the chromatics. Mirrors are in the solar plexus receiver clan. That’s why my Solar birthday is Night this year. Next year it will be Seed, then Skywalker. Mirror will come up every 4 years. It takes 52 years to circle back to the original birth Galactic Signature. When I was 52, It was White Solar Mirror again. In other words, when we are 104 years old, we will have the second time of our original Galactic signature. Just kidding, the Ascension will happen before then!!!

Middle Pillar

Middle Pillar

Notice we are now at Yesod. These are the aspects that represent emotions and feelings, including senses and sensations from the body. This for me, is my key sepheroth, because of my inner child and clown work. To me, this connects directly to the soul. I will note here, that many spiritual cosmologies leave out 1 of the 5 trees represented in the Kabbalah. I do not believe this will work. It is usually the emotional body and/or the soul that are left out. One hears a lot about body, mind, and spirit. In the Course in Miracles, This actually resulted in a lawsuit, and the Sparkly Edition was born. This has caused almost 40 years of pain and misinformation for teachers and students alike, in my opinion.


“The Gift of Fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge” Albert Einstein Read More…

Today leave a blank for your spiritual emotional self to tell you his name. Then put: Solar East Body: front, sides of hips; Back, “sitz bones”. My Solar Aspect is named Splish Splash. He is the little whale totem that has been with me since I was born! He represents my soul and swims up and down the east gates of all the Seferoths, keeping them all connected.

He wrote on 3/5/01;

“I am the gate, the gateway for the reality of my COSMIC SOURCE SELF, now being here-everywhere. I bring in the new structure, the new support, for I AM the sourceness of  the Solar Medicine. Wheel.

I AM the pelvic floor, lower back, the first 3 chakras. Survival, Reproduction, Creation, Power, Health! ……….. Wow!

I have received all these “cradle” experiences, and fused them into the DIVINE. We now have a Cosmic Support System. This wheel is somewhat mystical. Just tune in. Feel the COSMIC mystic’s Spirit & Soul. Remember, I am the east gate. I am never closed!

How exciting. I transmute joy into ecstasy! Peace into bliss. Love into passion. Humor into hilarity. Stay with me. I infuse the planetary Medicine Wheel with my FIRE!

Today’s meditation on the new energy:

11. Humanity’s reward for the out of control destruction that was
perpetrated since the “fall of man”.
12. Nuclear fire as Jesus told St. Thomas about. Verse *
13. Heals through Divine Love. It’s power as of the Messiah,
Jesus who said, ” All power has been given to Me in Heaven and on Earth.”

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