Chapter 24 Day 15 Red Solar Skywalker


Today is Tuesday, December 27, the 15th day of the month. KIN 113. Red Solar Skywalker. Crown Chakra. The 8th of the 10 Cosmic Activation Portals. This aspect is our Universal West in the Da’at Sepheroth or the Universal Medicine Wheel. The body part is the thymus, sometimes called the high heart.

Da’at or the Universal Medicine Wheel is where the soul lives in this cosmology. Neshamah is the Supernal Soul, Holy Soul, and Heavenly Soul. It is in the Neshamah that the Christ self dwells and it is called the Holy Abode.**(picture of collage with John the Beloved). Neshamah is the divine image, presence and power of Yechidah. The Yechidah is the Holy and Divine Spark, the essence or inmost part of the Holy Soul, the Holy Spark of the Soul of the Messiah. Within this Soul, the I AM or Christ self or Divine Self lives.

It is through Yechidah that the Holy Soul, God and the Godhead are united. In this cosmology then, the soul lives in Da’at, the Universal Self. The God and Godhead from Keter, the Cosmic Medicine Wheel, come down into the soul to incarnate. Thus the Holy Soul, God and the Godhead are united in Yechidah at this Da’at level. We are speaking of the interior life, living from within one’s Godly soul (Nefesh Elokit) and the Christ self. This brings forth the light of God and ones life becomes the extension of that divine illumination. Nefesh is the bestial or earthly soul and the personality and astral matrix within and behind it. There are two states of this part of the soul; Nefesh Behamit (the ungenerated state) and Nefesh Elokit (the Godly or regenerated state). The first being the unenlightened and the second, the enlightened state. When the Nefesh attains the supreme state, the Nefesh embodying the Neshamah in full, it attains eternal life.* (Diagram of Neshamah to come.). Thus you can see the importance of Da’at at the Universal Medicine Wheel level. The Holy Spark of God in each of us comes down to the soul level for us to unite with.

image Kabbalah sephroth

Sepheroth, Circles or Medicine Wheels

It is the West, in which the adult feminine lives, who most easily accesses and coordinates the body, emotions and soul. I want to communicate about an experience you may notice to enhance your inner communication. We have now experienced three levels: the body, the emotions and the mind and we’re adding the soul. We can access the body sensations, the feelings of our emotions and bring them into fullness with the soul. We begin to notice that when we are communicating with someone we have inner information that can be useful in communicating. When I speak with somebody or read, I have learned to feel what level the communication is on. I then go up and down the Sepheroths dimensionally and communicate from that level. Sometimes I can even tell which direction the communication is from.

Middle Pillar

Middle Pillar

This is not to judge whether communication is higher or lower because each of our aspects needs to be complete. Particularly in written spiritual messages I notice that the sensations go up and down the levels through my consciousness. It’s helpful to me to know what level is being expressed particularly if I’m in a conversation.This is for my own discernment and even though the wounded child appears to be the lowest on the totem pole in the Inner Child Ascension Path, for me these are the greatest healings and source of awareness. These enormous insights, I believe are the ones that shift all my aspects even through Keter and the Throne Room and the Crystalline Core. I want to insert my experience with A Course in Miracles (ACIM). I was asked to study A Course in Miracles by my guidance when it first came out 40 years ago. I have always honored my emotions as the most important part of myself to be healed. The original edition of A Course in Miracles was published by the Foundation for Inner Peace. I always had difficulty with how adult, mental and male it felt. It wasn’t until two years ago I discovered that there was a Sparkly Edition (Listen! – Scroll down to the bottom of that page and find the two links to the audio tapes.) It turns out that the original manuscript was edited. The original manuscript used soul and spirit. The Foundation for Inner Peace edition has edited out the word soul and used the word spirit for what was originally differentiated as soul and spirit. It turns out that the original manuscript was in the library at the Association for Research and Enlightenment at the Edgar Cacye Foundation. The students who discovered that the words had been changed wanted to go back and use the original manuscript. The Foundation for Inner Peace said they could not do that because they had the copyright laws. However a long court case ensued. The final decision was that the copy in the Cacye library was already in the public domain and the Foundation for Inner Peace did not have the legal right to stop the Sparkly Edition from being published. If you go on the Sparkly Edition website * there are two incredibly interesting voice tapes available on their Home Page. This information is SO important. It really fits in with my inner child work, and the Kabbalah, and Sophian Gnostic Christianity. One of the big spiritual understandings is the 5 bodies. Physical, emotional, mental, soul, and spiritual. Leave any one of them out, and I believe we cannot return home to Keter! The 5 trees of life are all essential in the one tree of life. I’m convinced that Jesus was a Rabbi, and a Kabbalist. It’s interesting his most powerful teachings were left out of the Bible. And then, we almost get it restored, and Soul is left out of ACIM. Wow, how ironic. I knew by how male, adult, and mental it was, that something was left out. Not until I heard the two voice tapes did I have the facts of what, why, and how The Foundation for Inner Peace edition veered from the truth. The inner child work is the complement. Feminine, child and emotions. Both of course have soul and spirit included. This is what my Universal West Aspect wrote on, 2/21/2000:

I am the waters of the Divine Love of the feminine. I am safe – so incredibly safe – even for the wounded child. I am a bridge between the adult male and the child. I always see the gift behind the woundedness. I have cut this path through experiencing sacrifice on a cosmic level. I am a behind-the-scenes worker. Embracing all of life. Rejoicing, dancing, laughing – crying. I express my emotions, thoughts and feelings. Emotional honesty is my strength. It is the great healer. The great equalizer. My twin flame and I have merged. In spite of great obstacles, my honesty and divine love won him over. I drew him over into the west, so he could bathe in the waters of the divine feminine. Now we experience bliss, ecstasy, passion. It was worth the effort to give up separate identities and yet, we each have the ability to access our original identities. ​

We are indeed – all one ​And We are indeed – separate. Loving in the center of that paradox ​Is our harmony.

Meditations on the New Divine Energy of December 1st:

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