In this third section of the TAO Humor Center website, The Ark and the Canoe, I have begun to explain deep spiritual experiences that I have encountered on my Path. Chapters 1-10 and chapters 11-20 are intended to take us on this mystical journey in a virtual experience. In Chapters 21-27, I have literally started on Day One of the sixth Month of the Dreamspell Mayan Calendar. I would suggest that you get this years’ calendar from 13, the Dreamspell Calendar for 2017 through 2018 Yellow Crystal Seed year.

We literally walk through the 28 days of Sacred Time, Tzolkin, of this month. You will notice that we have provided the Glyph (1 of 20). The Glyph is the picture of the day.

Also we have included the Tone of the day (which will be one of 13). The Tone of the wavespell is denoted by a bar which equals five, and one to four dots. So the Tone of the First Day of the First Month is one bar and three dots which equals eight.

The Tone and the Glyph comprise your Galactic Signature. Your Galactic Signature will be one of 260 days (13 Tone days x 20 Glyph days = 260). This corresponds to Day 1-260 which is the number of days in the Tzolkin, which is 260 days. Notice that it is approximately 9 months of the calendar year.  Once you have determined your personal Galactic Signature * you will see that you will have a Galactic birthday once every 260 days. The KIN is the number 1 of 260 days of the Sacred Time Tzolkin.

Starting at Chapter 28 you will notice that I continue putting this information to the left of these diagrams. Chapter 28 is more information needed for a deeper understanding of this work. I have not put a post for every day, however, as you follow your calendar. However, you can see how we are progressing in an upward spiral every month.

Chapter 29 continues on with the upward spiral of ascending to Keter. This is also called Cosmic Christ Consciousness which is another name for the original Divine Child of Mother Father God from whom we were birthed.

Chapter 30 is a particularly fun and interesting chapter where we virtually move past  Tifferet and Da’at where the mirror was broken. We have presented this part in  a  children’s fairy tale style including Dorothy and the Wizard of OZ.

Chapter 31 helps us experience how our Divine Virtual Path has caused higher energies to come into us, all of humanity, planet Earth and the entire Kaballah.