Chapter 31 Day 9 Divine Contracts


Today is 4/12/2017 Wednesday,
Day 9, East, Galactic Medicine Wheel, Tiferet Sepheroth
Blue Spectral Storm, Kin 219, Root Chakra

I want to bring up the Divine Remembrance that before the fall of man, we had Divine Contracts with Prime Source of all Life, Mother Father God, and The Divine Creator. It was built on Divine Love and Trust. I am certain that our Mother/Father God is at least as good parents as we are commanded to be with our our children. Anything less would make no sense, even to non-believers!

We are expected to take care of our children and families. So I myself must assume something happened to that Divine Contract with God. Or, have we really thought of that? I am one of a large number of volunteers from Keter, whose assignment is to bring Divine Government, Divine Law and Divine Justice from the Cosmic level clear down through Planet earth to the Crystalline Core.

I know one of the main steps to getting Divine Love/Law all the way through from Heaven to Earth was the opening of the Gateway between Tiferet and Da’at on January 6, 2012. The original Supernal Creation of Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence (Wisdom, Power and Presence) have been streaming down through Humanity and all of Creation for over 4 years now!!!

We read more and more of these new energies transforming our bodies into transfiguring Crystalline beings. It behooves us to consider the teachings of Sophian Gnostic Christianity about Divine Pride. We are encouraged to have the Self esteem of KNOWING that We are Children of the God Most High. This is an honor and a privilege that commands Gnosis of WHO WE ARE as worthy of inheriting all that the Father has as ours! That’s pretty awesome!

It is time for us to remind each other of WHO we really are! We must help each other overcome the horrendous destroying of self worth which was the most brutal falsity coming from the Dark Ones. We can do it together. We can create for ourselves and each other, glorious trips into Paradise, the Promised Land, the Garden of Eden, and the Land of Milk and Honey! We know that it’s our time to shine!

Star Miri

Star Miri

We know it’s our time to shine, where it says “Star Miri” place your name there instead “Star __Your Name goes here__________”. And when you see the picture enlarged place your special number in there where Miri’s number 13 is! Make it Yours!!

~~~*~~~ ~~~*~~~ ~~~*~~~ ~~~*~~~ ~~~*~~~ ~~~*~~~ ~~~*~~~

Just yesterday, I received a channeled email, from a friend. This was supposed to be from an Ascended Master. It was filled with all kinds of, “You, (meaning Humanity) have done this, and You have done that” kinds of accusations to us. It was blaming Humanity for all the atrocities that have been DONE TO US! Even at a human level, we know that blaming a woman for being raped, or that she caused the rape, is NOT the truth, and is NOT acceptable even to mainstream humanity ANY MORE!

Yet, time and time again, the so called channels of Ascended Masters, and Angels, and even Archangels, are saying similar things to humanity! Basically blaming us, the Ground Crew for allowing ourselves to be abused!!! It’s our fault, they are claiming!!! We know that is NOT the TRUTH and NEVER has been! We, the GROUND CREW, are wise now!

What I’m saying is, if someone is channeling anything other than “Appreciation, gratitude, congratulations on a job well done, you’ve achieved the impossible!”, it’s NOT a valid message from the Divine Beings. Superlative words, are in order for us, the ground crew! And only that will be coming forth from the Divine Beings from above! All our aspects have merged now, and there is only a chorus of Divine Love, Life, Light, Laughter and Liberty! Hallelujah!!!

Together, let’s create visions of what we want. Let’s encourage each other in creating beauty, joy and peace. The Truth of Who We Are, our Divine Inheritance, and our ability to co-create with the Divine is at long last here. We are Free! We are Liberated! We are Holy Whole!

image 7-17-92 Just Being Me

7-17-92 Just Being Me