Chapter 30 Day 5 The Tin Man

Day 5, Solar East, Divine Child, Yesod, Sepheroth
Saturday, 3/11/2017, Blue Overtone Hand, Kin 187, Throat Chakra

We approach Yesod and enter through the east gate. We are now headed to Tiferet. We skip along on our way, glad that Dorothy has now joined us! Let’s sing, says Dorothy! With that, we start singing, ” Its a Long Road to Tiferety.”


As we started singing, the tin man joined us! “Where are you going?” He asked us. “I want to see the Wizard of Da’at” he said, “because I need a softer heart. I try and try to get into my Heart, and my mind keeps jumping in there first.”

img Mirror Busted

Mirror Busted

Dorothy replied that they were going to see The Wizard of Da’at, and he could surely join them.

The Tin Man thanked them, and. continued on. “My name is Tim. Maybe you watched Tool Time on TV long ago. I was “Tim, the Tool Man”, the main character on the show. I thought all problems could be fixed with tools! Including relationships! I made many blunders on the show, and then of course with my wife and 3 boys!”

“If you remember, I would go into my backyard to consult with my neighbor, Wilson. He was a wise man, and I could see only the top of his head and his eyes over the fence. I always asked for advice, after the damage was already done!”, Tim exclaimed.

Image Heart And Head

10-8-89 Heart and Head – The Rock

Now that I’m older, You can see that I need some serious help.” Tim looked down at his body and continued. “Over thinking has caused me to stiffen up, and sort of feel metallic.”

Dorothy said to the Tin Man, “Tim, you fit into our mission very well! We are so glad you have joined us!” We were just reviewing what Jesus taught about the Heart in “Love Without End” With this they started reviewing the wisdom of Jesus. All of us can use more hints on how to be more and more in our Hearts!” Dorothy said

Read “Love Without End” – Heart By Glenda Green. Pages 33-37

After the review was over, the Group began to skip and sing again. They were still going to Tiferet. Off they went, holding hands, skipping and singing “It’s a Long Way to Tiferety”!