Chapter 9 The Beginning of the Sister Site

On May 1, 2016, I was given permission by my guidance to start my Sister Site website. The original website of the TAO Humor Center (TAO HC) describes the outer activities of the TAO HC. The Sister Site’s purpose is to describe the inner workings of the spiritual principals and teachings behind my work. As a healing channel, (laying on of the hands and Reiki), as a clown (healing through clowning and humor), and the healing of the inner child through unifying the wounded and the Divine child. All of these relate to the Sophian Gnostic teachings of the Kabbalah. The Sophian Gnostics have outer circles which are open to anyone, inner circles which are by invitation and then, if one is fortunate enough, individualized lessons from a Tau (or teacher). The Sophian Gnostics teachers guide you to find your own secret teachings that only you can discover. This will be about experiencing the gifts that you, YOU brought to planet Earth, and only YOU can co-create your experience.

Sophian Gnosticism is unlike “A Course in Miracles” which states emphatically that none of us are special and that we think we have separated from God. The Sophian Gnostics, in my understanding, feel that we are individualized Soul/Spirits and extended from the One Mystical Body of Christ. The undisputed head of this Mystical Body is Yeshua Messiah and Kallah Messiah. Miri says every three year old child knows they are special and that every other child is special also. We are all very special and have important gifts to bring to the Christ Child.

Thus, the TAO Humor Center website represents the outer circle. The Sister Site website represents the inner circle that you have been invited into. And the secret teachings of the Gnostics will be revealed to you as a special journey into the Mystical Body of Christ. The fact that the Taus (teachers) do not tell you their secrets is not one of unkindness. These secrets are intimately personal and are revealed to us on our own individualized journey.

One of the most inviting aspects of the Sophian Gnostics is that they never say  “This is the truth”. There’s a chapter in Tau Malachi’s book about the Gnostic Christian Kabbalah named “Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ.” In there he describes that the teachers are aware of many levels of understanding, including the physical, the emotional, the mental, the soul and the spirit. All understandings need to be experienced because the whole is only as strong as it’s weakest aspect. Therefore, many teachers will say that some Gnostics believe very differently about things about the Virgin birth, the Virgin conception, the feminine Christ, the resurrection, the ascension of Jesus and so forth. And surprisingly, they say “perhaps a wise person would believe them all!”  This teaching was a focus of many meditations for me to help me understand the enormity of different levels of truth. Also, the freedom to have your own gnosis, and not be wrong is an inviting aspect.

Thus it was on May 1st, I launched into the attempt to communicate that which is beyond words in my spiritual journey. After a few months of trying to connect my inner world to the appearance of what was happening in the American elections, I gave up. On the fourth month of the Mayan Calendar, Tuesday, October 18th, I made the decision to just go ahead and pretend that the new Divine Government is already here.

This is my learned ability to live from the Source down into the physical or from the future back into the present. I made this decision to stabilize myself from tendencies to go up and down with the chaotic energies in the outer world. On the fifth day, October 22nd, I discovered a way to bring the TAO Humor Center website and the Sister Site together into a uniform, connected message of my journey.

It came in the form of the idea of  “There’s an Ark and a Canoe” in which I could link my writings, pictures, maps and diagrams hopefully into story-form. On October 22nd, I wrote the introduction to “There’s an Ark and a Canoe.” I realized that many people who share their journeys tend to communicate what the end results were. However, I felt it would be more important for me to try to emphasize the intricacies of how I co-created this path to begin with. In particular, how I experience the outer world magically beginning to connect with my inner journey and my process of discovering my connection to the subconscious and unconscious field of humanity. This became a deeper and deeper understanding of self love, how we help each other, what intercession is, Tonglen, the importance of my ego and of my own, individualized journey.

On the second day of this Mayan Calendar month, I ran into a teaching of Matt Kahn’s which said:

“Any adverse experience is not mine! It is innocently passing through me and returning to Source. Realize, nothing negative I feel has anything to do with me. I am clearing through realization of this joy of liberation. This is an opportunity to clear out universal density by loving what arises.”
Matt Kahn

The second day of this fourth Mayan Calendar month is the aspect of the wounded child and these few sentences of Matt’s hit me as rock bottom of what I had to experience this month!

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