Chapter 15 Love Heals – New Energy

5th month

image first kiss

First Kiss 1890 William-Adolph Bouguereau

On Nov. 15, 2016, the 5th month of this mayan calendar started. I choose a subject to explore every month, and this month I chose. “Love Heals.” I must admit that a couple of months ago I wondered with one of my healing teachers, if I had a three year old boy aspect of myself. After all Rev. Absurd is the embodiment of my adult male aspect. Miriam is my adult female self, and Miri my inner child self. I’ve known them for many years, but I hadn’t even wondered if I had a little boy aspect.

The healer asked, if you had a little boy self, what would he like to do? I knew immediately that he would love toy trains, and little out door trains that you can ride in. He would also like to be outside a lot. Especially, he would be a fisherman. But I also told her that Miri likes all those things,too, and I assumed I had taken care of this wondering.

I also added that although Miri can be very sweet, she also has these times of being really, really, bossy! I said well, maybe a little boy self would be afraid of showing up because Miri is so bossy.

Since I had another assignment I was working on, I more or less didn’t think of it anymore. However, on the internet, several spiritual channels had been talking about a new energy coming on the planet, that is available for Ascension purposes. With all the chaos on the planet, and the call for feminine energies to come forth in both men and women, it seemed to get more obvious to me, that it included girls and boys, too.

Thus it was as December came in at mid nite this year, I was hit with an energy that I could not integrate. It seemed like a very high energy connected to the lowest energies on earth that are just leaking out about evil things going on on earth, that have been hidden from humanity since the beginning. I could not get the 2 energies to come together, as much as I tried. It turned out I got some much needed help that first day, and was able to continue working on the new energy.

image New Energy

New Energy

I realized that I could at least draw this energy as an addition to my 16 maps of the tube torus expansion of energies, and it would be diagram 17.  I couldn’t write about it, because it was still a complete mystery, and it did not respond to my usual ways of working with my energy field.

I asked for clarity when I went to sleep that night, and upon waking, I received guidance to list all the qualities that this new energy has. I couldn’t write about it, but I did know qualities that it had. The first day I listed 26 qualities. I was very surprised that I could identify so many qualities of this mysterious new energy for me. Also, in the back of my mind, I knew I had seen a picture that would illustrate the feelings I had received when working with this energy.

image First kiss

First Kiss 1890 William-Adolph Bouguereau

This morning I listened more closely, and was amazed! All of a sudden, I knew what picture it was! I went and took it down from my wall! Here it is! The feeling I get from this picture would describe a major number of the qualities that I have listed that describe the feelings of this new energy for me.


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